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    Boxer Shorts 3 & 4 (Also available on Gumroad)
    Bridge 2 Far 
    Rag Tag 
    Bees Whacks 
    Egg Tagging
    Hawaii Three-0 
    Sock It Set
    Ring Marvels 
    Beemat Trials 12 
    Crushsters 2 
    Pin Points
    Bodybuilder Toys
    Seaside Surfin' 1 
    Seaside Surfin' 2 
    Pro Club 11 
    Bossman's Bash 
    Five Go To Ground
    Sunny Side Up 
    Laughing For Good 
    Matman Cup 
    Beemat Trials 14 
    Matman Cup 2 
    Ring Missions 
    Matman Cup 3 
    Pro Club 12 
    Oil Shakes 
    Ring Missions 2
    Sox Champs 2018
    Ring Moves 3
    Stollen Cookies
    Ring Pro
    Hipster Boyz 2
    Brexit Moves
    Brexit Ding-Dongs
    Roses War
    Uniform By Design
    Practicing Restraint
    Test Match Special
    Grapplezoners 5

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     Franky Dare v Max Morrison in a sporting but fiercely competitive match . Franky is out to prove a point against Max who makes his long-awaited pro debut. 
    In an enticing bout scheduled for 8x3min rounds, who will have their hand raised at the end?

    Franky Dare (Champion) v Sammy Scrapper (Challenger) on the comeback trail for Spotland's Matman Cup.
    Plus Max "Maximuscle" Morrison takes on a returning Manni Old'em.
    Friendly rivals in two entertaining "promission" match-ups in The Loft Grapplezone.

    Franky Dare v Fionn Valour, Max Morrison v Bruno Baccy & Danny Mettle v Alex Beatboxer
    in three promission-style matches featuring newcomers up against more experienced scrappers
    under The Loft spotlights.
    Danny v Alex previously seen in Mega Mix compilation.

    Young Ady & Danny Mettle / Max Morrison & Robyn Hudd / Franky Dare & Daz Taser.
    The team have outdoor fun with three matches on the beach and in the waves.  Will Franky ride the waves in style or will he find his face in the sand in one of many surfboards?  A summer special filmed on Ainsdale Beach, Merseyside.Three more matches to follow in Seaside Surfin' Part 2!