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The Latest Titles in our Collection
featuring new talent alongside regular team members


Lionel's Trilogy



Trouble at t'Mill

shin-kicking into submission




Danny Mettle v Max Morrison with Referee Ady Ramsbottom


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Sergio's Move

after the Champions League Final
a footballer learns Sergio's move
and a team scrap is the inevitable result!



Max Morrison - Frankie Dare - Robyn Hudd

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Custom Match sponsored by Lionel Messy


Shiny Sprinters

the team have fun on the oil zone
in their sprinter shorts
Shiny3    Shiny5
     Young Ady & Danny Mettle
Shiny6  Shiny10  Shiny9
Franky Dare - Max Morrison - Robyn Hudd
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Seaside3  Seaside Surfin' (Part One)
The team have outdoor fun with three matches on the beach and in the waves.
How many surfboards can you count?
A summer special filmed on Ainsdale Beach, Merseyside.
Seaside1  Seaside2  Seaside4
Young Ady & Danny Mettle
Seaside6  Seaside8  Seaside9
Max Morrison
& Robyn Hudd / Franky Dare & Daz Taser
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"Brilliant Surfboard in the water, nobody executes this hold better than Young Ady, a budding Steve Grey."

Three more beach matches to follow in Part Two!


"Ask Him Ref!" 11
a classic Brit Pro bout
Debutant Jack Nero has been training hard
for this crack at Young Ady our experienced team captain
Young Ady v Jack Nero
with Referee Nigel Crabtree
  AHR11vi  AHR11ii  AHR11vi
AHR11iv  AHR11vii

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"Downloaded this video yesterday and it is brilliant. Great Brit Pro wrestling.
Best wishes guys and all the best for the future"
"Many thanks for continuing to release top quality wrestling DVD's.
Really looking forward to my next compilation."


Ring Moves 1&2
There's a welcome return for popular Ray Junior
who might not have it all his own way against rookie Danny Mettle

RingMoves1vii RingMoves1iv RingMoves1ii
Ray Junior v Danny Mettle
RingMoves1viiii RingMoves1iii RingMoves1viii
Plus Bonus Match
RingMoves2ii RingMoves2vi RingMoves2vii
El Maz Morrison v Danny Mettle

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