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Franky Dare v Rey Mysterious.
Who is the man behind the mask?

Jack Nero v Neymar Junior
The mouthy tyrant returns expecting to put out rookie Neymar's fire with ease but will size, power and experience win the day or will the newcomer cause the first upset of 2020?

Steam in to the New Year with this double-headed throwback to the early years of Spotland Scrappers.

'As ever, two brilliant bouts.'






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Young Ady challenges Sammy Scrapper for the Matman Cup.
Enjoy the brotherly banter and the quality mat grappling.

Plus Max Morrison v Danny Mettle showcasing their skills and introducing newbies Benny & Jazz
in a fun "round robin"

Sammy Scrapper
was awarded
'Matman of the Year'
for 2019

  • It's a Knockout Ady Max
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Young Ady v Max Morrison in a last-man-standing match.
Someone can only win if his opponent stays knocked out for a ten count!

Fans of headscissors, chokes and back-breakers will enjoy this custom match.

'Young Ady always knows all the tricks and what to do to his opponents.'

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Max Morrison v Danny Mettle.
The guys are wearing fingerless gloves, ankle boots and boxing shorts in this scenario.
Little Danny can just about reach up and hang from the frame of the punching bag stand, while Max tests his abs. The two switch positions, then the action spills into the ring with more ab punching and grappling. Eventually one of them is caught in a sleeper hold, and wakes up tied to the punchbag frame!
In our Beatdown Boyz series.

Spotland Scrappers Wrestling Group

The Group was founded in 2009 at Spotland Mill
in Rochdale, Lancashire.

Since 2013 we've met at The Loft Studio in Denton,
east of Manchester.
Here we train regularly and film our videos in a variety of styles ranging from old-school Brit Pro to submission contests and entertaining scenarios.

To help you browse our extensive Collection,
it's divided into style categories.

You'll find Roster pages for our core group of wrestlers.

There's also News on Forthcoming Productions.


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Watch "Rainbow Tie-Ups" Snapreel:



Pride. Honour. Respect. Dominance. These are just some of the reasons why our stable of Scrappers go toe-to-toe but what else is at stake?

The Spotland Scrappers Pro Wrestling Championship

The highest accolade in the Brit-Pro division.  The Spotland Scrappers pay homage to the style found in World of Sport but with a modern twist.  

The Matman Cup

Any Scrapper aiming for the top in our Promission and Submission division has his eyes on the Matman Cup. The Loft's grapplezone plays host to a variety of technical sub/promission matches.

Spotland Awards

The Spotland Scrappers take pride in their work so receiving a Spotland Award is a real honour, especially as each award is voted for by fans. Amongst others, past awards include 'Match of the Year' for our respective styles, Matman of the Year for individual performance, Leader's Trophy in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Group, and 'Most Improved Newcomer'. 

Custom Scenarios

The lads enjoy going head-to-head in a range of settings & styles including ring, mats, oil, beach, comic book, lift and carry, scissors and many more. Click here  for more informaton on how you can create your own custom match.

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Watch "It's A Knockout!" Custom Match Snapreel


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    With no permanent place to call home, The Spotland Scrappers searched far and wide for a venue to train, compete and pursue their passion for wrestling. After years hiring other facilities,  they discovered The Loft in 2013 - a disused hat factory, stripped back to its bare form. The raw honesty of the place set a light in the founding Scrappers and as the team have developed, so has The Loft. Once just a dusty shell, Team Spotland have re-ignited The Loft with a wrestling ring, grapplezone, oilzone, and mutli-gym, and an atmosphere of  passion skill and energy. Moores Hat Factory closed in 1970  and today, part of it lives on as our wrestling venue.