Specialist Wrestling

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Experienced wrestlers led by Sammy Scrapper & Friends
in specialist ring & mat match scenarios.

We are happy to consider requests for customised matches including specific gear, moves, outcomes etc within the context of a pro submission style match.

ScrapEx Productions:

Sammy Scrapper v Franky Nadara
Grapplin' in the ring with claws, bearhugs, schoolboy pins, bostons & spladles

Sammy Scrapper v David Hitman
in a Headscissor Battle!

'I was blown away by David and Sammy's moves.
It's the best scissors match
I've ever seen!'

ScrapEx 3: Split Ends

Sammy Scrapper v David Hitman
with an array of splits 'n spladles!

'For me, it's a real Gold Mine of leg and scissor holds; I like the stretching and groaning, while the wonderful camera work and closeup shots highlight this fantastic display of muscles and technical skills
by these fine Spotland wrestlers.'