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DirtyHabits2ii Lofty Valentino features in two custom matches 
Dirty Habits 1
Lofty uses more power moves but LJ Silva is better at brawling and fighting,
until one of the guys dominates towards the end and produces an unusual flying knockout finishing move.
DirtyHabits1ii  DirtyHabits1i  Download: Buy Now
Lofty Valentino v LJ Silva 

Dirty Habits 2
again there's more slams and bearhugs than grappling,
with powerful Lofty trying to deal with cheating moves from Gypsy Joe
as the match develops into a brawl and a knockout win!   
 DirtyHabits2vi  DirtyHabits2iv  DirtyHabits2v
Gypsy Joe v Lofty Valentino 
DirtyHabits2vi  Download:  Buy Now

Thanks to our Sponsor 
Arstosur Customs

"... very much enjoyed the latest releases featuring Lofty Valentino.
I particularly appreciate the excellent camera work. I also find the sound very well done; 
it is fun to hear the wrestlers talking to each other and revealing something of their personalities.
The videos are fairly priced and I like the "sporty" and unsleazy  production values."


Sammy Scrapper
returns in Renatus 2
we're delighted to see Sammy back looking pretty fearsome
as he laughs at "skinny boy" Pete in this ring baptism
Renatus2x  Renatus2xii  Renatus2vii
Sammy Scrapper v  La'al Pete
Renatus2xiii  Renatus2ix  Renatus2xi  

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Bullseye Beatdowns 2
LJ Silva gives Ray Junior a boxing lesson
BullseyeB21    BullseyeB25
featuring LJ Silva v Ray Junior
punchy clips from
Dirty Habits 2 - Renatus 2 - Spladle Splits 2

Stream / Download as part of our Beatdown Boyz series on Gumroad:
Buy Bullseye Beatdowns 2

8AbsAris  Introducing 8 Abs Aris
 Abs Fab
Young Ady gives a warm Spotland welcome to 8 Abs Aris
a fitness model & novice wrestler making his debut in this promission match
AbsFab1  AbsFab2  AbsFab5
Young Ady v 8 Abs Aris in Abs Fab
AbsFab3  AbsFab6 
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 "Absolutely Fabulous Match"


*** Winter Warmers ***
There's snow on the ground at Spotland Towers
so we've put together some extended clips of our recent promission-style matches
on our Vimeo Channel:


 Egg Tagging
Those of you who have been following us for a few years will be delighted to see the return of Sam Smiler
partnering newcomer Franky Dare in a tag match against the Brothers Grimm
for the Spotland Easter Egg Championship!
EggTag10  EggTag1  EggTag4  EggTag4 
Young Ady & Sammy Scrapper v Sam Smiler & Franky Dare
EggTag12  EggTag15  EggTag6  EggTag5
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"... That must have been a great bout to film and edit ...
plenty of old style Spotland from the Three Amigos and Franky is coming on well.
 Good choice of gear enhanced the colour aspect and good flow of holds in the bout ...
 10 out of 10 for the production ..."


a trlogy of pro style custom matches
Young Ady with his henchman LJ Silva
Ray Junior leading "The Rookies"
Sammy Scrapper, Joseph Barbera & Franky Dare

Outsiders15  Outsiders12  Outsiders11
Young Ady v Ray Junior
Outsiders24  Outsiders27  Outsiders21
LJ Silva v Sammy Scrapper & Joseph Barbera
Outsiders31  Outsiders32  Outsiders22 
Young Ady v Sammy, Joseph & Franky
Outsiders47  Outtsiders45 
Outsiders48  Outsiders41

plus a few surprises along the way!
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With Thanks to our Sponsor
Rob Atlanta
"... the guys did a great job of capturing the spirit of what I was looking to produce.
I really appreciate how they tried to immerse themselves 'in character' to deliver.

Ady was especially good -- both his action and his smack talk. Really well done. And of course Ray made for a great jobber.
So please extend my thanks and appreciation to the lads."

"Well done for all Team Spotland on show must have been a lot of work to produce.
Plenty of good wrestling content with individual and combination attempts

plus Ady's own signature surfboard on display ... smiles and enthusiasm."
"So glad I purchased 'Outsiders.' Brilliant!"

Outsiders Finale

Smiler was Ady's oldest friend and protégé and he used his return from retirement
to stab Ady in the back at the end of the Outsiders series.
Ady is out for revenge and wants Sam to pay a price
so all the other "Outsiders" see what happens when you cross him.
Ady accuses Sammy of betraying him while
Sam says he was only defending some new lads
against an unreasonable Ady - it was nothing personal.
So Ady challenges Sam to a "loser leaves Spotland" match.
OutsidersF1  OutsidersF4  OutsidersF5
    Young Ady v Sam Smiler
OutsidersF7  OutsidersF3  OutsidersF6
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Sponsored by Rob Atlanta
"... very happy. As always ... thanks!
I love that they are always willing to have fun bringing my vision to life.
Enjoy collaborating with you!"


Sauvé Par La Cloche
French Wrestler Yourek challenges Young Ady
for the Spotland Pro Championship Belt
in this classic sporting contest
scheduled for 8x3min rounds
LaBell2  LaBell8  LaBell1  LaBell9
Young Ady
v Yourek with Referee Nigel Crabtree

LaBell14  LaBell11  LaBell15
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Sponsored by Paul Bonaparte
"That was a classy contest between two classy wrestlers."

 "A really fantastic Brit Pro match, brilliant wrestling and wow no one executes the surfboard better than Young Ady,
that's why Spotland Scrappers are the best."
"... it’s well edited and Ady did some brill bridge moves too ...Great stuff."
"Great atmosphere and camaraderie."

