Stalwarts from the early years of Spotland Scrappers
include Ray Junior, Sam Smiler, David Cuplu, LJ Silva, Joey Eden, & Gypsy Joe.
Together with Young Ady & Sammy Scrapper, they set the standards for others to follow.

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Team Spotland
Pro Submission Style Grappling tournament in the Loft studio ring.
Gypsy Joe v Sam Smiler
& Joey Eden v Ray Junior
in "best of three submissions" elimination contests,
followed by
Ray Junior v Sam Smiler
in the final over "best of five submissions."

Gypsy Joe
v Lofty Valentino
in the second of this custom match series, and again there's more slams and bearhugs than grappling,
with powerful Lofty trying to deal with cheating moves from Gypsy Joe as the match develops into a brawl and a knockout win!

David Cuplu v Sam Smiler
Ruthless Cuplu
expects to get the better of
popular Smiler
by fair means or foul
in this custom squash match.
Will Sam be
smiling at the end?

Ray Junior v Joey Eden
Trainee Joey Eden returns to face Ray Junior in the third of this
Brit Pro style series.
Will Joey's superior power and strength see him to victory over the wily and skilful Ray?
With Referee Nigel Crabtree in
The Loft Studio ring.

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Young Ady v Sam Smiler
Smiler was Ady's oldest friend and protégé and he used his return from retirement to stab Ady in the back at the end of the Outsiders series.
Ady is out for revenge and wants Sam to pay a price
so all the other "Outsiders" see what happens when you cross him.
Ady accuses Sammy of betraying him while
Sam says he was only defending some new lads
against an unreasonable Ady - it was nothing personal.
So Ady challenges Sam to a "loser leaves Spotland" match.

Outsiders custom match series kindly sponsored by Rob Atlanta.

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Sam Smiler
v Tiger McGuigan
in the Live At The Loft 2 show opening bout.
Our Brit Pro trainer turns wrestling villain as he looks to teach popular Sam Smiler a lesson,
but will Sam wipe the smile off the face of the Tiger?
Young Ady v Lewy Paradise
Spotland Scrappers Pro Title Belt Holder defends his title in a Spotland Championship Challenge contest v Lewy "Ripper" Paradise Yorkshire's Bodybuilding Star in "Ripper's Tear-Up."

Two contests from our second Show of traditional British Wrestling filmed at The Loft in 2014.
Referee for both matches is
Nigel Crabtree.
MC Ted Prior.

"... old school heaven."

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Young Ady v David Cuplu
in two of our earliest matches at The Loft premises. The guys pose at the start of what turns into a "Squash Match"
Their second encounter is a "Falls Count Anywhere" contest (Referee Nigel Crabtree)
which takes them (and us) to all corners of The Loft space
and there's one place where a fall might be a knockout ...

"Nice touch making use of the whole warehouse."
"Its fun looking at some of the classic stuff again from the early days of The Loft."

Rising star Gypsy Joe in Pro Club 8 - Snippet
a one fall contest against experienced opponent Ray Junior.
Old-School pro wrestling to the Mountevans Rules with a modern twist.
Our Referee is Mr Nigel Crabtree.

Download at:

Young Ady & Sammy Scrapper v Sam Smiler & Franky Dare - Snapreel

Those of you who have been following us for a few years will be delighted to see Sam Smiler partnering newcomer Franky Dare in a tag match against the Brothers Grimm for the Spotland Easter Egg Championship!

Download at: