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News from The Loft Studio


* Following current Government advice regarding social gatherings and gym closures
group training sessions at The Loft have been curtailed until further notice *

DSMask  Deathslayer says Stay At Home!

Stay safe and well.


The mental health charity Mind has some useful advice for looking after your mental health during lockdown.
Check it out here 👇

'You’ve built up an impressive roster of new talent over the last year or so.
Fingers crossed you’ll be able to pick up where you left once the restrictions are lifted.'

'I hope you and the lads are staying well and they will come out fighting fit when this is all over.'

'It has been a joy and privilege to have followed Spotland Scrappers, from the early days up to these strange times.
Thank you everyone.'

'I've been enjoying your posts on facebook, and your site looks great.
I hope to do what ever I can to support you guys, so plan on a few more DVD orders from me. :)
Stay safe, and stay well!'

Video Snapreels
We're uploading snapshots from some of our most popular videos on YouTube:

'keep up the amazing content'

Latest Releases

Luchadores Enmascarados

El Maz Morrison
v Mascat Mettle in Studii Mascate (2018)
El Maz & Mettle under the spotlight
in a prequel to Ring Moves 2
Mascara Junior
v Joey Le Cache in Los Enmascerados (2015)
there's European disunion as two masked fighters
dispute their right to appear in a forthcoming championship

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masks are in vogue at the moment
so here's two fun matches between masked wrestlers
to lighten the mood during these difficult times

Archive Bundles 1&2

Archive Bundle 1
Archive Bundle 2
Special Offers on half a dozen of our Archive Dips over the UK Bank Holiday weekend,
to help Spotland supporters through these difficult times,
and presenting a look back at our video collection
for those followers who have come to us more recently.

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'Please pass on my best wishes to the team. 
I'm missing your bouts but have just bought the archive dip to get me through the Bank Holiday (and to help your team). 
Fingers crossed there'll be some relaxation of social distancing to allow you to resume filming new bouts soon
(only if safe to do so of course).'

Attic Attack - Archive Dip

Young Ady v David Cuplu
in two of our earliest matches at The Loft premises from 2014

 The guys pose at the start of what turns into a "Squash Match"
Their second encounter is a "Falls Count Anywhere" match
which takes them (and us) to all corners of The Loft space
and there's one place where a fall might be a knockout ...

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"Nice touch making use of the whole warehouse."

Beemat Trials 16

Max Morrison
v Brasov Tiger
two singlet wrestlers in a beefy battle
Danny Mettle v Danny Green
experienced grappler "Big Man" Mettle doesn't have it all his own way against an agile trainee
Alex McDonald v Joshua Gold
up & coming Alex is well-matched with newcomer Josh who threatens to kick his ass!
Franky Nadara v Sammy Scrapper
our two experienced grapplers give an enjoyable demonstration of their mat wrestling skills

Eight guys in four matches on The Loft grapplezone
filmed prior to the lockdown restrictions.

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"Loved Max in his green singlet."

Dedicated to Danny Green

Testy Times 3 - Archive Dip
Testy3A Testy34 Testy312
Lucas Mascat v Flavi Forza
an unknown masked guy uses dirty tactics to dominate fresh-faced Flavi
in this pro style custom match with a surprise ending.
Sponsored by Boon Support. Filmed at The Loft Studio in June 2017.
Re-released for your entertainment during this difficult time.
Stay Safe & Keep Well.

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Ring Moves 4

Max Morrison v Deathslayer

Sammy Scrapper
v Neymar Jnr

Two of our young trainees have speed and agility but are still learning
as they face more powerful and experienced opponents in training matches.
Filmed prior to the lockdown restrictions.