"Really enjoyed the 'World Of Sport' style Title Belt match between the lads.
Plenty of collar and elbow locks leading into some great technical moves and counters.
Ady reeling off the 3 in 1 Zoltan Boscik hold ...

Ady showed his wealth of experience with holds whilst Yourek was just managing to stay with him.
The final fall came from the Steve Grey v Richie Brooks era with the pin fall nearly coming from the suspended surfboard

... enjoyed that combination attempt but was only a matter of time before the closure ...
well contested and sporting approach from the lads which came across throughout the bout."

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and could feel the atmosphere."
 "... now no.1 in my list of all time favourite matches ... excellent camera work and editing."


a tuxedo challenge with a difference
as the guys are wearing casual clothing
Stripdown1  Stripdown4
Young Ady v LJ Silva

two construction workers argue
over who should mix the cement!
Smashdown1  smashdown2 
Sammy Scrapper v Young Ady

Double Download: Buy Now

"Really liked the set up for both bouts, and the contrast between them
(the combo of rip strip in the first with workers' gear in the second - two of my favourite scenarios). 
Good to see Young Ady with both Sammy Scrapper and LJ Silva
(I like the fact you've got some new recruits to the roster recently, and I'm sure they'll develop well,
but I personally prefer the more muscular physiques until then!) 
I thought the grittier location for the second bout was particularly good, and has given me some thoughts on future custom bouts
(how about two of the guys starting out in Victorian workers' gear in the annex like the clog bout you did a year or so ago?)
 All in all, I reckon this goes on my list of Spotland favourites!"


Ring Marvels
promission style matches in the Loft Studio ring
RingM1c  RingM1j  RingM1a
Joseph Barbera v Manni
RingM2e  RingM2b  RingM2d  RingM2f
Young Ady v Franky Dare
plus Franky has to deal with two unexpected visitors!
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Beemat Trials 12
rookies face experience on the grapplezone
Beemat12i1  Beemat12i2  Beemat12i3  Beemat12i5
LJ Silva v Franky Dare
Beemat12ii1  Beemat12ii6  Beemat12ii5 
Ray Junior
v Nova Donuto
  Beemat12ii7  Beemat12ii11
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Crushsters 2

Young Ady toys with raw recruit Danny Boy
but it's a closer contest between Manni & Franky
 Waikoa8  Waikoa2  Waikoa3
Young Ady v Dan Mettle
Waikoa4  Waikoa6  Waikoa1

Crushsters2iii  Crushsters2ii 
Manni v Franky Dare
Crushsters2vi  Crushsters2v
Franky's trunks sponsored by Bullseye Gear
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Best Abs
our two novice wrestlers pose,
argue over who has the best abs
and test each other out in the ring
BestAbs2  BestAbs2
Nova Donuto v Danny Mettle
in our Beatdown Boyz series on Gumroad Buy Best Abs


Pin Points
at the end of a training session led by Sam
the guys practice their pins
in an energetic 3v3 tournament
PinPoints4  PinPoints5  PinPoints6
Sam Smiler - Franky Dare - Danny Mettle (Red Team)
LJ Silva - Nova Donuto - Alex Fratele (Yellow Team)
PinPoints7  PinPoints3  PinPoints9

PinPoints10  Download: Buy Now

"... good group session and allows the newbies to get some experience."


Building Bridges
another in our custom series
with a slam & bridge theme
BuildingBridges1  BridgeBuilding1  BuildingBridges2
LJ Silva v Sam Smiler
BuildingBridges4  BuildingBridges3  BuildingBridges5

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Thanks to our Sponsor
Cloud One Customs
"The match is perfect!  I love it. The choice of music is hysterical and a very nice touch!
It's amazing what you're able to do so quickly, based on another person's view of what their custom match would be.
Please thank the guys for doing such an awesome job, and let them know t really appreciate all the effort they put in
... it was fantastic!  They really do work well together."


at the end of a training session led by Ady
the four guys have a tournament on the grapplezone
followed by a round of "winner stays on" fun
Foursome2  Foursome1  Foursome3
Young Ady - Franky Dare - Slim Nuez - Brasov Tiger
Foursome5  Foursome6  Foursome4
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Double 8
three rookies in training matches on the grapplezone
  Double8v  Double8ix  Double8vi 
Danny Mettle v Sam T Roar
Double81iii  Double81v  Double81iv 
Nova Donuto v Danny Mettle
Double81ii  Double81x
Double81vii  Download Buy Now   Double81vi


Spotland Snapreel
featuring newcomers
El Maz Morrison & Dan Mascat Mettle
plus recent custom matches


two rookies make their debuts in matches with a couple of our more experienced mat grapplers.
Tall, lean Franky is a popular figure, whilst pocket dynamo Danny is rapidly gaining his own fan club!
GZ4  GZ5  GZ3
Franky Dare
v Robyn Hudd
GZ1  GZ2  GZ9
Danny Mettle
v Bruno Baccy
GZ10  Download: Buy Now


Bodybuilder Toys
bodybuilder v skinny guy scenario
BodybuilderToys1  BodybuilderToys11  BodybuilderToys6
Young Ady v Franky Dare
a dip into the archive sees La'al Pete in his initial try-out as "Young Phil"
BodybuilderToys8  BodybuilderToys9
Young Ady v Young Phil
Download Buy Now   BodybuilderToys10


TroubleMill1    TroubleMill8
Trouble at t'Mill
shin-kicking into submission
TroubleMill6  TroubleMill4  TroubleMill7
Danny Mettle
v Max Morrison with Referee Ady Ramsbottom
  TroubleMill2  Download: Coming Soon!

Custom Match sponsored by Lionel Messy