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Andy Toflea v La'al Cuz
Raw rookie Cuz makes his ring debut against popular grappler Andy.
Cuz is full of energy but will he find his mentor Andy too hot to handle?

'Cuz is naturally entertaining.'

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The Blue Zorro v The Black Zorro
Two masked bandits meet
in The Loft ring.
Will we find out their real identities?

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Franky Nadara v Alex McDonald
in a grappling match with kneebars, spladles and other submissions.

Custom Match
sponsored by Canephorus.

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Abel Rosso v Sam Jucator
Rosso is back and after his victory
in Grapplin Ring 5,
he thinks he's the Boss.
Model Sam hasn't missed his adversary.
Who will be the loser this time?

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Andy Toflea v Fendi Bambino
Alex McDonald v Young Teo

Two cracking grapplezone matches.

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Andy Toflea v Kid McNugget
In the year since Andy made his ring debut he has become one of
Spotland's best ring grapplers.
Now he's inducting the rookie Kid who's determined to be no pushover
in this entertaining contest.

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Sam Jucator v Vaz Lavisto
The guys put their own stamp on the popular Lycra Lads custom series
with some of their favourite moves
on the canvas under the spotlights.

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Franky Nadara v Alex McDonald
The brothers battle it out
in a closely-fought mat contest.

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Franky Nadara v Abel Rosso
We end the year with a Big Match bringing together two leading members of our roster
in an entertaining 'back 'n forth'
ring grappling contest.
Sam steps in to wear
the referee's stripes and
the outcome is uncertain to the end.

'Great match
- Abel's selling is excellent!'

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Jack Nero v Killer Callum
Heavyweight Killer makes his long awaited return to Spotland,
looking to knock model of pro wrestling Jack Nero off his catwalk.
Tempers begin to flare in this heated, tigerish clash, kick-starting 2024
with a bang!

'I think it’s  one of your best yet.
Best wishes to both.'

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Joey Delgado v Vaz Lavisto
a classic battle between
two gladiators on the mats
celebrates Joey's accolade
for appearing in our
most popular videos!

Please Click on product Title for Link
to Purchase in Store

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Jack Nero v Andy Toflea
Our first match of the new year sees young up-and-comer Andy take on
this hardened ring vet.
Andy's looking to make his mark at The Loft in only his second ring match
whilst Nero wants to get back to winning ways after a string of losses.
Both guys fancy themselves as the latest model but who will leave the ring with their reputation enhanced?
This makes for a cracking contest, culminating in an intense climax with both guys putting it all on the line.

'... just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the match. Lots of the pro stuff I like, bostons, camels and body slams. Impressed by Andy slamming Jack, especially. Love Andy’s cocky boy persona, and him suffering in Jack’s torture rack. All in all, entertaining and great fun. 👍!'

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David Rocco v Andy Toflea
Andy makes his ring debut
and another bright-eyed, bushy tailed rookie is fed to
our newbie destroyer Rocco.

'What a cracking match!
David v Andy was out of the top drawer, both deserve huge congratulations.
David for wrestler of year.'

Joey Delgado v Vaz Pitesti
in Franky's Birthday Bash.
Both guys pop one of their opponents ten balloons for each fall gained
during the match.
Who will be the burst to ten? (!)

'Both lads are in it to win it and coach Franky's presence at ringside sees them both give it all they've got!'

'Excellent fight, very technical!
Delgado admired for his technique
but was he able to overcome Vaz?
Answer in this well filmed video !'

'Joey showed a nicely done lift upside down to a backbreaker ... hadn't seen that from him before ... and got that Goran's back to back ... a spectacular move ... congratulate them both ... really well done ... that made my wrestling week!'

'Vaz has come a long way after Joey first beat him in the ring. It was great to see two guys go at it back n forth like that. I was breathless!'

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Al Rosso v Joey Delgado
Barefoot fighting in the ring with
two evenly-matched opponents,
both having over
12 months grappling experience.

'An aggressive promission bout ...'
'I loved the energy, speed and technical prowess of Al and Joey''
.. thats the best continuous action I have seen from those two  ... added stuff but kept it going ... using the ropes and corner and all of the ring more.'

