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Custom Matches & Scenarios

DVD titles shown

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PJ Pics takes responsibility for title choices
and we're afraid he's really dragged this one out of the skip ...


Bin Wars  two gangs led by Ady & Sammy come to blows in Spotland Mill.
Ady tries to calm things down and encourages both crews to take their differences into the ring.
Recent recruit Ray Junior (sorry, Rey) is joined by debutant Z-Man

Please note No Lift Operatives were harmed during the making of this Video



Ady / Sam / Z-Man  v Sammy / Ray / David


BinW5  BinW7  BinW9

fast-paced mayhem action in and out of the ring
Bin Wars on
our first video filmed in HD!



Surfin' Smiler
Young Ady v Sam Smiler
Ady shows off some of his favourite moves on Sam
- surfboards, boston crab, camel clutch, bearhug, lift & carry -

SurfinSmiler1  SurfinSmiler2  SurfinSmiler2

SurfinSmiler5  SurfinSmiler4

Custom Matches Sponsored by Huw
on DVD


Double Trouble

Sam Smiler,  Ray Junior (Trainee)  &  Young Ady (Team Captain)
in a fun pro style training scenario



  DoubleTrouble2  DoubleTrouble5  DoubleTrouble3 

Juniors RevengeTitle

Following his experience in Double Trouble
Ray Junior plots with Sammy Scrapper to get his own back on Sam Smiler
in Junior's Revenge

Juniors Revenge1

Juniors Revenge7  Juniors Revenge3  Juniors Revenge2

Juniors Revenge2


We Welcome Special Guest
*** SteelMuscleGod ***
for a filmshoot at The London Matroom


 Matroom Moves 

SteelyDVD6   with SMG - Sammy Scrapper - Sam Smiler


Who's The Boss? 3

SteelMuscleGod  v  Sammy Scrapper
in the third of this series
which Sammy has made his own


WTB3-4  WTB3-11  WTB3-5 

WTB3-6  WTB3-2  WTB3-1



Ten Pounder

Fans of the two Sam's will be pleased to see them wrestling for a tenner
in a promission match with the best of ten scores winning the money!


TenPounder2  TenPounder8  TenPounder-012 

Ten Pounder Match Sponsor

filmed as part of a Spotland Experience session



Meat Fighters
a fun promission encounter
Sammy Scrapper & Ray Junior v The Masked Meat Fighters

MeatFighters9   Sammy tells Ray about the match  

MeatFighters6   MeatFighters8   MeatFighters5


it's backbreaking work for Young Ady
in Back Numbers


featuring Young Ady
demonstrating backbreaker moves

on  Sam Smiler, Sammy Scrapper & Ray Junior

BackNumbersDL1  BackNumbersDL3  BackNumbersDLedit1


Ray Junior is in the middle of a training session with Sam Smiler, led by Young Ady,
when things don't go according to plan and Sam Smiler ends up facing 
the mysterious Gym Breaks aided & abetted by David Cuplu.
"It's your turn next!"

MasqRay    Masq1   
Sam Smiler & Ray Junior

The guys demonstrate Brit Pro moves coupled with their usual brand of fun
in Masquerade

Masq6      Masq2  

Masq3  Masq5  Masq5 

Custom Match scenario
Sponsored by Huw Shoebury


energetic tag team mayhem follows in Chicken 'n Chips

Chicken n ChipsTitle


Referee Nigel Crabtree struggles for control at the start
with Sam Smiler & Young Ady scoffing at Chicken 'n Chips



MexTablePreviewTitle   Mexican Table Custom Match with Sam Smiler & Ray Junior v Young Ady   MexTablePreview2

MexTablePreview3   Where's Ady?


MexTablePreview13  "Who Cares?"     MexTablePreview5   one persons mexican table is another's surfboard ... so could this be a suspended mexican?


Ray Junior & Sammy Scrapper take a tidy argument into the matroom for A Clean Fight ... 


Clean Fight2  Clean Fight3  Clean Fight4 

Psycho   and with Halloween in mind Sammy introduces his new friend Psycho Shaky 

 for those of you who prefer to get a surprise in the post ...

Strange Customs DVD compilation 
Ten Pounder / Masquerade / A Clean Fight / Splash Factor
over an hour of action in ring, matroom and water  with Team Spotland!


Special Guest at the Spotland Scrappers Christmas Party 

Cameron Mathews
in an International Tag Handicap Match
v El Diablos
Mexican Bandits or Chicken Fighters?
with Referee Nigel Crabtree 

Available on DVD 


Boxing Day at Spotland

beginning with a look at our first boxing highlights video
Punching Bryan



then Sammy Scrapper & Ray Junior have a wrestling match


BoxingDay5  BoxingDay3  BoxingDay4

and the loser challenges the other guy to put the gloves on ...

BoxingDay10  BoxingDay8  BoxingDay9                                                                                 

Custom Match Sponsored by Ste

Sleeping Partners 


Sam Smiler & Ray Junior v Young Ady

sleepers, fig. 4's, camel clutches, surfboards etc
in another of our popular 2v1 match-ups


Sleeping4  Sleeping7  Sleeping4

Sleeping9  Sleeping5

available on Paint Partners DVD

The guys aren't full-time wrestlers
and we drop in to see them working as painters & decorators
refurbishing an industrial unit at a mystery location
in Paint Job



 PaintJobAVI-009   Industrial Strife   PaintJob4   Sam Smiler wants a ladder match!


