Rob Palomino Match Catalogue

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    Apple of Discord 
    Triple Treat 
    Smiler's Challenge 1 
    Balancing Acts 
    Seasonal Special 
    Old Dog 
    Gypsy Horseman 
    Lords Of The Loft 
    Ask Him Ref! 12 

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    Ask Him Ref! 9                         Ask Him Ref! 10                           2017 Collection
    CinN Funraisers                       Seasonal Countdown                  Off The Mark                                                                                                                              
    Bush Wacked

    Jack Nero aims to teach lively rookie Max Morrison a lesson
    in this Brit Pro-style bout, scheduled for eight 3 minute rounds.

    Rob Palamino faces Jack Nero in Rob's first title defence as Spotland Scrappers Pro Wrestling Champion. This fast-paced Brit Pro epic has something for everyone.  

    A small matter that leads to a big  dispute see two lads from the Spotland stable in an entertaining Brit Pro contest. Rob Palomino in only his second match, takes on the more experienced Joey Eden.

    Fresh-faced Rob Palomino makes his debut in the ring against Yorkshire's 'wily no-nonsense' campaigner Tiger McGuigan Jnr
    in a one-fall contest refereed by Nigel Crabtree.