Joey Delgado v Vaz Pitesti
Vaz makes his ring debut
in this fast-moving lightweight contest
that has an 'old-school' look.

'This was one of your best lightweight bouts. Ever. Rematch please  ...
They have good chemistry.
ove the ankle boots. Reminds me of the 50s /60s style.'

'Joey looks strong and confident
with some viciousness ...
definitely keep this up.'

'The lads should be really pleased. They did a great job.'


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Franky Nadara v Joey Delgado
has the hallmarks of
a classic teacher / pupil rumble
but Franky will have to work hard
to tame his student who scores well
for effort as both guys display
a range of wrestling skills
under The Loft spotlights.

'Nadara shows why he is very talented. It was a good lesson in wrestling moves, very smooth transitions.
Joey has a great work ethic, and no matter how well he gets pinned or submitted, he just keeps coming back for more and wanting to get into it again.  Great attitude.'
'One of the best you've taped.'

'... good gear and tussle
... even a bit of surfing'.

'The pair of them make a thoroughly entertaining match, and Joey is simply irrepressible.'

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Joey Delgado v Davey Boy Braha
Can you spot new moves the guys have been learning?
An entertaining match
blending mat grappling
with pro-wrestling moves.

'Wow! Give them both a big compliment and pat on the back from me. I did not expect this, not to the level they went ... great match.
The guys showed terrific improvement, and willingness to learn ...
Joey applied the ab stretch then took it back down to the mat into a guillotine ... great move, well done.'

'Great art! lots of fun watching them wrestle! a lot of technical progress! I loved it and would like you to congratulate them for me!

'Best wrestling from these two yet.

'... enjoyed the two cheeky chappies ...'

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David Hitman v Joey Delgado
Joey faces a tough snapping heel Hitman with his dirty tactics!

'... the moves were all done well and smoothly and it is good experience for Joey against someone who can dominate him.'
'Brilliant. 100% from both guys.
I loved it.  A* video.'
'The bout was excellent and was full of exciting high quality wrestling.'
'Joey held up well in this
very technical fight.'
'Great action from both guys and good range of holds that are well executed.
A pleasure to watch and at a reasonable price.'

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Vaz Pitesti
v newcomer Timo Mare
in a SleeperFest!
Will determined Vaz fight off the smiling Hairy Monster?

'Blown away with newcomer Timo, he looks one for the future ...
that fig 4 leg submission looked brutal, can honestly say never seen it before locked like that.'

'... was really cool. Enjoyed it a lot.'

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  • Beemat17coll

Franky Nadara leads the training group in a roll on the mats as we welcome back BB and introduce newcomers David, Vaz & Alex.

Franky Nadara v Vaz Tanner
one of our new kids on the block
is wearing a colourful singlet.
Franky leads David Hitman
Bruno Baccy & Alex Tanner
in a "winner stays on" exercise.
Bruno Baccy v David Hitman
showing us what they have learnt.

'Bruno Baccy looks like a really great addition to the roster (feisty with a good physique and with a good grounding in wrestling moves already) and I hope he becomes a regular.'

... all I can say is WOW.

Loved it. Great new talent.
Cannot wait for next one.'

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Franky Nadara v Deathslayer
Danny Mettle v Neymar Jnr
Max Morrison v Franky Nadara
Three lively promission matches from The Loft grapplezone.
Most Popular Mat Video 2020.

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Young Ady
v Sammy Scrapper
Enjoy the brotherly banter and the quality mat grappling as s the Spotland veterans battle it out
for the Matman Cup.
Max Morrison

v Danny Mettle 
showcasing their skills
and introducing Benny & Jazz in a fun "round robin" training session

'This is another Spotland match that will definitely be a hit for submission lovers. Unique holds and surprising reversals will keep you guessing all the way to the end!

Treat yourself to this match featuring two of the most underrated promission grapplers underground wrestling has to offer! You won't be disappointed!'

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Abel Rosso v Vaz Pitesti
in a lightweight Brit Pro bout scheduled for 8x3min rounds,
with two falls or submissions, or one knockout to decide the winner.
Referee for this contest is
Nigel Crabtree.