 "... very impressed with the way the lads worked the multiple fight sequences ..."

"... a great fun scenario." "What a team to let loose on a building site!"


The Loft Studio is a target for an Attic Attack

Young Ady v David Cuplu
in two matches


The guys pose at the start of what turns into a "Squash Match"





Their second encounter is a "Falls Count Anywhere" match
which takes them (and us) to all corners of The Loft space ...

AtticAttack6   one place where a fall might be a knockout ...

Preview on our YouTube Channel at:

"Nice touch making use of the whole warehouse."

AtticAttack5   David Cuplu's back ...


Short StoryTitle

A Short Story
an amusing "lift & carry" scenario
Sammy Scrapper & Sam Smiler

Short Story1

Short Story9  Short Story18  Short Story49

Match Sponsor


Spotland Scrappers
Hallow Tween Party

Team Spotland in fun promission & tag team action

Team Bad Looking
Scare Crew

Darkness Falls
YouTube Preview at:


Team Spotland Get Knotted!

Rope Match Fun
Sam Smiler, Sammy Scrapper, David Cuplu & Ray Junior
in Rope Work

Ray Junior v Sammy Scrapper

Sam Smiler v David Cuplu

Sam Smiler & Sammy Scrapper

Preview on our Spotland Shorts channel at:

unfortunately Young Ady was tied-up elsewhere
but he's promised to challenge the winner ...


The Generation Game

Smiler breaks off with his girlfriend
and has to face the music from her angry Dad


Poppa Bear v Sam Smiler
in Dad 'n Lad



Custom Match Sponsored by Silver Productions

Also available on Rope Lads compilation DVD
from our website shop:
Rope Work
Dad 'n Lad
& Pizzazz Sunday


Rope Flag Match
Sammy Scrapper v Ray Junior
Peace Pirates


"Peace Pirates a nice little production.
The smiles and enthusiasm from the mischevious Sammy & Ray in their entrances showed it all.
The lads put on a good skillful bout using the rope to get into position.
So the Spotland Pirates get 10 out of 10 and the audience warmed to it too. 
Well done on Bout 4 of 4 from LATL4!"

Sam Smiler challenges Young Ady
to a Rope Match
Rope Off

Young Ady v Sam Smiler

Sam Smiler


"... good tussle and it needs a fair bit of skill to set up holds while tied together.
I thought surely the surfboard is not going on ...
... appeared in the later World Of Sport days with the chain match format
... remember Danny Collins v Fit Finlay.


Custom Match

Pony Tale

Young Ady v Ray Junior
wearing leggings, using ropes 'n chokes,
and taking us to areas of The Loft never seen before!









Introducing Joey Eden
as a kick boxing instructor
in The Two O'Clock
with Ray Junior

Joey Eden & Ray Junior

Ray Junior decides to try kick-boxing,
and arrives at the gym for his 2pm lesson with instructor Joey Eden,
but the session doesn't quite follow Joey's plan ...

Preview Pics on YouTube at:



Ruthless David Cuplu expects to get the better of popular Sam Smiler
by fair means or foul in this custom squash match.
Will Sam be smiling at the end?


David Cuplu v Sam Smiler
in The Lycra Lads 1





Preview on our YouTube Channel

 "It's a really good match, I especially like the ring bar action,
all four posts was more than I was expecting
and I thought it was really well done.
I liked Sam caught on the ropes too,
and my favourite "shattered dreams" move as it's known by wrestler goldust."


Memphis Wrestling
Custom Matches


A group of new upstart wrestlers have arrived in the fed.
They are enthusiastic, idealistic and really eager to learn and grow and achieve success.
The more experienced vets in the fed resent their hard work and enthusiasm and eagerness to please.
They view them as just another group of jobbers to be put in their place and taught a lesson.

This plays out in how they wrestle.
The newer guys are high energy, faster paced, more high flying, looking to win by bettering their opponents.
For them it is a genuine contest.
The vets by contrast move more methodically, focusing relentlessly on big power moves and painful submission holds,
looking not just to win, but to inflict pain and humiliation on their opponents.

There are six wrestlers in total - three in both camps.

The action plays out over four matches, with each one naturally leading to the next…
almost the way pro wrestling used to follow an ongoing storyline week to week till it ended and another began.

The story begins with the vets walking in on the new guys who are practising in the ring,
and a challenge is laid down for the first match.




David Cuplu v Sam Smiler
in Memphis Hell I


David Cuplu v Sam Smiler
with Referee Nigel Crabtree


" ...watched the first match. Great stuff! The guys set the scene well...the wrestling was awesome...
really good job by the first two...and you managed to get the ending perfectly.          
Kudos to the lads."

At the end of Match One, the Vets stand outside the ring taunting and threatening the new guys.
The Vet leader challenges them, putting up his two vets against Newbie 1 and Newbie 2 in a no holds barred tag match.

So the second match takes place the following week.
It features Newbie 1 and Newbie 2 against Vets 1 & 2. 
The Newbies turn up in their wrestling gear, while the Vets turn up in street clothes, clearly ready for a brawl.
There is no ref this time.


David Cuplu & Killer Callum
Sam Smiler & Sammy Scrapper
in Memphis Hell ii

Sam Smiler &
Sammy Scrapper

Sam Smiler v David Cuplu

Sammy Scrapper
v David Cuplu

Killer Callum v Sam Smiler

"Match Two turned out really well ... loved it ... thanks!"

