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'I was really happy with the match and loved the variety of submission holds!'
(First 2 Three)

'The download worked perfectly and the match is awesome, exactly what I was hoping for and the guys were great!
Thanks for making it happen and for making this such an easy process!'
(Converse Clash Sponsor)

We make your dream a reality by taking your unique specification to create high quality, enjoyable wrestling and scenarios, using The Loft's facilities, talented roster of wrestlers, referee, director, and videographer.

Please contact us and we will provide a quote to include hire of the wrestlers, facilities, equipment, and video supplied in download or DVD format.

It should be understood that unless otherwise agreed, any such production is not for sale or other reward by the sponsor. Spotland Scrappers retain copyright and the video may be available on our websites. 

* Covid-19 Restrictions mean that we are unable to record matches at the present time.*

Complete the following contact form and we will get back to you with a quote. Be as specific as you like for we aim to provide content that best meets your criteria.  As well as outlining your scenario, you may wish to include:     

  • The Wrestlers
  • Gear
  • Entrance
  • Specific Moves
  • Outcome

Check out our custom scenario customer feedback page for product reviews.

Choose your Scenario. Choose your Scrappers. Choose your Gear.

Please contact us with enquiries regarding custom scenarios and we'll get back to you.

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Rob Palomino v Jack Nero
A classic two out of three falls or submissions to decide the winner.
Hard-hitting faced paced bout scheduled for 10 x 3 min rounds.

Will the ref spot Rob’s nasty tactics or will it be a case of Nero to Zero for Jack?

Sponsored by The Welsh Warrior.

A booted Max Morrison faces a barefooted Young Ady.
Will the powerhouse Ady be able to dominate athletic Max?
Plus, a bonus encounter with a nimble Max  taking on the powerhouse, Flavi Forza who is not out to make friends, using the odd lillegal blow to slow down his more agile opponent.

Danny is squashed by Young Ady who simply overpowers the smaller up-and-comer, focussing on his ankles and feet. Danny wears trainers for half of the bout and is barefoot for the rest. Shoes or not, poor Danny will definitely be limping after this one!

Young Ady v Flavi Forza
Two gym buddies in a first to three submissions custom match in The Loft's  grapplezone. One fighter in compression shorts and the other in MMA style fighting shorts.
With sleeper holds and chokes, torture racks, & nelsons.
Sponsored by Catchinski Customs.


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Taekwondo Joe
v Franky Nadara
in a special
TKD Fighter v Wrestler contest
which leglock lovers will enjoy!
Referee - Nigel Crabtree
Sponsored By Uniformity


Ronnie Laurenti v Sammy Scrapper hit the oil zone and Young Ady v "Muscleboy" Ronnie Laurenti in a messy rip 'n strip. Plus, Danny Mettle, Brasov Tiger, Max Morrison & Frankie Dare in The Loft's attic.
A bumper three-match compilation for fans of fun scenarios!
Sponsored by Lionel Messi.

Young Ady, Franky Dare,  Danny Boy  Mettle and Max Morrison
have a cracking time
on The Loft's oil zone.

Young Ady & Flavi Forza with La'al Pete.Two guys are training in the woods but realise they're missing a weight to lift when along comes some help. A treat for fans of messy matches and also those into lift & carry scenarios.