'... give those two young men a huge compliment and pat on the back from me ... that was absolutely awesome ... 
the action was constant yet they held certain holds  when it was called for, like Rosso holding that difficult suspended grapevine longer than anyone I can remember
... they added some moves I hadnt seen your guys use for a long time like the russian leg sweep ... it was a total pleasure to watch.'

Vaz v Abel right out of the top drawer. Loved it. Credit to both wrestlers.'

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 Franky Dare v Max Morrison
in a sporting but fiercely competitive match. Franky is out to prove a point against Max who makes his
long-awaited pro debut. 
In an enticing bout scheduled for 8x3min rounds, who will have their hand raised at the end?

'Thoroughly enjoyed. Fast and energetic wrestling with well executed moves and weakeners.'
'The indian deathlock submission move, the guillotine applied and well done too.'

'A good even bout between two newcomers. Plenty of nice holds especially some of the headlocks and strangleholds. And Dare has a great abominal stretch on Morrison at one point.
I particularly liked the interesting submission holds Morrison gets on Dare towards the end of the bout, stretching his body in a variety of punishing ways.'

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Young Ady v Gypsy Joe
Gypsy Joe v Ray Junior
Our series of Brit Pro style bouts showcasing new talent
returns with a second appearance for rising star Gypsy Joe,
in a double-header of one fall contests
against experienced opponents.
Old-School pro wrestling to the Mountevans Rules with a modern twist, overseen by
Referee Nigel Crabtree.

Young Ady v Gypsy Joe
Pro Club 9
won the McCoy Award
Match of the Year 2017

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Young Ady v Sam Smiler
in a classic Brit Pro bout
for the Spotland Scrappers
Pro Title Belt
from our
Live At The Loft 1 Show
in 2015.

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Son of Zorro v XS Skullduggery
in a treat of a match
featuring masked wrestlers and a chain coupled with lots of tricks!

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Franky Nadara v El Turbo
El Turbo makes a welcome return,
with Franky, and they have some new moves in store for each other!
Will experience prevail?

'A great dynamic with two guys hungry to prove that they belong at the top! Franky is becoming a cocky veteran whilst young El Turbo gives it his all. Both guys execute some incredible technical submissions.'

'After some intial hesitancy,
Turbo rose to the challenge.'

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Joey Delgado v El Calavera
Popular ring technician Delgado faces a mysterious masked skulldugger!

I've downloaded Skullduggery, and loved it, with great gear and of course, the masked man defeats his clean cut opponent - it was ever thus! Ha ha.'

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Mascat Mauler v Vaz Pitesti
Vaz faces his biggest challenge yet but will he find out the identity of this mysterious masked wrestler?

A Fans Favourite Ring Match 2021.

'Thoroughly enjoyed! Intense jobber vs heel match, with a great pro vibe.
Lots of the stuff I like, Boston’s galore, and a torture rack submission.
Vaz was great, roughly handled and thrown around the ring, submitting then coming back for more. Masked guy was great, showing no mercy.
Now, who can it be....!?'

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  • TKDcoll

Franky Nadara v Al 'TKD' Rosso
This custom match sponsored by Uniforia will be enjoyed by fans of uniforms, leg locks, toe holds, figure4's, banana splits, & crabs !

Sponsored by Uniforia.
'This is amazing and was done so well ... exactly how I wanted it to be shot, camera-wise, and the leg locks
were just great!
Al was definitely a great choice for the Taekwondo guy.
You guys are easy to work with and
I really enjoyed the creativity.'

You will also enjoy ...
Jack 'TKD' Nero
v David 'Rocco' Uzbek
in Belt Test
a TKD fighter v wrestler scenario for fans of crabs, leglocks, fig 4's & splits!
Sponsored by Uniforia.


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Davey Boy Braha
v Joey Delgado
Davey the dragon tackles
the tigerish Joey!

A treat for fans of the
Indian Deathlock
and Tackle Trunks.

Sponsored by Richie.
'Very well done!
Had all the holds
I requested.

The boys have
worked hard.'

'The wrestling was amazing.
 I wanted to give you
two thumbs up.'

'... superb match ,,,
I love this kind of fight ... technique and power! please congratulate them on my behalf ... and always so well filmed.'