Now the Vets Leader decides take care of these upstarts himself.
Newbie 3 is working out late one night when Vet 3 corners him in the gym.
He says there is no way any of them could beat him…
the gym belongs to him...he points to his photos on the wall.
 Not wanting to let himself get called out, the Newbie accepts the challenge,
although he fears what might be about to happen.
Junior regrets taking Ady's challenge even before he climbs into the ring
but there's no-one else around to help him as
the experienced guy uses a string of power and submission moves against his lightweight newbie opponent ...


Young Ady v Ray Junior
in Memphis Hell iii






Reviewer's Comments:
"The wrestling content of this is phenomenal  and the teaming of Ady and Ray is amazing.
The whole pace and execution of holds is superb and Ray brings a fresh style of athleticism to the role.
Ray took the punishment well; I know he will know he was in a tough match with Ady; even the gear sets it off with the boots ..."

The other two Newbies turn up and the Vets Leader taunts them from outside the ring.
The Newbies challenge The Vets to a final six-man tag match
- may the best team win!


Young Ady - David Cuplu - Killer Callum
("The Vets")
Sam Smiler - Sammy Scrapper - Ray Junior
("The Newbies")





Preview on our YouTube Channel at:

"Just to let you know I've now got all 4 downloads and the DVD. Thanks again to the guys. Great job.
Really enjoyed collaborating with you and hope to do it again soon."
(Sponsor of Memphis Hell)


Team Spotland
*** Pro Submission Championship ***

Seeing Stars 1

First Eliminator
"best of three submissions"


Gypsy Joe v Sam Smiler 


Second Eliminator
"best of three submissions"


Joey Eden v Ray Junior


"best of five submissions"


Ray Junior v Sam Smiler



Preview on our YouTube Channel at:

"WOW!  It's great. Really good matwork and great action.  The guys did good.
 So pleased with your work that I think I'd like to sponsor another custom match ..."

"Love the creative submission holds"
Pro Submission Championship
Second Contest
Seeing Stars 2
First Eliminator
Young Ady v Ray Junior
Second Eliminator
Sammy Scrapper v Sam Smiler
Young Ady v Sam Smiler
Seeing Stars 2
"Seeing Stars 2 was great production ...
  the lads are all becoming expert in their own way with the leg lever combination and back holds ...
Captain Ady back showing no mercy and dishing out
the 3 in 1 Zoltan Boscik hold on Ray and Smiler ..."
(Supporter's Comments)

"Superb matches. The guys worked brilliantly. Please thank them for me. 
Great to see those really complex moves and submissions. 
Exciting to watch skilled wrestlers working and selling holds and locks. 
Thanks again."
(Sponsor's Feedback)


Junior's Birthday

We pay tribute to Ray Junior
and his contribution to the Group
with a special pro submission contest
plus snapshots of some of his matches
over the last three years 
Ray Junior v David Cuplu
Star Quality
on Sub Plots DVD compilation


Boxer Shorts
a series of scenarios with a punch, combining boxing and grappling.

Smiler tries to teach Ray & Sammy to train with a skipping rope
but they soon lose patience and push Smiler into the ring ...

BoxerShorts5  Skippers2  Skippers3  

Sammy Scrapper - Sam Smiler - Ray Junior   

 Ray & Sammy play Rock, Paper, Scissors, to see who has the strongest abs
then Sammy takes the challenge into the ring ...


BoxerShorts5  BoxerShorts9  BoxerShorts2

 Ray Junior v Sammy Scrapper

"They are incredible!"


European Disunion

two masked fighters dispute their right
to appear in a forthcoming championship
Enmasc5    Enmasc2
Mascara Junior v Joey Masque in Los Enmascerados 1

and two masked fighters come back for a return match
LosEnmascRet    LosEnmascRet3
Mascara Junior
v Joey Le Cache in Los Enmascerados Return



"Five Live" Pro Custom Match Series
Sponsored by Paul Shakespeare

FiveLive2vi                                       FiveLive2iii

we welcome back the familiar tattooed figure of Lewy Paradise
who takes on sinister Spotland regular David Cuplu
in a Junior Heavyweight clash


Lewy Paradise v David Cuplu
Referee Nigel Crabtree
Five Live 2



it's scheduled for 8 x 3 minute rounds
but will experienced pro wrestler Lewy Paradise
deal with the cheating David Cuplu?



Preview on our YouTube Channel at:

A note from one of our supporters:
"Five Live 2 ... absolutely brilliant! A re-match is a must and soon, please!
Spotland Scrappers just keep getting better."


Young Ady v Sammy Scrapper v Ray Junior
in Five Live 3
a three-way match with a difference ...
each wrestler must score over both his opponents
to gain the victory!


You Must Be Choking!

a treat for fans of rip 'n strip, choking and foreign objects in the ring
as David Cuplu takes Sam Smiler to the cleaners
in this total squash match


David Cuplu v Sam Smiler
A Rippin' Yarn

Rippin1 Rippin6  Rippin3 

Custom Match Sponsored By Joe King

" ... way better than I could have imagined! Slamming the head, the pole, the stick, the belt ...
Cuplu is the consumate heel and poor Smiler, well, he won't wear those shorts again for sure! 
Loved the torture rack ... the best part is the pole full nelson ... not even quite sure what to call it!  
Thank you guys so much ... this is just brilliant work"

"some very funny stuff in there"


Carry On Lifting

meanwhile for Lift & Carry fans
Sam Smiler does the job with Ray Junior


Sam Smiler & Ray Junior
in Day Job

"Sam is a real beast and Ray Junior is a good sport"

"As a fanatic of lift and carry, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Day Job! Thank you!
Which part was my favorite? The baby carry around the ring!"

