Al Rosso

Height: 5'10"

Weight:  150lbs

From:  Oldham, England

Specialities: Promission, Submission, Custom scenarios.

Al Rosso is trailblazing his way to glory with an impressive start to his career. With over 20 appearnces and an admirable collection on wins since 2020, it's no wonder that Spotland lockeroom are impressed. Rosso is at home in a vareity of styles,  wearing his heart on his sleeve every match, giving it his all in his quest to one day, become a Spotland champion. After such an impressive start to his career, it is hard to suggest that gold is not in this up-and-comer's future.  Al Rosso take on any challenger and sees every opponent as a chance to learn and a way of climbing the ranks.  Keep an eye  on this one because he really means business. Watch-out for Al Rosso!



David Hitman v Al Rosso
Hitman focuses his attacks on Rosso's legs/ankles/feet in this custom match.
Sponsored by Jays Customs.

'That was fantastic! Al Rosso and David Hitman nailed it!

Vaz Pitesti v newcoAl Rosso v Davey Boy Braha
Davey's Birthday Bash is a 'street fight' against Al.
As chaotic mat action spills into the ring will these rebels with a cause wearing blue jeans resolve their differences?


Al Rosso v Joey Delgado with Referee Alex Carling in our Rainbow Special to mark Pride Month.

Al Rosso v Matt 'The Hammer' Matalan. Rosso tries his moves but rookie Matt is no pushover in this sporting ring contest.

'Wow! What a contest!'