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    Seasonal Tag 
    Slithery Scrappers 
    Pressed For Time 
    David's Debut 
    Graffitti Gangstas 
    Singlet Match 
    Show Opener 
    Rectory Roadsters 1&2 
    Who's The Boss? 3 
    Ten Pounder 
    Pro Title Elim 2 
    Meat Fighters 
    Back Numbers 
    Splash Factor 
    A Clean Fight
    Challenge Contest 
    Custard Creams 
    Flash Points 
    Mucha Chico 
    Punching Bryan 
    Tag Funraiser 
    Dented Tykes 
    Old School 
    Ties 'n Socks 
    La Plaisanterie 
    Boy Twisters 
    Le Silver Shark 
    Darkness Falls 
    Cleaned Out 
    Rope Work 
    Dragon Slayers 
    Twist & Shout 
    Peace Pirates 
    Rope Off 
    Barlad Battles 2 
    Stan Shafted 
    Boxer Shorts 
    Dream Fight 
    Blood Feud 
    Beemat Trials 2 
    Sammy's Scrapbook 
    Post Script 
    Easy Peasy 
    Czech Out 
    Break Test 
    Break Test 2 
    Renatus I 
    The Lycra Lads 4 
    "Who's The Boss?" 4 
    Sleeping Around 
    Renatus 2 
    Frantic Franky 
    Boxer Shorts 4 
    Bridge 2 Far 
    Rag Tag 
    Bees Whacks 
    Egg Tagging 
    Matman Cup 
    Scrappers At The Mill 
    Matman Cup 3 
    Oil Shakes
    Live At The Factory - Archive Dip
    Scrappers At The Mill 1&2 - Archive Dips
    Matman Cup 4
    Beemat Trials 15
    Sagger Fights
    Brexit Moves
    Brexit Ding-Dongs
    Roses War
    Practicing Restraint
    Test Match Special
    Ring Moves 4

    Available on DVD:

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    Ask Him Ref! 1 - 7                           Bin Wars 
    Who's The Boss? 1 - 3                    Steely Scrappers
    Live at the Factory 1 & 2                 Strange Customs
    Slither Factor                                  Adam's Eve                  
    Live at Longsight                            Stan's Crew
    Cameron Factor                             What A Relief!
    Barlad Battles                                Tweenie Tykes
    Boxing Day at Spotland                 Live At The Loft 2 Show
    Live At The Loft 1                          French Connection
    Brummie Mafya                             Live At The Loft 3 Show                                                                                                                                                          Ice Men                                         Rope Lads                                                                                                                                                                                   Live At The Loft 4 Show                Live in the Capital
    Stan's Crew 2                                Memphis Hell
    Seeing Stars 2                              Sub Plots
    Boxer Shorts                                 Beemat Trials 1-4
    Frictional Scenes                          Slosh Special
    2017 Collection

    Ronnie Laurenti v Sammy Scrapper hit the oil zone and Young Ady v "Muscleboy" Ronnie Laurenti in a messy rip 'n strip. Plus, Danny Mettle, Brasov Tiger, Max Morrison & Frankie Dare in The Loft's attic.
    A bumper three-match compilation for fans of fun scenarios!
    Kindly sponsored once again by Lionel Messi.

    Young Ady & Sammy Scrapper v Sam Smiler & Franky Dare.
    Long-time Spotland fans will be delighted to see the return of Sam Smiler, partnering newcomer Franky Dare in a tag match against the Brothers Grimm for the Spotland Easter Egg Championship!

    Sammy Scrapper v Young Ady.
    Sammy returns to fitness looking lean & mean as he faces Ady in an entertaining match with an incredible range of wrestling moves. Want more? Check out Renatus 2!

    Cameron Mathews v Sammy Scrapper. A cocky Sammy asks "Who's The Boss?" and gets more than an answer from American wrestling star, Cameron Mathews.