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Grapplezoners 5

Franky Nadara
v Deathslayer

Danny Mettle
v Neymar Jnr

Max Morrison
v Franky Nadara

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three lively promission matches on the grapplezone
filmed prior to the Government Covid-19 restrictions


Test Match Special
bumper entertainment for our supporters facing difficult times worldwide

Brasov Tiger v Max Morrison & Danny Mettle
arm wrestling tests
Sammy Scrapper v Franky Nadara
strength challenges wearing singlets
Franky Nadara v Pepsi Fetesti
lift & carry with a trainee
Sammy Scrapper & Alex McDonald v Franky Nadara & Deathslayer
in fun tag team action

Four scenarios featuring
strength tests, lifts, slams, bearhugs, and singlets!

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'It's just not cricket!'

'I sold you some ring gear a few months ago on eBay -
I knew it was a bad move and false economy as I’ve started buying the videos with the gear in!
I’ve bought test match special and it’s a good match and the lads look great!'

Practicing Restraint

Sammy Scrapper v Franky Nadara in our first chain match

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'... my love of gimmick matches includes chain matches.'
'That’s certainly a different theme ... g
ood to see Sammy as buff as ever!'


Uniform By Design

Taekwondo Joe v Franky Nadara in a special TKD Fighter v Wrestler contest
Nigel Crabtree

leglock lovers will enjoy this one!

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Custom Match
Sponsored By Uniformity

'That was great!
Overall you guys did an awesome job with the moves and the production!

Thank you so much for doing this and please send my regards to the guys.
Would love to have another match at some point. :)'

'I enjoyed the uniform bout - I prefer 'gimmick' matches to more straightforward ones
and have a thing for judo gear and also mixed disciplines ...'


Grapplezoners 4

Max Morrison v singlet-clad rookie Pepsi Fetesti in a training match

Franky Nadara v Neymar Junior in a lively encounter on the mats

Sammy Scrapper, Franky Dare, Alex McDonald and introducing Joshua Gold
in a 4-man grapplezone challenge

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Other New Titles in 2020

Roses War

Sammy Scrapper v Franky Nadara
wearing their tackle trunks in a Valentine's Special
with some less than noble moves!

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'Another really good wrestling video from the spotland scrappers'

Brexit Bundle
Team Spotland in a variety show
including three trainees making their debuts

Brexit Moves

Sammy Scrapper
v Franky Nadara
with a Ring Pro special edition

Brexit Ding-Dongs

Max Morrison
& Danny Mettle v George Espanol
in 2 v 1 fun

Franky Nadara
& Pepsi Fetesti v Neymar Jnr & Deathslayer
for the Spotland tag team championship belt

Franky Nadara leads a six-man royal rumble finale.

Spotland followers will enjoy this entertaining romp
as we chime in to mark Brexit even if Big Ben doesn't!

Download Brexit Bundle Buy Bundle

'I thought George Espanol and the Deathslayer were really impressive as newbies.
I also liked the way the tag match descended into a free for all ladder match!'


Nautical Smiles

The Panto Season arrived late at The Loft
with our merry band delayed by Storm Brendan
but at long last we can present
Admiral Morrison & Sea Urchin
in a tale involving Nelsons favourite moves
that turns into a sailor's dream!

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Hipster Boyz 2

Franky Nadara v Neymar Jnr
Franky has a new name and expects to blow away young Neymar
as Storm Brendan rages outside The Loft!

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Sagger Fights - New

Sammy Scrapper v Max Morrison
Alex McDonald v Neymar Jnr
with the guys fighting on the mats and in the ring, wearing jeans and trackie bottoms.

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'I loved the sagger fights - jeans, jean shorts and saggers have always been favourites of mine.
I thought Alex and Neymar in particular put on a really good show - a proper 'pub car park' type of scrap!'

Ring Pro
Spotland steam into the New Year with a double-header!

Franky Dare
v Rey Mysterious
who is the man behind the mask?

Jack Nero v Neymar Junior
the masked Nero against rookie Neymar making his ring debut
the mouthy tyrant returns expecting to put out young Neymar's fire with ease.

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'... as  ever  two  brilliant  bouts.'
'It was enjoyable, Neymar is a good wrestler to say he is new.
Would like to see him do submission as he has that cocky streak in him.
Cannot wait till his next.'

