Danny Boy Mettle Match Catalogue

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    Seach the following titles to download on Wayopay:

    Crushsters 2 
    Best Abs (Also available on Gumroad)
    Pin Points 
    Double 8 
    Trouble at t'Mill 
    Shiny Sprinters 
    Seaside Surfin' 1 
    Seaside Surfin' 2 
    Ring Moves 1&2 
    Grapplezoners 2 
    Halloween Party 2018                                                                             Five Go To Ground 
    Sunny Side Up 
    Laughing For Good 
    Ring Missions 
    Oil Shakes 
    Converse Clash 
    Matman Cup 4
    Fortnight 1&2
    Punching Bryan 3 (Also on Gumroad)
    Rainbow Tie-Ups
    Nautical Smiles
    Test Match Special
    Grapplezoners 5

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    Franky Dare v Robyn Hudd
    & Danny Mettle v Bruno Baccy.
    Two rookies make their Spotland debut with a couple of our more experienced Scrappers. Tall, lean Franky is a popular figure whilst pocket dynamo Danny is rapidly gaining his own fan club! Want more? Check out Grapplezones 2!

    We take a leaf out of an Enid Blyton book to mark Franky's birthday
    with five guys in five matches in the The Loft's grapplezone. Featuring Franky Dare v Manni Old'em & Brasov Tiger plus highlights of a mini-tournament with Franky, Daz Taser & Danny Mettle.

    Young Ady, Franky Dare, Danny  Mettle and Max Morrison
    grease-up and go head-to-head in The Loft'ss oilzone. Will size & power triumph or will a more supple Scrapper win the day?

    Ray Junior v Danny Mettle.
    Spotland veteran Ray Junior doesn't have it all his own way in this promission style match with newcomer Danny who has learnt some moves of his own. In a bonus match, Danny Mettle is in the spotlight as he faces the masked El Maz Morrison. Mettle fans will love this Danny double- bill!