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    Height: 6'

    Weight: 186lbs

    From:  Oldham, England

    Specialities: Promission, Lift & Carry, Custom Scenarios.

    Making an impact since 2017, Flavi Forza is a force to be reckoned with. This man-mountain  thrives in custom scenarios like Spotland's first 'power match' where he goes head-to-head with other heavyweights.  Only a brave Scrapper challenges Flavi to a test of strength as he is one of the srongest competitors to ever set foot in The Loft, making him a formidable opponent on The Loft's grapplezone and a prime candidate for lift-and-carry scenarios. Although Flavi can often be seen wearing a smile, don't let that fool you. His mean streak is notorious and seeing how he's treated the likes of Spotland favourite Max Morrison, the other Scrappers need to have their wits about them when going toe-to-toe with Flavi. 


    Flavi Forza v Nicos Power.
    Young Ady introduces two powerful guys looking to climb the Spotland ladder at The Loft.  Impressed by what he sees, Ady challenges the winner to a power match in a real test of strength.

    Hoping to make it on the promission scene, newbie, Traveller Tom, runs some moves with team captain, Young Ady. Tom bites off a little more than he can chew and  just when Tom thinks he's survived the punishment, things go from bad to worse as Flavi Froza enters the ring to bring him more tribulation, directed by Ady.

    'A good fast-moving bout, finishing up with a 2-on-1. Always good to see some surfing as part of Ady's introduction of newbie, Traveller Tom.

    Young Ady & Flavi Forza with La'al Pete.Two guys are training in the woods but realise they're missing a weight to lift when along comes some help. A treat for fans of messy matches and also those into lift & carry scenarios.

    'A real treat not just for messy fans but lift-and-carry fans as well. I loved the way their bodies and trunks got more and more dirty as the bout went on.'

    'If you go to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise...an unusual muddy outdoor setting with the muddy trio enjoying themselves.'

    • First 2 Three Ady Flavi
    • First2Three1

    Young Ady v Flavi Forza
    Two gym buddies in a "first to three submissions" custom match on the grapplezone.
    One fighter in compression shorts and the other in MMA style fighting shorts.
    With sleeper holds and chokes, torture racks, & nelsons. 

    'I was really happy with the match and I really enjoyed the variety of submission holds. Please give Ady and Flavi my thanks.' (Match Sponsor)