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    Beemat Trials 9 
    Beemat Trials 10 
    Beemat Trials 11 
    La'al Rider
    Testy Times 3 
    Mud Lark 
    Travellers Trials 
    Randy's Custom 
    Beemat Trials 13 
    First 2 Three 
    Raw Power 
    Fortnight 2


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    Flavi Forza v Nicos Power.
    Young Ady introduces two powerful guys looking to climb the Spotland ladder at The Loft.  Impressed by what he sees, Ady challenges the winner to a power match in a real test of strength.

    Hoping to make it on the promission scene, newbie, Traveller Tom, runs some moves with team captain, Young Ady. Tom bites off a little more than he can chew and  just when Tom thinks he's survived the punishment, things go from bad to worse as Flavi Froza enters the ring to bring him more tribulation, directed by Ady.

    Young Ady & Flavi Forza with La'al Pete.Two guys are training in the woods but realise they're missing a weight to lift when along comes some help. A treat for fans of messy matches and also those into lift & carry scenarios.

     A booted Max Morrison faces a barefooted Young Ady.
    Will the powerhouse Ady be able to dominate athletic Max?
    Plus, a bonus encounter with a nimble Max  taking on the powerhouse, Flavi Forza who is not out to make friends, using the odd low blow to slow down his more agile opponent.