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Height: 5' 10

Weight: 180lbs

From: Oldham, Lancashire.

Specialities:  Promission, Submission, Custom Scenarios

As agile as he is strong, Beni Zotmar is a dangerous opponent for anyone. Introduced to the Spotland fold by trainier and esteemed team captain, Young Ady, Beni wasted no time in giving his mentor a run for his  money in the grapplezone.  Whilst gaining respect from his teacher and fellow Scrappers, Beni has raised his reputation amongst the Spotland ranks and  with superb submission skills and an ever evolving arsenal,  he remains a brute force in the locker room. 


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Young Ady v Beni Zotmar
They might be gym buddies but Ady dominates trainee Beni in this submission custom match while demonstrating spladles, kneebars & toe holds, with the guys casually attired in tracksuit bottoms.
Plus a second match with shorts, mask and rope!