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    Height: 6' 

    Weight:  200lbs

    From: Manchester, England 

    Speciality: Brit Pro

    Accolades: Spotland Scrappers Pro Wrestling Champion

    'Confident, charismatic and the best thing to come out of Manchester' is how crowd favourite, Rob Palomino describes himself. With his arsenal of technical Brit-Pro prowess, combined with a creative moveset inspired by styles found in the USA and Japan, it's no surprise that Palomino has held a collection of titles across the North of England. His latest and most prestigious achievement comes as the Spotland Scrappers Pro Wrestling Champion, conquering the Brit Pro division and racking up impressive victories against Spotland veterans and newcomers alike. Rob's relentless endurance, natural athleticism and raw tenacitiy have helped him throughout his journey and his rise to championship glory has only amplified his self-belief. But with his sky-high confidence mastifesting as a newfound cocky swag, will we see Rob's downfall or will his rocketing self-belief just be another string in his illustrious bow? 

    Rob Palomino v Jack Nero
    in a hard-hitting fast-paced bout scheduled for 10 x 3min rounds.
    A classic two out of three falls or submissions to decide the winner.
    Will the ref spot Rob’s nasty tactics or will it be a case of Nero to Zero for Jack?

    "Great bout lots of my favourite holds like headscissors, headlocks.
    I like Palomino's cocky aggressive attitude and his rule bending - standing on his opponent's hand, boot to groin whilst Nero is trapped upside down against the corner post, punch whilst Nero is in a headlock and illegal use of the ropes.
    I like Palamino's repeated single leg Boston attempts in Round 4 going for the winning submission. Especially the close up shots when he has Nero in the hold near the ropes and camera."

    Young Ady (Champion) v Rob Palomino. Two stars from our roster fight it out in a thrilling match
    as Rob Palomino challenges Young Ady for the coveted Spotland Scrappers Pro Wrestling Championship title.

    'Absolutely loved Lords of the Loft. The pace of the action moves right from the beginning. Rob was so quick and agile, able to counter almost every move. Ady still has the strength moves and excellent wrestling skills. Both would have been stars in the 70s!'

    'Ady and Rob put on an excllent performance! Some great holds to slow it down where needed.'

    A small matter that leads to a big  dispute see two lads from the Spotland stable in an entertaining Brit Pro contest. Rob Palomino in only his second match, takes on the more experienced Joey Eden.

    'Wow! A great bout of energy and skill. A great variety of holds an a very sharp bout technically.'

    'I am struck by the intensity and aggression shown by both lads.' 

    'Tough wrestling. I'm impressed by both guy.'

    Fresh-faced Rob Palomino makes his debut in the ring against Yorkshire's 'wily no-nonsense' campaigner Tiger McGuigan Jnr
    in a one-fall contest refereed by Nigel Crabtree.

    'A refreshing bout. Rob looks a very athletic wrestler and he's a good addition to the roster.'