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    Ask Him Ref! 11 
    Pro Club 11 
    Ask Him Ref! 12 
    Pro Club 13
    Dark Horse
    Ring Pro


    Jack Nero aims to teach lively rookie Max Morrison a lesson
    in this Brit Pro-style bout, scheduled for eight 3 minute rounds.

    Jack Nero faces Rob Palamino in Rob's first title defence as Spotland Scrappers Pro Wrestling Champion. This fast-paced Brit Pro epic has something for everyone.  

    Jack Nero is out to show experienced promission scrapper, Franky Dare a thing or two about the world of Brit Pro. Will Jack show Franky how it's done or will the the promission star leave Jack in pieces?

    In his debut, Jack Nero aspires to bring justice to The Loft by setting his sights on team captain, Young Ady in an impressive Brit Pro bout.

    'Good old style World of Sport bout which I enjoyed. Plenty of gruntin n groanin especially from Nero!

    Very good, sharp camera work with plenty of close ups of the wrestlers and holds.'