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Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 152lbs

From: Oldham, Lancashire.

Specialities:  Promission, Submission

Trainee Alex Beatboxer has already made quite an impact both on the mats and in the ring. Naturally nimble and impossibly fast, Alex is a handful for any opponent. Even when it does look like he is on the backfoot, his ever improving technical know-how allows him to turn the tables on his opponent in seconds. Despire still leaning his craft, don't discount the this scintilating up-and-comer.


Alex Tanner v Adrian Malloy
Determined Tanner introduces another newcomer to the mats in a fun schoolboy-style fight. This struggle is full of raw passion and energy. Will the tiger cub rookie get any change out of his Tanner ?
Alex Beatboxer v David Hitman
Popular lad, Beatboxer, looks to have grown bigger since his last appearance as he returns to take on trainee, Hitman, in a lively contest.

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Young Ady - Franky Dare - Sammy Scrapper - Max Morrison
with Alex Beatboxer
on The Loft grapplezone.
Ady oversees a "Winner Stays On" mini-tournament for the Matman Cup.
The winner then stays on for a match with Young Ady!

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Franky Dare v Fionn Valour,
Max Morrison v Bruno Baccy & Danny Mettle v Alex Beatboxer
in three promission-style matches featuring newcomers up against our more experienced guys
under The Loft ring spotlights.

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Young Ady v Sam Smiler
this recently-found footage provides a real treat as our favourite vets meet in the ring.
LJ Silva v Franky Dare
Franky has his work cut out against the heavier Silva.
Max Morrison v Alex Beatboxer
a fun training match with these new lads on the block.
Three promission-style matches.