"... great vid, lots of wrestling lifts and throwing around!
This is a must buy video 15 mins of lift and carry ...
 I suggest everyone to buy it!"

Preview at:


The Interview

Joey applies for work painting an empty industrial unit
and is interviewed by Ray who remembers
they had a dispute over a girlfriend
and tries to extract the truth from him ...


Ray Junior & Joey Eden




"clever production"
"Ray has the smile of the assassin when required."
"I liked all the verbal banter between them." 


Brotherly Love

Ady takes pride in his pony tail hairstyle
and doesn't take kindly to younger brother Sammy making fun of him ...


Young Ady v Sammy Scrapper
Blood Feud

Blood4  Blood3  Blood2



Pizza Delivery

Ray Junior feels hungry at the end of training
and orders a Dominoes pizza
but when the delivery lad arrives at the door
it's not what Ray's expecting and he wants his money back ...

Dominoes1   Dominoes5   

Ray Junior v Joey Eden in Dominoes


Scrappers On Location

Eden's Garden
three outdoor matches featuring Joey Eden
with Ray Junior - David Cuplu - LJ Silva

Eden1      Eden2  Joey Eden v Ray Junior

Joey Eden v David Cuplu    Eden4      Eden5

Eden8    Joey Eden v LJ Silva    Eden6 

three entertaining matches in the evening light
let's hope the sun isn't setting on Joey's wrestling career!

three more matches
three different settings
in Glowering

Glower1  David Cuplu v LJ Silva  Glower3

"lift & carry" moves on the cottage lawn

Glower4    Gypsy Joe v Lofty Valentino    Glower5

Lofty accuses Joe of cheating in a pool game

Glower8    David Cuplu v LJ Silva    Glower8   

fireside wrestling evocative of the famous scene from Women In Love!


Star Series

Following-on from Seeing Stars & Star Quality
we return to the ring for three pro submission contests
between experienced wrestlers and rookies
in Shooting Stars

shootingstars1 David Cuplu v Gypsy Joe shootingstars-001

shootingstars-016 Ray Junior v LJ Silva shootingstars-013

shootingstars-028 Sam Smiler v Lofty Valentino shootingstars-022


Heavy Lifting!
a "lift & carry" scenario
introducing Mara Doner with David Cuplu & Ray Junior
in Lift Man


Halloween 2015
Following the horrifying success of Darkness Falls
this year's Halloween Special is Ghost Busters


  GhostBusters2      GhostBusters6

"That was enjoyable ... Ray & Samuel putting the Halloween Ghoul through his paces ... 
Nice how Ray has perfected the Monkey Climb
and to finish off with Team Effort Halloween Surfboard ..!!!"


A Cracking Tale

Those of you who look forward to our custom scenarios will enjoy this tale of intrigue
as at the end of training David thinks Ray has stolen his wallet and takes punitive action

W&G3          W&G2

David Cuplu v Ray Junior in You're Choking!  


Ray fights back but Sam Smiler is cleaning the gym and joins in with David
Has Sam played a part in setting-up Junior? 

W&G4      W&G5


Sponsored by Crackers Productions

"Wow what a spectacular custom and to the word.
It was certainly well worth waiting for and David and Ray are a great wrestling duo ..."

"That was an enjoyable scenario well filmed and a good choice of gear ...
 Poor Old Ray he just has that face people must want to suffer
been a while since he had a 2 on 1 like Junior's Revenge ..."

Double Slided
a 2v1 oil wrestling match with two big guys dominating a small guy who doesn't like oil!

doubleslided-010  Lofty Valentino & LJ Silva v Ray Junior in Double Slided       

   doubleslided-030         doubleslided-038

Custom Match Sponsored By Olringen Fan
"I want to thank you so much. The team really did a great job.
The guys look perfect and are in a great shape. And they really did everything I proposed.
But what I liked most was Lofty’s talking during the match.
He is not only an extremely handsome wrestler, but a great actor, too.
It really was as if he was the stage director of the whole match.
So thanks again to the whole team."


Testy Time
Custom Match Sponsored by Boon Support
Bodybuilder Lofty Valentino faces experienced light-heavyweight David Cuplu
who quickly resorts to underhand tactics against the fresh-faced rookie wrestler

testytime-004  David Cuplu v Lofty Valentino  testytime-006

"I thought it was a great match.
I liked where he was caught on the ropes

Claw Back
Custom Match Sponsored by Joe King
Trainee Joey Eden is taken to task for listening to music by Mr Grumpy David Cuplu.
Eventually Ray Junior hears his shouts for help.

clawback-011    clawback-013   

David Cuplu v Joey Eden & Ray Junior


clawback-027   clawback-030   clawback-016 

The Two Brexiteers
Awaiting the EU Referendum result, Ray Junior leads Gypsy Joe & Adri creating some music.
Lofty Valentino & Joey Eden are disturbed by the noise in the gym, and mayhem ensues ...

