Other Trainees

Introducing Danny Green & Sammy Salami
with Max Morrison & Brasov Tiger in a "winner stays on" training drill.
Alex McDonald v energetic newcomer Gorton Neymar
plus Sammy Scrapper v Nicos Power making his mat debut.

The latest in this series bringing new talent to The Loft Grapplezone.

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Alex McDonald v Max Morrison and Franky Dare v Nipper Cipri 
The latest in our "new faces" series featuring fresh talent in mat-based matches. Franky & Nipper are wearing singlets and rookie Alex tries to keep up with Max's fast-moving technical style on The Loft's grapplezone

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Franky Dare v rookie Alex McDonald & Max Morrison introduces newbie Denis Craiova
as the mats fizz with energy in this double-header in The Loft's grapplezone.

Max Morrison v Franky Dare under the watchful eyes of trainer Master Ady. Experienced technician Franky Dare v rookie lad Cheeky Chippy.
Masked pro El Maz Morrison v collegiate wrestler Alex McDonald new to the ring. Tickler Giggles Gigglesworth v Gunner Mettle flying in to put a spanner in his works.
A compilation of promission variety entertainment with experienced guys and two rookies
barefooted in the ring.