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International Main Event
Cameron Mathews (USA)
v Young Ady (GB)
in a fast-paced
Brit Pro style contest
with Referee Nigel Crabtree
(from Live at the Factory 1 Show)

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There's a welcome return for Muscleboy Josh v Team Spotland favourite Sam Smiler,
and two debutants as the experienced Viktor Viper takes on new trainee Gypsy Joe
at London Matroom
(from our Live in the Capital event)

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Young Ady v Jon Bilbao
in a sporting competitive submission contest.
Jon (aka Steve Mason) is 28, 75kgs lithe and muscular, with four years experience of Jiu Jitsu & submission wrestling.
Ady is a stockier guy and Spotland's leading grappler.
Who will win the "best of five" submissions?

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Experienced French strongman
Etienne Eiffel
towers over
Sammy Scrapper
in the fourth of our
"Who's The Boss?" series.

Jack Nero vs Bo Bearly

Jack Nero is in for a world of pain as he faces his biggest challenge yet.  Will young Jack be able to slay the beast or will Bo's vicious combination of racks, splashes and low blows prove too much for the fan favourite? 

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v Young Ady
in a closely-fought submission style contest which SMG doesn't want to lose!
Plus SMG is joined by Sam Smiler & Sammy Scrapper to discuss the merits of submission and pro styles.

Filmed at The London Matroom
in 2013.

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Johnny Hall
v Lofty Valentino
in a "Mid-Atlantic" romp.
This is bodybuilder Valentino's pro debut,
up against the experienced "Aussie" wrestler.
The two tall guys certainly fill The Loft ring.
We told Johnny we were giving Lofty his big break, but he misheard us ...
Our Referee is
Nigel Crabtree.

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Young Ady v
Yourek Dimitri
French Pro Wrestler Yourek
challenges Young Ady for the Spotland Pro Championship Belt
in this classic sporting contest scheduled for 8x3min rounds.
Referee Nigel Crabtree applies the Mountevans Rules.

Sponsored by Paul Bonaparte.

'A really fantastic Brit Pro match, brilliant wrestling and wow no one executes the surfboard better than Young Ady.'
'Ady showed his wealth of experience ...
The final fall came from the
Steve Grey v Richie Brooks era.'


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Lewy "Ripper" Paradise makes his Spotland Scrappers ring debut v the popular
Spotland stalwart
Sam Smiler,
in a Brit Pro custom match
made in Heaven.
Referee Nigel Crabtree
introduces a Brit Pro style contest of 6 x 5 minute rounds of traditional technical wrestling
between two
well-matched guys.

'The match has what I like: good-looking and well-trained young wrestlers, colorful trunks, short fuses, long tight squeezes, and a decisive finish by pinfall. Deliberately old-fashioned by today's standards of flash, trash talk, and climactic knockouts, Paradise Loft hits the sweet spot with me.'

'I really liked this one. I think it'll appeal mainly to fans of classic wrestling. This is strong back-and-forth wrestling between two evenly-matched young studs in trunks.'

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Sammy Scrapper
v Lewy Paradise
Young Ady v Yourek.
We look back at our first matches on the Grapplezone at The Loft
with two evenly-matched submission-style contests
between our grapplers and special guests
to mark the establishment of our Loft Studio facility six years ago.
Let's hope we'll be able to re-open the gym soon!

Completely my type of match, loved it.

Real skilled wrestling and fighters with charisma too.'
'... a tough respectful competitive bout ...'


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Matt Fletcher v Ray Junior
The match is heavier guy vs smaller guy but the lighter one is experienced and a better wrestler.
The fight is more of a brawl as both guys use their fists, forearms, uppercuts.
Matt uses power at times with slams and bearhugs against the resilient Ray,
who beats up Matt in and out of the ring.

Sponsored by Arstosur Customs.

'This is an amazing custom,
please tell the guys how good they are ...'

'... really enjoyed this ... 
I like the big beefy bearish guy'

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Young Ady v Cyril Lutteur
Experienced French Freestyle Grappler Cyril Lutteur
makes his debut with a valiant effort against the heavier Young Ady
in a "first to ten" contest which will be a treat for fans of submission wrestling.

We welcome many special guests from around the globe
including past guests:  American star Cameron Mathews, Mexican Lobo Gris, French strongman Etienne,
Spanish grappler Jon Bilbao, Johnny "Aussie" Hall, and Muscleboy Josh from London.