Lofty Valentino & Joey Eden v Ray Junior, Gypsy Joe & Adri


Let's Have It!
Beefy masked bruiser Gorila Mascat in a customised Squash Match against little Ray Junior

LetsHaveIt-011    LetsHaveIt-009    LetsHaveIt-004

LetsHaveIt-018   Gorila Mascat v Ray Junior 
Sponsored by Andy Rack'em


The Lycra Lads 2  
Ray Junior's training for the Olympics is interrupted by an unknown masked wrestler.
"Oh Not Again!" says Junior but this time he's determined to remove the mask
to reveal the imposter's identity and teach him a lesson ...

TheLycraLads2-015   TheLycraLads2-013   TheLycraLads2-011  
Ray Junior v Sorriso Mascherato
Sponsored by Steve Affleck


Beemat Miscela
a customised hybrid of 1v1's & 1v2,  plus group fun fight with musical accompaniment!

  BeematMiscela123-46  LJ Silva v Sam Smiler BeematMiscela123-6  BeematMiscela123-4
LJ Silva & Young Ady
v Sam Smiler

BeematMiscela123-20  BeematMiscela123-47 

     BeematMiscela123-42  BeematMiscela123-45  BeematMiscela123-41  
Young Ady v Adri

BeematMiscela123-33  BeematMiscela123-38   
Lupta cu Muzica with Ray Junior v Joey Eden

"You guys are amazing! 
The match is awesome ... best part is how Smiler just kept on fighting both of them ... kept on trying! 
Young Ady was great in there ... and the music one at the end was brilliant, truly! 
You guys do great work."
(Match Sponsor)
"Great to see Samuel back in the fold with LJS in this production
... always a victim for the 2 on 1 ... good bout."


Testy Times 2
Bodybuilder Lofty Valentino learnt some underhand moves from David Cuplu
which he uses against Sam Smiler in this custom match
TestyTimes2-002  TestyTimes2-010
Lofty Valentino v Sam Smiler

Sponsored by Boon Support


Five Live 1 at ringside
Killer Callum - part of the Man 'o' War tag team - meets Sam who is his usual smiling self
at the start of our Five Live series of custom matches
Sam Smiler v Killer Callum with Referee Nigel Crabtree

"This has worked out very much as I wanted it to.
Callum & Sam both look beefier than before and the action is equally robust.
An unusual scenario with an unusual conclusion to boot!"
(Match Sponsor)


Children in Need Appeal 2016
*** Funraisers ***

Balancing Acts a gymnastic wrestling challenge with Rob Palomino & Ray Junior
balancingacts-020    balancingacts-013    balancingacts-016

Beamed-Up a lift & carry challenge with Sam Smiler & Adri Gold
beamedup-010    beamedup-006


Roses 'n Guns
an arm wrestling challenge leads to a fight by the fireside

    RosesnGuns-004    RosesnGuns-012  Ray Junior v Gorila Demascat

RosesnGuns-007        RosesnGuns-010  available on DVD 


LycraLads3v  The Lycra Lads 3 & 4 Custom Matches
Jobbers suffer punishing moves involving ropes and ringposts at the hands (and feet!) of Young Ady
in these custom scenarios
LycraLads3ii    LycraLads3iv  
Young Ady v Ray Junior in The Lycra Lads 3   

LycraLads4iv    LycraLads4ii    LycraLads4iii  
Young Ady v Sammy Scrapper in The Lycra Lads 4 

 Sponsored by Steve Affleck


"Who's The Boss?" 4
Experienced French Strongman Eti Eiffel towers over Spotland's Sammy Scrapper
WTB4ii    WTB4vi    WTB4iv 
Eti Eiffel v Sammy Scrapper

WTB4iii     WTB4i

   WTB4vii    WTB4viii


"Really enjoyed WTB4. Sammy has matured in this series.
 He showed great tenacity against a much stronger opponent and fought well." 
"Love that Who's The Boss is back. Sammy shines in these matches."
"Great set-up for guest wrestlers."
"One of the best wrestling vids I have ever purchased."

Seeing Stars 3
our third sponsored promission tournament in the ring
featuring Ray Junior - Sam Smiler - Gypsy Joe - Adri Gold
three matches SeeingStars3i-002 for leglock lovers everywhere! ***

SeeingS31    SeeingS32

SeeingS35   SeeingS34
SeeingS36   SeeingS37
 SeeingS37    SeeingS36

SeeingS39   SeeingS38   SeeingS39
SeeingS310    SeeingS311

"the tournament gives Adri and GJ - coming on leaps and bounds -  
a chance to put their recent learning into practice
against more experienced opponents."
 "... enjoyed the final tussle ... good close fought encounter with great selection of holds from both guys."


Bullseye1 Bullseye Boyz 1 
The first of a series with Army & Navy guys
challenging each other lifting weights, grappling & abs testing!
Bullseye1vi    Bullseye1i Ray Junior v LJ Silva Bullseye1v    Bullseye1iv Bullseye1ii    Bullseye1iii
Bullseye1vi    Bullseye1vii
^^^ The Bullseye Gear trunks worn by LJ Silva & Ray Junior ^^^
can be purchased at:
Shinobi Custom a magical match!
We're pleased to see bodybuilder Lofty return to train with Flavi
but he suffers a humiliating ordeal when a Ninja materialises in the ring ...
  shinobi3  shinobi2  shinobi2  shinobicustom-005
Ninja Junior v Lofty Valentino
shinobicustom  shinobicustom-001  shinobicustom-010  shinobicustom-011

Sponsored by Victory Customs
"That was thoroughly entertaining. I love how you brilliantly integrated many of the different elements I wanted
and it made me happy to see that both these guys seemed to really enjoy themselves doing it.
 Now, I need to think up another custom."
"Lofty and Ray Junior did a great job and looked fantastic too!" 
"I'm watching the custom Ninja match again and its excellence continues to reveal itself to me.
Bravo again to all involved. So many nice little touches I keep spotting.

