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    Beemat Trials 13
    Best Man 
    Matman Cup 2 
    Oil Shakes  

    Ronnie Laurenti v Sammy Scrapper hit the oil zone and Young Ady v "Muscleboy" Ronnie Laurenti in a messy rip 'n strip. Plus, Danny Mettle, Brasov Tiger, Max Morrison & Frankie Dare in The Loft's attic.
    A bumper three-match compilation for fans of fun scenarios!
    Kindly sponsored once again by Lionel Messi.

    Ronnie "Muscleboy" Laurenti takes this fight toMatman champion, Franky Dare. Will the champ show the newcomer how it's done or will the bodbuilder crush the champ, leaving him in pieces?
    Plus, Team Spotland in a sharp Back 2 Back training routine led by Young Ady in The Loft's grapplezone.

    Ronnie Laurenti v Daz Taser.
    Muscleboy Ronnie says he's the best man in a lift & carry scenario with Daz.Will Daz's agility exhaust the body builder or will Ronnie prove too strong for his opponent?

    Ronnie Laurenti is amongst a team of young rookies in  grapplezone tussles with more experienced Scrappers, led by team captain, Young Ady.
    Daz Taser v Vaz Zalau
    Flavi Forza v Big Bobby
    Young Ady v Ronnie Laurenti. Will the captain teach Ronnie a lesson or will the new kid on the block cause a major upset?