'It just gets
better and better.
Joey is a top addition.'

'Really enjoyed the match,
good transference of mat skills into the ring and both enjoying their application of combi holds.'

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Alex Tanner v Joey Delgado
on the grapplezone.
Our little sixpence is out for revenge after his recent Trophy loss to Delgado.

'A sterling performance from Tanner.'

'Brilliant. Tanner at his finest.'

Sponsored by CoolCustomz
'The match was outstanding !
Loved it. Tanner worked on Joey big time. Very inventive holds I've never seen and he enjoyed locking up Joey. Cocky attitude made it even better. Please tell the guys
they did a great job.
Thank you very much.'

'... really fast paced action . . . some nice new moves used ... they seemed to be really into it ... always adding new stuff makes them more enjoyable ... just dont forget the good stuff you learned before ... and cool trunks too.'

You will also enjoy ...
Ring Missions 9
an entertaining 'best of three' contest.
Sponsored by Jay's Customs.

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  • SnapShot(247).jpg
  • SnapShot(255).jpg
  • SnapShot(258).jpg
  • SnapShot(259).jpg
  • SnapShot(269)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(273)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(275).jpg

David Hitman v Doro Mutoryn
on the oilzone
The two guys adopt a Turkish style
in jeans under the spotlights.

Custom Match kindly sponsored
by Lionel Messy.
'... the match is just what
I was looking for - a great bout,
the oiled jeans were perfect,
Hitman made a great cocky heel
and I thought Doro was fantastic
(he really suited the 'Turkish wrestler' look - I hope to see much more of him in the future!)
The two wrestlers definitely put on
a good show,
and I noticed the lifts and slams were in the Turkish wrestling style.'

  • SnapShot(376).jpg
  • SnapShot(377)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(365).jpg
  • SnapShot(382).jpg
  • TurkishD5cs1
  • TurkishD5cs
  • SnapShot(392).jpg
  • SnapShot(395).jpg
  • SnapShot(396)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(397)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(398).jpg
  • SnapShot(374).jpg
  • SnapShot(373).jpg
  • TurkishDelight5Coll

Franky Nadara v Alex McDonald
on the oilzone halfway from Manchester to Kirkpinar!
Alex Tanner scores the contest as points are awarded for lifts & slams and submissions.

'A real Bro Battle!'

  • SnapShot(540).jpg
  • 08-25-2021_152628_Moment(3).jpg
  • 08-25-2024.jpg
  • 08-25-2021_154057_Moment.jpg
  • 07-20-2023.jpg
  • BeachBoyzNBcoll
  • BeachBoyz

Vaz Pitesti v Timo Mare
Joey Delgado v Vaz Pitesti
 summer seaside fun
on the beaches at
Freshfield & New Brighton, Merseyside.

'Another great production.
Not sure I would want to
wrestle in the sea
but very enjoyable.

Once again loved Timo and Joey,
Vaz continues to impress.'

  • SnapShot(3912).jpg
  • SnapShot(3907)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(3921).jpg
  • SnapShot(3914).jpg
  • SnapShot(3913).jpg
  • SnapShot(3890).jpg
  • SnapShot(3903).jpg
  • SnapShot(3907).jpg
  • SnapShot(3892).jpg
  • oils.jpg
  • SnapShot(3883).jpg
  • SnapShot(3889).jpg
  • SnapShot(3884).jpg

Ronnie Laurenti
v Sammy Scrapper
hit the oil zone and
Young Ady v "Muscleboy" Ronnie Laurenti in a messy rip 'n strip. Plus, Danny Mettle, Brasov Tiger, Max Morrison & Frankie Dare
in The Loft's attic.
A bumper three-match compilation for fans of fun scenarios!
Kindly sponsored by Lionel Messi.

'Ronnie is a worthy opponent for Ady. Sammy looks amazing.'

GO's Pick for best match
on the oilzone in 2019

  • bistokids-047
  • bistokids-034
  • bistokids-026
  • bistokids-013
  • BistoBoyz1
  • bistokids-045
  • bistoboyz1-001

It's party time in the Loft Annexe for fans of messy matches with our one and only gravy match!
Featuring bisto dancers
Ray Junior, LJ Silva,
Joey Eden, Adri
and Gypsy Joe.