Really great job in bringing together so many of the the things I emailed you about when we were coming up with the idea!"
 "Good to see Lofty back in action looking in great shape as always ..."


Bullseye Boyz 2
Police Officer Silva attends an Incident and finds a Junior Fire Officer acting suspiciously
Bullseye21   Bullseye22   Bullseye24   Bullseye23
Police Officer v Fire Officer!
Bullseye27   Bullseye28   Bullseye25   Bullseye29
Bullseye28  Bullseye29


Bullseye Boyz 3
We raid the Army & Navy stores again
and this time the guys challenges include lifting a gas cylinder, knees & kicks.
But will little Junior get his revenge on the mats?
Bullseye3i  Bullseye3i  Bullseye3ii
Bullseye3iv  Bullseye3v
LaalR5 Time for Tea!
La'al Rider a fun lift & carry scenario introducing La'al Pete   LaalR2   LaalR6   LaalR7
Young Ady, Lofty Valentino & Flavi Forza with La'al Pete 
LaalR7  LaalR6  LaalR6 LaalR8   LaalR9   LaalR10   LaalR11
Sponsored by Greet Stefan
 "I'd really love to meet Ady, Lofty, Flavi and Pete again; 
they are extremely strong, really nice and genuine guys
and during the afternoon I felt that I was spending time with friends.
I still can't believe that they went thru' my entire list of lifts
- what an amazing afternoon it was!"

"All I can say is - HOLY SH*** this video was FUN!
 The little guy is cute - and being used as a weight for all the guys to lift and carry and use 
- especially the bicep curls and baby carried -  that is such a fantasy of mine!"
Testy Times 3
an unknown masked guy uses dirty tactics to dominate fresh-faced Flavi in this pro style custom match with a surprise ending
  Testy33  Testy38 Lucas Mascat v Flavi Forza  Testy34  Testy35
Available on DVD Compilation   
 Sponsored by Boon Support 
"I enjoyed it.This match is very good.Thank you so much."

"... young Flavi suffers beautifully in this camel clutch by the masked heel Lucas Mascat ..."
Le Boxeur
We welcome back the experienced rugged Parisian 6'3" 14st Eti Eiffel seeking to dominate boxer & rookie wrestler Lofty in the ring 
LeBox3  LeBox4  Eti Eiffel v Lofty Valentino LeBox2
LeBox7  LeBox6
Spladle Splits custom match with a masked wrestler, spladles and a rope!
Spladle1  Spladle3  
David Cuplu v Lucas Mascat
Spladle6  Spladle4  Spladle8  Spladle2
Sponsored by Maskman
"Hey I just wanted to tell you that I loved the custom, I'll definitely be ordering another one soon. Keep the mask please."  
Spotland Slamdown
Gypsy uses smashes and slams to wear Joey down in this custom Brit Pro match
slam12  slam9  slam4  slam6
Gypsy Joe v Joey Eden with Referee Nigel Crabtree  
slam1  slam10  slam11  slam5 
Sponsored by Batley Basher
Ray Jay's Scissors
Ray catches newbie Pete lifting weights, laughs at his "chicken legs" and challenges him to a scissors match
RJScissors5  RJScissors  RJScissors10    
Ray Junior v La'al Pete  
 RJScissors6  RJScissors5  RJScissors1  RJScissors8
RJScissors2  RJScissors11  RJScissors3  RJScissors9

"Good to see Ray Junior enjoying a Scissorfest" 
Phoney War
Ray Junior has been stealing from the locker room.
When four of the guys confront him, RJ says he can do what he wants because he's the boss.
They challenge him to prove it by fighting each one of them in turn.
Phoney5  Phoney6  Phoney1  Phoney3
Ray Junior v Young Ady - Lofty Valentino - LJ Silva & La'al Pete Phoney2  Phoney9 

Sponsored By Keel Hauler
"Just finished watching ... it was great! Loved how you incorporated so much of what I asked."

"Good lively production with Ray giving a lesson to the Four Just Men"
DirtyHabits2ii Lofty Valentino features in two custom matches 

in Dirty Habits 1 Lofty uses more power moves but LJ Silva is better at brawling and fighting,  
until one of the guys dominates towards the end and produces an unusual flying knockout move.
DirtyHabits1ii  DirtyHabits1i
Lofty Valentino
v LJ Silva

in Dirty Habits 2 again there's more slams and bearhugs than grappling, 
as powerful Lofty tries to deal with cheating moves from Gypsy Joe and the match develops into a brawl with a knockout win!
 DirtyHabits2vi  DirtyHabits2iv  DirtyHabits2v
Gypsy Joe v Lofty Valentino 

Thanks to our Sponsor  Arstosur Customs


Spladle Splits 2
 spladles tapout custom match on the grapplezone
Spladle2i  Spladle2iii  Spladle2iv  Spladle2v
    Lofty Valentino v Young Ady

Thank You!

