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Brit Pro - Promission - Lift & Carry - Oil / Messy - Custom Scenario
Jeans - Older Guest - Mask - Rope / Chain - Singlet - Tickling - Uniform

Young Ady in a Brit Pro bout?
Franky Nadara wearing a singlet?
Sammy Scrapper in an oil match?
No Problem ...

2022 Titles ...
Slimline Tonic 2 - Mats Promission
Belt Test - Ring Guest Custom
Figure It Out - Ring Custom Scissors
Beemat Trials 28 - Mats Promission
Ring Missions 9 - Ring Promission
Turbo Mission 2 - Ring Promission
Balloon Busters - Ring Comic Promission
Groundhug Day - Ring  Guest Custom
Ring Moves 9 - Ring Pro Style
ScrapEx 1 - Ring Custom Punching
Whip Round - Ring Custom Promission
Three Steps - Ring Guest Pro Style
Beemat Trials 29 - Mats Promission
Skullduggery - Ring Mask Pro Style
Grapplin' Ring 3 - Ring Promission
Caught Napping - Mats Comic Promission
Blue Jeans 3 - Ring Jeans Promission
Spotlando 69ers - Mats ScrapEx Custom Scissors
Bo Feet - Ring Custom
TickleZone - Mats Tickling Comic Custom
Lobo Luchando - Mats Guest Promission
Turbo Challenge - Ring Mask Pro Style
Ring Trials 4 - Ring Promission
Split Ends - Mats ScrapEx Custom
Grapplezoners 19 - Mats Promission
Bear Baiting - Ring Guest Custom
Loblo Scrapper - Ring Guest Pro Style
Beemat Trials 30 - Mats Promission
Pro Club 14 - Ring Custom Brit Pro
Ring Missions 10 - Ring Promission
Grapplezoners 20 - Mats Promission
Pride Power - Ring Promission
Beemat Trials 31 - Mats Promission
Beemat Trials 32 - Mats Promission
Alpha Wolf - Ring Guest Pro Style
Chinlock Challenge - Ring Custom
Grapplezoners 21 & 22 - Mats Promission Bundle
Beach Boyz 2 - Outdoor Promission
Beemat Trials 33 - Mats Promission
Pride Power 2 - Ring Pro Style
Crushsters 9 - Mats Promission