Alex Tanner

Height: 5'7"

Weight:  141lbs

From:  Oldham, England

Specialities: Promission, Submission, Custom scenarios.

Alex Tanner puts the 'scrap' into 'Spotland Scrappers' with as much fight as a raging typhoon. Don't let his size deceive you; this up-and-comer has all the skill and agility to have his opponent tied in knots within seconds. With an eye for gold, Tanner trains relentlessly in the hope of one day capturing one of Spotland's prestigious accolades. When he's not on the mats or in The Loft's Oilzone, you will find Tanner in the gym, working on his strength and conditioning, doing whatever it takes to give him the edge as he works his way to the top of the ladder. You can be part of his journey to the top by sampling his talents in the videos below or enjoy browsing his full match catalogue.



Davey Boy Braha v Slippery Scrappers 1 to 7 featuring Bert Ruben, David Hitman, Joey Delgado, Alex Tanner & Bruno Baccy  and introducing Ellis Diamond, Davey Braha & Dan Chappell.  Newbie scrappers debut in the Oil Zone in a turkish delight!
One title is free in this special offer bundle.

Vaz Pitesti v newcomer Timo Mare in a SleeperFest! Will determined Vaz fight off the smiling Hairy Monster?

Four of our trainees in a bumper 55 minutes of powerful mat action.

'The next generation of wrestlers are impressive!'


Alex Tanner v Joey Delgado
two lively trainees determined to come out on top.
But who will have the winning smile?
Bert Ruben v Dennis La Menace
Ruben introduces another new recruit
in a fast-paced competitive contest on the mats.

'Really competitve action with some of the new guys  coming along nicely.'

Joey Delgado v Alex Tanner
Our smaller guys are out to make a big impression as
Alex makes his ring debut against Joey who is already gathering his own fan base.
David Hitman v Bert Ruben
Ruben faces his lighter but experienced teacher Hitman in this catchweight contest.
Two more trainees take their mat skills into the ring for the first time.
Featuring David Hitman - Team Spotland's Matman of the Year 2020.


'Joey and Alex did a great job. I like the wrestling shoes or small boots they wore with no knee pads, it reminds me of the 1950's and 60's pro wrestling.
I understand why you find it so hard to find trunks to fit them!'
'Credit to the guys, loads of good wrestling. Roll on the next one.'