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    Beemat Trials 5 
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    Sub Group (DL)
    Break Test (DM)
    Two Lives (DL)
    Rag Tag (DL)
    Ring Marvels (DL)
    Crushsters 2 (DL)
    Five Go To Ground (DL)
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    Birthday Bounces                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Beemat Scissors
    Slide Rules 3 to 6 

    In this bargain of a bonus bundle, it's a battle of the newcomers, Manni and Adri, both looking to make a name themselves at The Loft. Five guys in three fun oil matches from our popular Slide Rules series.
    Introducing Fernando & Carlos Luchador, from Spain, with Ray Junior in The Loft's oilzone plus Adri v Manni.

    We take a leaf out of an Enid Blyton book to mark Franky's birthday
    with five guys in five matches in the The Loft's grapplezone. Manni & Brasov Tiger take on birthday-boy Franky. Plus, highlights of a mini-tournament with Franky, Daz Taser & Danny Mettle.

    Manni v Max Morrison with a rule-bending romp in and out of the ring! The gloves are off and the boys will do whatever it takes to get the win and flesh their muscle amongst the roster.

    Manni returns to The Loft with tag mayhem and a range of singles promission matches. Somebody could really make a name for themselves in amongst the lads here. Sammy Scrapper v Joseph Barbera (making his in-ring promission debut). 
    Sammy & Manni v Franky Dare & Joseph Barbera.