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Want to Wrestle at The Loft?

For years, The Loft has been the stage for The Spotland Scrappers' most intense match-ups, whether it be in the ring; the grapplezone; the oilzone or even up in the rafters of the attic. Now, you too can wrestle at The Loft. The Spotland Scrappers provide a range of opportunities to help make your dream a reality. View the different packages available below and get in touch to take the first step in wrestling at The Loft.

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      The Spotland Experience with Young Ady

      Have a personal training session at The Loft gym with Spotland Scrappers renowned team captain, who has ten years experience of submission & old-school Brit Pro wrestling styles.

                                What's included? 

      • Your 2 hour session which can include
        Brit Pro, Submission and Custom Scenarios.
      • Practice
      • Match time
      • Hire of The Loft

      • for an additional payment you can also enjoy your encounter with Young Ady at home on your own custom made DVD / Download.

      We try to cater for all abilities but it is your responsibility to ensure
      that your level of fitness enables you to participate.
      Please note that wrestling is a physical contact sport and you take part entirely at your own risk.
      The organiser should be made aware of any special needs, medical condition etc.
      Regrettably, due to the layout of this old industrial building our unit is not accessible for wheelchair users.
      Our safety policy is to have a third person present in the gym during 1v1 sessions.

      Sessions are currently available any time between
      11am - 9pm Tues/Wed/Thursday or 6pm - 9pm on Sundays.
      Book your Spotland Experience today using the the contact form below.


      ***** Recommendations *****

      "I'd wholeheartedly recommend Ady.
      I visited Spotland Scrappers for a pro-style session in the ring. 
      I met a friendly, knowledgeable, very fit and strong young guy who was great fun to be with.
      He is a patient and considerate coach too, who was at great pains to make sure we used the holds I wanted to in our match and was happy to show me the correct way to use holds I was unfamiliar with."
      (Derek, Newcastle).

       "... had the spotland experience yesterday and it was awesome!
      the venue is bright, clean and convenient; the atmosphere was relaxed. 
      I asked for competitive submission with a bit of coaching and that's exactly what I got.
      Young Ady was ideal, strong and talented but with zero attitude, excellent value. Helped me to see holds applied and gave me a great workout.
      I can't rate him too highly."
      (Mike, Bristol)


      "I had a great afternoon with Ady -  professional, skilled, courteous and enormous fun.
      I'd recommend him to any wrestler who is seeking to learn the sport from scratch or improve..."
      (Simon, York)  

      "The Spotland Experience is easily the best way I've ever spent a vacation. It was hard to believe that you could get access to a pro ring AND wrestlers and have tailor-made matches of whatever floats your boat. 
      While they offer submission wrestling, my matches were pro. 
      Young Ady is a handsome, well built man with great pro technique. 
      He helped shake the cobwebs off my game and soon we were smoothly running matches.  I wrestled Ady twice and both times were incredible.
      As an experienced pro, I had the greatest time at The Loft and intend on returning. I fully recommend the experience."
      (Jim, Washington DC USA)

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        Become a Spotland Scrapper

        Do you have what it takes to be a Spotland Scrapper? New talent is always welcome at our training sessions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer, we're always on the look out for future stars. Becoming a Spotland Scrapper requires dedication and determination. The Spotland Scrappers are passionate about wrestling and their 10 year bond is forged on respect, sincerity and commitment. Trainees are also expected to appear in online content available for download. 

        'Becoming a Spotland Scrapper is one of the best things I've done. Being part of a stable of lads who respect each other, look out for one another and share a passion for wrestling is incredibly rewarding. Training to be a professional wrestler is hard work. Everybody is different but it took me months of training before my first match.  Being a Spotland Scrapper requires perseverance, resilience and a commmitment to fitness but heck is it the best thing ever! The feeling of stepping through the ropes to face an opponent, knowing you're about to lay it all on the line is electric.'

                         Jack Nero - Spotland Scrapper

                          Spotland Scrappers Roster


        Facilities at The Loft

        • 14ft Pro Wrestling Ring
        • Matted Grapplezone
        • Oil Zones
        • Multi-gym
        • Kitchen with hot & cold drinks available
        • Stackable chairs & table
        • Changing Room & Toilets

          Not suitable for public events
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          With no  permanent place to call home, The Spotland Scrappers  searched far and wide for a venue to train, compete and persue their passion for wrestling. In 2013, they discovered The Loft - a disused hat factory, stripped back to its bare form. The raw honesty of the place set a light in the founding Scrappers and as the team have developed, so has The Loft. Once just a dusty shell, Team Spotland have reignited The Loft with a wrestling ring, grapplezone, oilzone, mutli-gym and an energy of passion and legacy. Moores Hat Factory closed in 1970  and today, it lives on as an internationally known wrestling venue. Want to be part of Spotland History? Book your session at The Loft today by completing the contact form below.

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