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Spotland Scrappers

Team Spotland enjoy bringing you exclusive wrestling action in a variety of styles, from submission and custom scenarios to old-school Brit Pro.

Founded in 2009, for the past decade  the scrappers have met at The Loft, where they compete with drive and passion, always giving of their best and aiming to achieve one of Spotland's accolades.

As a non-profit making venture, all income and sponsorship helps to sustain the wrestling club. Enjoy browsing our extensive catalogue by style or by roster member on Get Wrestle. Thank you for supporting the Spotland Scrappers.

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Andy Toflea v Ben Rompedor
Two well-matched guys
face each other in
an exciting back 'n forth scrap.

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Franky Nadara v Young Teo
Will the young rookie be able to counter the power & experience of his mentor in this catchweight contest?

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Andy Toflea v Benny Storm
Rookie Benny faces a tough opponent in this 'old school' contest
under the ring spotlights.

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Franky Nadara v Andy Toflea
in a 'First to Five' ring contest
between two leading members
of our group.

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David Rocco v Sam Jucator
We've delved into the archive to find a previously unseen video of two Spotland favourites,

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La'al Cuz v Benny Storm
& Abel Rosso v Son of Zabar
Two more matches in this
'First to Five' series.

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Benny Storm v Ben Rompedor
Ben makes a welcome return
in a 'best of three' mat contest between these two rivals.

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Andy T - Vaz L - Benny S
feature in a three-man
"first to ten" mat contest.

Popular Titles 2024

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Andy Toflea
The Entertainer
Vaz Lavisto
in a lively ring battle.

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Joey Delgado v Vaz Lavisto
a classic battle
between two grapplers
on the mats.

Joey was our most popular wrestler
in 2023 but could Vaz wrest the accolade from him for this year?

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Vaz Lavisto v Benny Storm
Benny makes a stormin' ring debut in this creative scrap scenario
with dirty tricks as well as
wrestling moves.

'Wow! That was incredible! Benny and Vaz were amazing in this; I really loved their commitment to making the match feel like such a rough brawl which they pulled off so convincingly.'
'ScrapEx9 is absolutely extraordinary, thank you! Has to be one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long time.'
'Vaz’s intensity was just incredible, it was animalistic.'

The lads enjoy going head-to-head in a range of settings & styles including ring, mats, oil, outdoors, lift and carry, scissors and many more. Click here  for more informaton on how you can create your own custom match.

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More Fans Favourites

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Andy Toflea v Super Mario
Sam Jucator v Vaz Lavisto
The guys spring into action with their own unique brand of knockabout
in the ring.
Andy introduces Mario a big guy making his debut.
Vaz the entertainer has a scream against Sam.

'Thoroughly enjoyed both matches, the fun attitude and the pro gear, especially boots. Liked Andy vs Super Mario, the catchweight scenario always appeals ... love the snazzy kit ... Congrats to the boys!'

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Jack Nero v Andy Toflea
 Young up-and-comer Andy takes on hardened ring vet Nero
in a hard-fought battle.
Andy's looking to make his mark
at The Loft
whilst Nero wants to get back to winning ways after a string of losses.

'... just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the match. Lots of the pro stuff I like, bostons, camels and body slams. Impressed by Andy slamming Jack. Love Andy’s cocky boy persona, and him suffering in Jack’s torture rack.
All in all, entertaining and great fun!'

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David Hitman v Doro Mutoryn
on the oilzone.
The two guys adopt a Turkish style in jeans under the spotlights.

Custom Match  sponsored
by Lionel Messy.

'... the match is just what I was looking for - a great bout, the oiled jeans were perfect, Hitman made a great cocky heel and I thought Doro was fantastic (great build, and he really suited the 'Turkish wrestler' look !)
The two wrestlers definitely put on a good show, and I noticed the lifts and slams were in the
Turkish wrestling style.'