"Really enjoyed this match. Great technique and ability. Spotland Scrappers are terrific guys."


Take It Two!
slam & bridge themed custom match
TakeIt2iii  TakeIt2iv  TakeIt2v  TakeIt2i
LJ Silva v Ray Junior

Sponsored by Cloud One Customs
"Thanks so much for all the hard work. I really appreciate it."


ComicCapers1  Comic Capers
Ray Junior & LJ Silva are even dizzier than usual
as they find themselves locked in a comic book story
ComicCapers4  ComicCapers3  ComicCapers2
Ray Junior v LJ Silva
Custom Match sponsored by Baker Daze

"This one certainly put a smile on my face, really a quite original and unusual match.
I do like the way these two work together very well, and the sense of fun."


Kofun Fights
This is more of a fantasy fighting scenario than a wrestling match
with punches and grappling/chokes rather than wrestling/submission holds.
Ray and Silva are known as the best fighters in their regions.
Both guys are too cocky to share such a title, so they decide to meet up and fight it out.
They’ve agreed to a best out of three fights, with the winner declared by knocking out his opponent.
The last man standing after two KO’s wins, and can proudly claim to be the better fighter once and for all.
Both guys are confident they'll be the one walking away victorious.
kofun1  kofun5  kofun3
Ray Junior v LJ Silva  kofun4

Match Sponsor
Mike Tekken
"I've watched the video several times since you sent it and really enjoyed it. Thank you so much!"


Matt Finish
The match is heavier guy vs smaller guy but the lighter one is experienced and a better wrestler.
The fight is more of a brawl as both guys use their fists, forearms, uppercuts.
Matt uses power at times with slams and bearhugs against the resilient Ray,
who beats Matt up in & outside the ring.
MattFinish1  MattFinish2  MattFinish3
Matt Fletcher v Ray Junior
MattFinish5  MattFinish4  MattFinish7


Custom Match sponsored by Arstosur Customs
"This is an amazing custom, please tell the guys how good they are ..."

"... really enjoyed this ...  I like the big beefy bearish guy"


Spladle Splits 3
They might be gym buddies but Ady dominates trainee Beni in this submission custom match
demonstrating spladles, kneebars & toe holds with the guys casually attired in tracksuit bottoms
SpladleSplits3i  spladlesplits3ii  spladlesplits3xviviv
Young Ady v Beni Zotmar
 spladlesplits3xvivivivivii  spladlesplits3xv
available on DVD

 "The content is all there and it's everything we wanted"


Bridge 2 Far
Slam & Bridge themed practice
with Franky learning to bridge the hard way
as Sammy enjoys the job of rookie wrecker!
bridgecmfootage8  bridgecmfootage1  bridgecmfootage12
Sammy Scrapper v Franky Dare
Download at: Buy Now


a trilogy of pro-style custom matches
Young Ady with his henchman LJ Silva
Ray Junior leading "The Rookies"
Sammy Scrapper, Joseph Barbera & Franky Dare
Outsiders15  Outsiders12  Outsiders11
Young Ady v Ray Junior
Outsiders25  Outsiders24  Outsiders21  Outsiders26
LJ Silva v Sammy Scrapper & Joseph Barbera
  Outsiders47  Outsiders42
Young Ady v The Rookies

With Thanks to our Sponsor
Rob Atlanta
"... the guys did a great job of capturing the spirit of what I was looking to produce.
I really appreciate how they tried to immerse themselves "in character" to deliver.

Ady was especially good -- both his action and his smack talk. Really well done. And of course Ray made for a great jobber.
So please extend my thanks and appreciation to the lads."

Outsiders Finale
Smiler was Ady's oldest friend and protégé and he used his return from retirement
to stab Ady in the back at the end of the Outsiders series.
Ady is out for revenge and wants Sam to pay a price
so all the other "Outsiders" see what happens when you cross him.
Ady accuses Sammy of betraying him while
Sam says he was only defending some new lads
against an unreasonable Ady - it was nothing personal.
So Ady challenges Sam to a "loser leaves Spotland" match.
OutsidersF1  OutsidersF4  OutsidersF5
    Young Ady v Sam Smiler
OutsidersF7  OutsidersF3  OutsidersF6

Sponsored by Rob Atlanta
"I love that they are always willing to have fun bringing my vision to life!
Enjoy collaborating with you!"


a tuxedo challenge with a difference
as the guys are wearing casual clothing
Stripdown1  Stripdown3
  Young Ady v LJ Silva

two construction workers argue
over who should mix the cement!
Smashdown1  Sammy Scrapper v Young Ady

"Really liked the set up for both bouts, and the contrast between them
(the combo of rip strip in the first with workers' gear in the second - two of my favourite scenarios). 
Good to see Young Ady with both Sammy Scrapper and LJ Silva
(I like the fact you've got some new recruits to the roster recently, and I'm sure they'll develop well,
but I personally prefer the more muscular physiques until then!) 
I thought the grittier location for the second bout was particularly good, and has given me some thoughts on future custom bouts
(how about two of the guys starting out in Victorian workers' gear in the annex like the clog bout you did a year or so ago?)
 All in all, I reckon this goes on my list of Spotland favourites!"