PJ Pics all-time favourite!

  • BodyBeats650
  • BodyBeatsCS
  • SnapShot(14).jpg
  • SnapShot(16).jpg
  • SnapShot(17).jpg
  • SnapShot(58)-002.jpg

Andy Toflea v Vaz Lavisto
Four rounds of body boxing & grappling with punches and chokes.

Spotland Scrappers support the Rainbow Laces campaign
to make sport everyone's game.

'I enjoyed the Body Beats bout, especially the Muay Thai shorts
the two guys wore.

Made me think about a possible Thai kickboxing custom match for next year.'

  • SnapShot(64)-002.jpg
  • FightClub2csi
  • SnapShot(62)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(63).jpg
  • SnapShot(72).jpg
  • SnapShot(89)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(84)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(82)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(73)-001.jpg

David Hitman v Matty Matalan
Alex McDonald
v Doro Mutoryn
in mixed style trainee matches
of 3 rounds with points awarded for body punches, lifts, and submissions.

  • SnapShot(721)-002.jpg
  • SnapShot(744)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(748)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(747)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(746)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(728)-001.jpg
  • SnapShot(724)-002.jpg
  • SnapShot(726)-002.jpg
  • 04-05-2021_165055_Moment(11).jpg
  • SnapShot(704).jpg
  • 04-05-2021_165055_Moment(9).jpg
  • SnapShot(716).jpg
  • SnapShot(717).jpg
  • 04-05-2021_165055_Moment(10).jpg
  • SnapShot(703).jpg
  • 04-05-2021_165055_Moment(4).jpg
  • 04-05-2021_165055_Moment.jpg

Al Rosso v Gypsy Tom
in Spar King Cloggers 1
a match blending body punching
and grappling styles.
Spar King Taggers
Sammy Scrapper & Joey Delgado
v Gypsy Tom & David No Pasa
in an energetic tag match.
Sammy gives our new breed (and you!)
a taste of a mixed fighting style
harking back to the days of
Punching Bryan at Spotland Mill.
Filmed close to the action
in The Loft Studio ring.

  • onetwo-038
  • onetwo-043
  • onetwo-002

Lofty Valentino v LJ Silva
In the first of our Beatdown Boyz series, Lofty is coaching Silva "Left Right, One Two."
Lofty wants Silva to go home, but Silva wants a fight!

  • 09-11-2022_194117_Moment(5)
  • 09-11-2022_194117_Moment(6)
  • 09-11-2022_194117_Moment(2)
  • SnapShot(211)-003
  • SnapShot(214)
  • SnapShot(217)
  • SnapShot(224)
  • SnapShot(225)
  • SnapShot(230)
  • SnapShot(232)
  • SnapShot(238)
  • SnapShot(241)
  • SnapShot(249)-002
  • SnapShot(250)-001
  • SnapShot(263)

Abel Rosso v Vaz Lavisto
Smiling Abel hangs the riding rookie out to dry in this special
Spotland Short video 
which lift & carry fans will enjoy.

Sam Smiler does the job for our lift & carry fans, with Ray Junior.

'Sam is a real beast and Ray Junior is a good sport.'

'As a fanatic of lift and carry, I loved Day Job. Thank you!
Which part was my favourite? The baby carry!'

'... great vid, lots of wrestling lifts and throwing around.
This is a must buy video 15 mins of lift and carry ...
 I suggest to everyone, buy it!'

  • SnapShot(704).jpg
  • La'al Rider Falvi Ady Pete

A fun lift and carry scenario
at The Loft.
Introducing La'al Pete as the rider
with heavy ponies Young Ady, Lofty Valentino
& Flavi Forza.

Sponsored by Greet Stefan.

'I still can't believe that they went thru' my entire list of lifts
- what an amazing afternoon it was!'


  • bridgecmfootage9
  • bridgecmfootage1
  • bridgecmfootage2
  • bridgecmfootage8
  • bridgecmfootage4
  • bridgecmfootage3
  • BridgeCMfootage-095
  • bridgecmfootage11
  • Bridge 2 Far Franky Sammy

Sammy Scrapper
v Franky Dare
in a "Slam & Bridge" themed practice match
with Franky learning to bridge the hard way as Sammy enjoys the job of rookie wrecker!