Go to our Videos page for Latest Titles & Overview of our Collection


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The Spotland Scrappers Pro Wrestling Championship
The Spotland Scrappers pay homage to the style found in World of Sport but with a modern twist.

The Matman Cup
The prestigious annual competition taking place in The Loft's grapplezone. It also plays host to a variety of technical sub/promission matches. 

Spotland Awards
We recognise achievements and receiving a Spotland Award is a real honour for group members. These include 'Most Popular Match of the Year' for our respective styles,
'Matman of the Year' for individual performance, and 'Most Promising Newcomer' for outstanding progress.

Supporters Favourite
We also encourage our followers to pick out their favourite match or individual wrestler.


Ring Review Winter 2023

Action snapshots from a selection of our ring matches
during the latter part of 2023.
Featuring Team Spotland filmed at The Loft Studio.

'I really liked Ring Revelry 2.
Abel has good energy and he delivered a few nice bodyslams.'

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  • Loft1
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  • spotland new wideshot 2
  • AdyTrg3
  • Loft Hatters


    With no permanent place to call home, The Spotland Scrappers searched far and wide for a venue to train, compete and pursue their passion for wrestling. After founding the group in Spotland Mill, Lancashire,  they discovered The Loft in 2013 - a disused hat factory, stripped back to its bare form. The raw honesty of the place set a light in the founding Scrappers and as the team have developed, so has The Loft. Once just a dusty shell, Team Spotland have re-ignited The Loft with a wrestling ring, grapplezone, oilzone, and mutli-gym, and an atmosphere of  passion skill and energy. Moores Hat Factory closed in 1970  and today, part of it lives on as our wrestling venue.

    Archive Dip

    Looking back on a decade of Wrestling at The Loft

    a Preview of Young Ady v Sam Smiler in a classic Brit Pro bout
    for the Spotland Scrappers Pro Title Belt
    from our Live At The Loft 1 Show in 2014.

    Available to Download at:

    I met some great friends when I went over to England to wrestle for Spotland Scrappers.
    What an awesome group of guys they are. It’s like a family there,
    plus where else do you wrestle in custard or in a ring full of balloons? I still keep in touch with those guys ...'
    (Cameron Matthews -

    'The lighting, the sound, the filming, the action, in fact the whole production values of your videos are superb ...'

    'I really enjoy your new crop of trainees and fighters! Love your studio and your matches ...'

    'The best, most enthusiastic, fun loving guys!'

    'I really do like your product, it's definitely unique from others ...'

    'Just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying watching Spotland stuff lately.
    Only really watched Tinsel Tag the other day, and loved it, especially the double Boston Crab. The whole thing was a joy to watch.
    Joey is just so enthusiastic in anything he does, and his good humour is infectious. Love him dominating Vaz in Ring Trials 3, the makings of a lightweight heel.
    Be great to see him in a Catchweight match, where the lighter guy destroys his bigger opponent.
    I've downloaded Skullduggery, and loved that too, with great gear and of course, the masked man defeats his clean cut opponent - it was ever thus! Ha ha.'

    'I'm watching again my large collection of Spotland videos.  You certainly have developed into an expert cameraman; the closeups you do are especially skillful, but always in good taste.  The trainees are photogenic, attractive, and seem to be having a lot of fun perfecting their moves.  Joey, Al and Franky do some entertaining, comical "posing".
    I am a most satisfied consumer of your productions, and appreciate that they are quite affordable.'

    It was a pleasure looking at your updated website and seeing all the videos available now. A true 100% professional setup.

    'The Spotland Scrappers have contributed a lot to the world of male wrestling.'
    (Bearhug Buddy)

    'You can't beat the cost of these matches. Just under $10 and you get awesome tight shots by the camera, good quality video, and some really great action!'

    'I particularly like old style BritPro and technical wrestling, which is why I like your ring matches so much.
    I have many of your videos and my favourite is Guilloteenies - Davey and Joey have a great chemistry in the ring.'

    'Great website and a great selection of guys in the Roster.'

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