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We make your dream a reality by transforming  your unique specifications  into enjoyable wrestling and scenarios.
The scrappers compete in all kinds of stipulations from  Turkish oil matches and beach brawls to attic bouts and martial arts crossovers.
Your custom scenario will be availble via digital download and/or DVD upon request.

Complete the following contact form and we will get back to you with a quote. Be as specific as you like for we aim to provide content that best meets your criteria. 
As well as outlining your scenario, you may wish to include:     

  • The Wrestlers
  • Gear
  • Entrance
  • Specific Moves
  • Outcome

Check out our custom scenario customer feedback page
& ScrapEx Productions specialist custom videos https://www.spotlandscrappers.co.uk/scrapex

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'I was really happy with the match and loved the variety of submission holds!'
(First 2 Three)

'The download worked perfectly and the match is awesome, exactly what I was hoping for and the guys were great!
Thanks for making it happen and for making this such an easy process!'
(Converse Clash Sponsor)

Franky Nadara v Al Rosso
The guys start wrestling in jeans and trainers, but no socks. They strip the other of their shoes. Franky puts Al in several holds, for instance the figure four leg lock, and tickles Al's feet. Rosso wants a proper match and gets annoyed by what he sees as Franky's cheating.

Sponsored by
Tickling Incorporated:
'Thank you so much for being willing
to make this video for me.  I really enjoyed it.  

I hope to do more customs with you in future.  I love your videos.'

Bo Bearly v Al Rosso
Al starts off well thanks to his speed and agility but Bo takes control
and starts using his size advantage to crush Al in a series of
dominating moves.
Will Al survive the onslaught?

Sponsored by Pain & Abel Promotions:
'Fantastic match! Really pleased with the result.'

David Hitman v Joey Delgado
in a customised variation on an ironman match, where the guys wrestle for up to 30 minutes with multiple falls. After each fall the wrestlers have a ten count to get to their feet and return to the corner, at which point the match resumes. A wrestler who is unable to return to the corner before the count of ten loses the match; otherwise the winner is the wrestler who secures the most falls in 30 minutes.
Referee Alex Carling.

Sponsored by Sam Beckett:
'This turned out about as close to perfect as possible ...'

Sam Smiler v David Cuplu
in a Spotland classic.
Ruthless David Cuplu expects to get the better of popular Sam Smiler
by fair means or foul in this custom squash match.
Will Sam be smiling at the end?

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Young Ady v Max Morrison
in a last man standing type of match. No tap outs, only knock outs.
Someone can only win if his opponent stays knocked out for a ten count.
Fans of headscissors, chokes and back-breakers will enjoy this one!

Both guys look the part on a warm afternoon at The Loft.

'Every minute of this half hour fight to KO is full of promission grappling goodness.
Both men look great in their pro gear and Young Ady puts poor Max though the encyclopedia of submission holds.
Max is resilient and definitely won't stay down for the count easily.
Ady may have to resort to some dirty tricks to put Max away for good!
The combo of of these 2 was near perfect. Ady is a great brute and Max sells his suffering extremely well.
This is easily in my top three from Spotland!'

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Gypsy Joe v Joey Eden
in a custom Brit Pro match.
Gypsy uses smashes & slams to wear Joey down and
Referee Nigel Crabtree gives a public warning
whilst enforcing the Mountevans rules!

Sponsored by Batley Brawler

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Young Ady v LJ Silva
in a tuxedo challenge with a difference
as the guys are wearing casual clothing
Sammy Scrapper v Young Ady
as two construction workers arguing
over who should mix the cement!

Sponsored by Smasher

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Ninja Junior
v Lofty Valentino
in a magical match.
We're pleased to see bodybuilder Lofty training with us
but he suffers a humiliating ordeal when a Ninja materialises in the ring!

Sponsored by
Victory Customs

Choose your Scenario. Choose your Scrappers. Choose your Gear.

Please contact us with enquiries regarding custom scenarios and we'll get back to you.

It should be understood that unless otherwise agreed, any such production is not for sale or other reward by the sponsor.
Spotland Scrappers retain copyright and the video may be available on our websites. 

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