'Absolutely loved Ring Pro.
Neymar is a great find.
Jack certainly gave him a wrestling lesson to remember.
Looking forward to future releases.'


Still Available
the best from 2019

Beemat Trials 15

Introducing Danny Green & Sammy Salami with Max Morrison & Brasov Tiger
in a winner stays on training routine
Alex McDonald v exciting newcomer Neymar

Sammy Scrapper v Nicos Power
making his mat debut

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'Just bought Beemat trials 15. Loved it. Who is Neymar? He was amazing against Alex.'

Rainbow Tie-Ups


Download: Buy Now
Max Morrison v Danny Mettle
both guys have been training hard and take this opportunity to use some new moves
(and a few old favourites!) in a lively ring encounter.

Spotland Scrappers support Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign to make sport everyone's game.


Ring Moves 3

Young Ady v Sam Smiler
this recently found footage provides a real treat as our favourite vets meet in the ring
LJ Silva v Franky Dare
Franky has his work cut out against the heavier Silva
Max Morrison v Alex Beatboxer
a fun training match with these new lads on the block

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Ring Missions 2


Download: Buy Now
Max Morrison
v Franky Dare under the watchful eyes of trainer Master Ady.
Experienced technician Franky Dare v rookie lad Cheeky Chippy.
Masked pro El Maz Morrison v collegiate wrestler Alex McDonald new to the ring.
Tickler Giggles Gigglesworth v Gunner Mettle flying in to put a spanner in his works.
A compilation of promission variety entertainment with experienced guys and two rookies
barefooted in The Loft Studio ring.

I'm amazed that you pack so much enjoyable content onto one DVD."

Punching Bryan 3

PunchingBryan32 PunchingBryan31 PunchingBryan33
Max Morrison
v Danny Mettle

Download: Buy Now

The latest video in our Beatdown Boyz series.
The guys are wearing fingerless gloves, ankle boots and boxing shorts in this scenario.
Little Danny can just about reach up and hang from the frame of the punching bag stand, while Max tests his abs.
The two switch positions, then the action spills into the ring with more ab punching and grappling.
Eventually one of them is caught in a sleeper hold, and wakes up tied to the punchbag frame!

Fortnight 2

The Sequel !

  Young Ady & Flavi Forza v Danny Mettle

Download: Buy Now

Ady doesn't know what happened last time but he's brought help for this sequel. Flavi wonders how Danny beat Ady.
They say they are going to show Danny that he is too weak (hence fortnight, get it?) and they are strong.
A hypnotic contest sponsored by N Trance.

'The match was fantastic! You included everything I asked for. Thank you and the guys!'

Matman Cup 4

Young Ady
v Sammy Scrapper
Max Morrison v Danny Mettle

Download: Buy Now

Young Ady challenges Sammy Scrapper for the Matman Cup.
Enjoy the brotherly banter and the quality mat grappling
as Ady tries to cut Sammy in his new tackle trunks down to size
& Danny showcasing their skills
and introducing Benny & Jazz in a fun "round robin"

Dark Horse
Custom Match
Sponsored by The Welsh Warrior


DarkHorse7 DarkHorse30-002 DarkHorse47-001
Rob Palomino
v Jack Nero

Download: Buy Now

A classic two out of three falls or submissions to decide the winner
scheduled for 10 x 3 minute rounds
with Referee Nigel Crabtree applying the Mountevans Rules

Thrilling hard-hitting fast-paced action!

'Thanks so much for the custom match.
Rob and Jack really did a great job and it's probably one of the best I've seen.
I believe everything I asked for went in to it.
The public warnings and dirty tactics always make it fun to watch.'
'It's become a favourite of mine already.'
(Match Sponsor)

'Two words describe the bout , it was brilliant and awesome.'

'Many thanks for another fun-packed DVD compilation.
Dark Horse lived up to all expectations. Well Done.'

Preview on our Pivotshare Channel: