ScrapEx Custom Series

Specialist Wrestling

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Experienced wrestlers from the Spotland roster,
including Sammy Scrapper, Franky Nadara & David Hitman,
feature in a series of specialist and more edgy ring & mat scenarios.

We are happy to consider requests for specific gear, moves, outcomes etc
within the context of a pro or submission style match.

Sammy Scrapper v Franky Nadara
Grapplin' in the ring with claws, bearhugs, schoolboy pins, bostons & spladles

'This was a great match packed full of claw holds and back and forth limb twisting submission holds. Neither man seems to get the upper hand over the other until one manages to lock in a tight cobra-clutch style sleeper hold, leaving his opponent out on the mat!' 

Sammy Scrapper v David Hitman
in a Headscissor Battle!

'I was blown away by David and Sammy's moves.
It's the best scissors match
I've ever seen!'

ScrapEx 3: Split Ends

Sammy Scrapper v David Hitman
with an array of splits 'n spladles!

'For me, it's a real Gold Mine of leg and scissor holds; I like the stretching and groaning, while the wonderful camera work and closeup shots highlight this fantastic display of muscles and technical skills
by these fine Spotland wrestlers.'

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Sammy Scrapper v David Hitman
return to the grapplezone.
Bad Boy Hitman will be out to punish 
this Spotland Legend
with his formidable leg & arm locks
but who will achieve
the final winning submission?


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Franky Nadara v David Rocco
Rocco expects a proper grappling match but the masked Bandido is determined to claw a win.

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Franky Nadara v Sam Jucator
Sporty Sam expects a proper grappling match but the masked Bandido
is determined to claw & tickle his way to victory.

'This is another mat battle that claw hold fans will love and is also full of some well executed holds and dirty tactics. Franky plays a masked bandido who has a great time bending, breaking, and clawing away at his opponent. A unique and painful submission hold finalizes the victory .'

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Franky Nadara v David Hitman
Both guys get their claws into each other but who will slap on
the winning submission?
Another rib-tickling
ScrapEx Production.

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