'The stars of this match are smaller guys Sammy Scrapper and Franky Dare. In the world of British style pro-wrestling, which brings to my mind images of pasty, flabby, and toothless skin-headed dudes, Sammy and Franky easily qualify as pretty boys.  And Sammy shows that you can be both a pretty boy and a heel as he dominates Franky for most of this match.  This is another good production by Spotland Scrappers for those of us who like lift and carry wrestling.'

  • SnapShot(376)
  • TurkishD5cs1
  • TurkishD5cs
  • SnapShot(365)
  • SnapShot(374)
  • SnapShot(377)-001
  • SnapShot(382)
  • SnapShot(395)
  • SnapShot(396)-001
  • SnapShot(397)-001
  • SnapShot(398)
  • SnapShot(392)
  • SnapShot(251)-001
  • SnapShot(253)
  • SnapShot(255)
  • SnapShot(258)
  • SnapShot(259)
  • SnapShot(269)-001
  • SnapShot(273)-001
  • SnapShot(275)
  • SnapShot(247)

Buy One and the Second is Half Price!
David Hitman v Doro Mutoryn
on the oilzone.
The two guys adopt a Turkish style in jeans under the spotlights.
Plus Franky Nadara v Alex McDonald
halfway from Manchester to Kirkpinar!

Here's a special '3 for the price of 2' bundle to mark our support for the Rainbow Laces campaign,
comprising Rainbow Tie-Ups, Rainbow Warriors & Ring Missions 3 titles.

We're delighted to welcome
Lobo Gris to The Loft.
The experienced Mexican wrestler faces Spotland Scrappers
Joey Delgado, Abel Rosso
& Sammy Scrapper.
This Bundle gives 25% off the total price for Lobo Luchando, Alpha Wolf & Loblo Scrapper titles.

Special bundle for fans of leglocks, scissors & figure 4's.
Jack 'TKD' Nero v David 'Rocco'
in a TKD fighter v wrestler scenario.
Franky Nadara v Al Rosso
in a pro wrestler v mat grappler Headscissor Challenge.
'Buy one get 2nd half price!'

Archive Dips

  • Old School-017
  • Loft2CustomDVD-018
  • Old School-023
  • Old School-024
  • Old School-025

Battling "Old School" Billy Morrison
v mean 'n moody Sammy Scrapper
in a bruising encounter with a surprising finish!
Plus Young Ady & Ray Junior
David Cuplu & Sammy Scrapper
Referee Nigel Crabtree tries to restore order in this anarchic tag team tribute.
Filmed at our
Live At The Loft Shows 1 & 2 in 2014.

  • SnapShot(2166)
  • Cloggers1
  • Cloggers2

Sam Smiler v Ray Junior
Shin kicking was once common throughout England, Wales and parts of America …
Lancashire is now better known for clog dancing, a forerunner of American tap-dancing, indeed Charlie Chaplin started out as a "clogger" but back in the day the locals also enjoyed clog fighting. We put our own interpretation on this ancient sport
with a miner taking on a quarryman in a Lancashire mill building. (2016)

  • SnapShot(673)
  • SnapShot(667)
  • SnapShot(671)
  • SnapShot(677)
  • SnapShot(682)
  • SnapShot(680)
  • SnapShot(687)

Franky Dare (Nadara) v Max Morrison
recorded in 2018 as both guys were learning their trademark moves.

'Seeing guys in suspended surfboards is a great day!
Love the boots on these two!'

  • AtticAttack2
  • AtticAttack4
  • AtticAttack7
  • AtticAttack9
  • AtticAttack6
  • AtticAttack7
  • AtticAttack8

Young Ady v David Cuplu
in two of our earliest matches at
The Loft premises. The guys pose at the start of what turns into
a "Squash Match"
Their second encounter is
a "Falls Count Anywhere" contest
which takes them (and us) to all corners of The Loft space.

'Its fun looking at some of the classic stuff again from the early days of
The Loft.'

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Sammy Scrapper in an oil match?
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