Building Bridges
another in our custom match series
with a slam & bridge theme
BuildingBridges1  BridgeBuilding1  BuildingBridges2
LJ Silva v Sam Smiler
BuildingBridges4  BuildingBridges3  BuildingBridges5

Sponsored by Cloud One Customs
"The match is perfect!  I love it. The choice of music is hysterical and a very nice touch!
It's amazing what you're able to do so quickly, based on another person's view of what their custom match would be.
Please thank the guys for doing such an awesome job, and let them know t really appreciate all the effort they put in
... it was fantastic!  They really do work well together."


Spotland Snapreel
featuring newcomers
El Maz Morrison & Dan Mascat Mettle
plus recent custom matches


Bodybuilder Toys
a bodybuilder v skinny guy scenario
BodybuilderToys1  BodybuilderToys4  BodybuilderToys6
Young Ady v Franky Dare


Lionel's Trilogy

Trouble at t'Mill
shin-kicking into submission
TroubleMill8  TroubleMill7  TroubleMill4
    Danny Mettle v Max Morrison with Referee Ady Ramsbottom

Sponsored by Lionel Messy


Sergio's Move

after the Champions League Final
a footballer learns Sergio's move
and a team scrap is the inevitable result!
Sergio2  Sergio4  Sergio3
  Max Morrison - Frankie Dare - Robyn Hudd

Available on your personal DVD compilation

Sponsored by Lionel Messy


Shiny Sprinters
the team have fun on the oil zone
in their sprinter shorts
 Shiny3  Shiny4  Shiny5
Young Ady & Danny Mettle
Shiny6  Shiny10  Shiny9
Franky Dare - Max Morrison - Robyn Hudd
Shiny8  Download Buy Now

Sponsored by Lionel Messy


Comic Cuts
ComicCuts1  ComicCuts6  ComicCuts12
Ray Junior & Max Morrison as comic book fighters in the ring
Download: Buy Now

Sponsor & Guest Editor: Baker Daze
"I really enjoyed this ... the guys did an amazing job."


You are warmly invited to our
Halloween Party 2018
come and meet some rather spooky guests
in 2v2 & 2v1 fun scenarios
Goosebumps with Team Spotland
featuring Max Morrison - Danny Mettle - Brasov Tiger
and introducing Flying Fionn!

"scarily good"


Children in Need Appeal Week
12 - 16th November 2018
Once again Spotland Scrappers are "doing our thing" for Children in Need.
This year we've produced a video compilation funraiser.
Onesie, Twosie, Threesie
Dizzy & Onesie
Young Ady v Danny Mettle in Fortnight Custom Match
Danny Mettle v Max Morrison in Bouncing Checks
and another chance to see
Sammy Scrapper v Young Ady in Clowning A Round


Randy's Custom 
RandyC3 RandyC1 RandyC4 RandyC6
Young Ady barefoot v booted Max Morrison
RandyC5 RandyC8 RandyC7 

Download: Buy Now


Laughing For Good
& Dan with a fun East Egg Hunt raising awareness of Comic Relief in Nosediva
and other heels in an epic Homeric encounter on The Loft Ramparts
plus Giggles flies in the ring on a special tickling mission

"It's chocks away for a laugh a minute ..."

Download at: Buy Now


First 2 Three
Two gym buddies in a "first to three submissions" custom match on the grapplezone.
One fighter in compression shorts and the other in MMA style fighting shorts.
With sleeper holds and chokes, torture racks, & nelsons.
Young Ady v Flavi Forza

Download: Buy Now

Sponsored by Catchinski Customs
"I was really happy with the match and loved the variety of submission holds!
Please give Ady and Flavi my thanks. I hope they enjoyed producing the match as much as I did watching it."


Best Man
Muscleboy Ronnie says he's the best in a lift & carry scenario with Daz
BestMan1   BestMan2
Download at: Buy Now


Stair Crazy
a rule-bending romp in and out of the ring with Manni & Max!
Manni Old'em v Max Morrison
Download: Buy Now


Oil Shakes
a bumper compilation of three matches for fans of rip 'n strip, oil & messy scenarios!
Young Ady v Ronnie Laurenti in a messy "rip 'n strip"
Ronnie Laurenti v Sammy Scrapper on the oil zone
plus Danny Mettle, Brasov Tiger, Max Morrison & Frankie Dare in the attic

Download: Buy Now


Converse Clash
One of our supporters asked for a custom squash match where a small guy attempts to put up a fight and escape holds, but can’t.
The bigger, muscular guy targets the left or right ankle/foot throughout, uses other holds too, but always returns to the ankle.
The smaller guy wears trainers for the first half, and is barefoot for the rest.
Young Ady v Danny Mettle
no prizes for guessing which wrestler is the bigger guy!

Download: Buy Now

Custom Match
sponsored by Jays Custom

"... the download worked perfectly and the match is awesome, exactly what I was hoping for and the guys were great!
Thanks for making it happen and for making this such an easy process!"


"It's A Knockout!"
A last man standing type of match. No tap outs, only knock outs.
Someone can only win if his opponent stays knocked out for a 10 count.
Fans of headscissors, chokes and back-breakers will enjoy this one!
Young Ady v Max Morrison
Both guys look the part on a warm afternoon at The Loft

Download: Buy Now


*Match Sponsorship Opportunities*

wrestling matches and scenarios filmed to an individual specification
utilising The Loft Studio facilities
with our experienced team of wrestlers, 
referee, director and videographer.