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Our Pro Wrestling Work

During the past decade some of our productions
have shown Pro Wrestling bouts.

Since December 2011 the group have held specific Brit Pro sessions.
Supporters who remember World of Sport on Saturday afternoon ITV
have responded to our efforts enthusiastically.
On this page you can chart the progress made by our group
from those early matches through to Live At The Loft Shows
featuring Team Spotland led by Young Ady, many guest wrestlers
and more recently our emerging stars.

DVD titles are shown
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to view our current download listing.

Young Ady in AHR! 2




 Young Ady in Ask Him Ref! 4   



Highlights of the "Ask Him Ref!" series 1-7 available on DVD


"Let's Wrestle for Sport Relief" 
a special fundraising video featuring Young Ady v Sam Smiler
in a classic Brit Pro encounter with Referee Nigel Crabtree
keeping the World of Sport tradition alive
while contributing to the Sport Relief charity


One of our supporters has commented:
"longest held suspended surfboard move
that I can ever remember...well done." 




Ask Him Ref! 6
the first elimination bout for our Pro Title
Young Ady v David Cuplu




a classic heel v jobber bout

"The theatre was played well
with Ady's cocky heel attitude..."


Spotland Scrappers

Live at the Factory 1
a Brit Pro Show

The Wrestling Factory

 Opening Match
Killer Callum v David Cuplu


followed by
Cameron Mathews v Young Ady
in a fast-paced encounter

with Referee Nigel Crabtree

  LFcmvya2  LFcmvya1  LFcmvya4

Live At The Factory 2 featuring Cameron Mathews v Young Ady

Tag Team Action  with  Cameron Mathews & David Cuplu
v  The Roma Brothers  Young Ady & Sammy Scrapper 

LFcmvss1      Cameron Mathews v Sammy Scrapper
"The tag match was suitably anarchic in places..." 
and to end the Show
Cameron Mathews in an over-the-top rumble with Team Spotland.
Watch out for a couple of funny exits!


 We Meet
World of Sport Legend

Young Ady and Johnny Kidd
at Bridlington


And our second event
featuring Cameron Mathews... 

full event recorded on
Live At The Factory 2 Show DVD 
filmed in front of an invited audience

Show Opener
Sammy Scrapper v David  Cuplu
our two former trainees are now established on the roster.
At this stage David remains a likeable guy but Sammy has developed a mean streak
which gets him into trouble with the referee. 




Team Rumble
Tag Team Action
Cameron Mathews & Sam Smiler  v  Young Ady & Ray Junior

Ray Junior makes his debut in the ring



  Cameron Mathews v Ray Junior
   in  Team Rumble 

Over The Top Rumble
Team Spotland  &  Special Guest Cameron Mathews


Spotland Scrappers Pro Title
second elimination contest
Sam Smiler v Sammy Scrapper in a fast-moving bout refereed by Nigel Crabtree
"It's very good technically with some excellent holds and moves..."








 who will go through to face the winner of the  Young Ady v David Cuplu  first eliminator?

Reviewers comments ...
"a lightweight title bout that brought back memories of
Steve Grey, Danny Collins, Kid McCoy and Richie Brooks ..."
"the bout was brilliant ... well done to the whole team ..."

Another chance to Download at:


Archive Dip
Mexican Chicken
Team Spotland in tag team mayhem & 2v1 action
 MexicanTableReview  MexTablePreview5 


*** British Pro Wrestling at The Loft ***

We unveil our Loft Studio
with a taste of things to come ...

special guest 
Tommy Hayden

RWA Star
Young Ady
Team Spotland Captain
Tommy's Skillshare 

6x3 min rounds refereed by Nigel Crabtree




"... particularly liked the Indian death lock cum power lock ... haven't seen that for a long time."
"... great technical bout ... smacks of a Steve Grey v Greg Valentine tussle."

Spotland Scrappers are pleased to support Tommy
who is
fundraising for his volunteer work with
Skillshare International

 Tommy will be spending three months in Lesotho aiming to make a difference
through project work to reduce poverty and tackle inequality.

Tommy Hayden with Team Spotland

Practice Makes Perfect
We had a preparatory dress rehearsal for wrestlers, ref and film crew to get used to our new venue
and the match was so good we just had to release it! 

PeakPrac1   Ray Junior v David Cuplu in Peak Practice
                                                               with Referee Nigel Crabtree


"... the more I see David Cuplu  the better his heel look is appearing."


Spotland Paperweight Champion Ray Junior
finds it tough going against his heavier opponent


Sport Relief 2014


Sammy Scrapper & Sam Smiler face The Invisibles 
                                                                       in Tag Funraiser with Referee Nigel Crabtree




Cash raised will be used by Comic Relief
to change lives in the UK & Abroad.
More info about work, projects etc at

"What a Relief!"
special fundraising DVD compilation of
Tommy's Skillshare, Peak Practice & Tag Funraiser


Custom Match
a warm welcome to Lewy "Ripper" Paradise
one of Yorkshire's finest young pro wrestlers
making his debut
at The Loft for a match Made in Heaven
v Spotland stalwart Sam Smiler

ParadiseLoft1     Referee Nigel Crabtree introduces Sam Smiler v Lewy Paradise in Paradise Loft
a Brit Pro style contest of 6 x 5 minute rounds





traditional Brit Pro
good technical wrestling
between two well-matched guys


Match Sponsor
Paul Dixon

Preview on our YouTube channel at:

 Greetings Grapple Fans

Live at Loft Poster
Live at the Loft 1 Show
recorded in front of an invited audience

Spotland Scrappers
*** Pro Championship Title Belt ***

Young Ady v Sam Smiler
in  Top Notch

a classic Brit Pro style contest  over 8 x 3 minute rounds two falls, two submissions or one knockout  to decide the winner ...
with  Referee Nigel Crabtree


"Really Top Notch as it says on the tin.
Great homage to ITV's World of Sport - but not fake.
Both Sam & Ady have really upped their game ..."


"a great bout with tones of Steve Grey and Kid McCoy ..." 


"... captured the World of Sport spirit perfectly


Preview on our YouTube channel at:

Knock1     Referee Nigel Crabtree  with  Ray Junior & El Diablo  in Knockdown Challenge


special contest  no pins or submissions
winner throws or knocks down his opponent ten times! 

Knock3     a Lofty Perch for Ray Junior 

Referee Nigel Crabtree
with  Young Ady & Ray Junior,  David Cuplu & Sammy Scrapper
in Sculduggery






Scul7     Referee Nigel Crabtree tries to restore order in this anarchic tag team tribute


Live At The Loft 2

Spotland Scrappers Pro Champion Young Ady defends his title against talented Lewy Paradise.
Our Brit Pro trainer turns wrestling villain as Tiger McGuigan Jr looks to teach popular Sam Smiler a lesson.
One of the brightest young stars in British wrestling, Joey Divine, debuts in tag team action against a returning Killer Callum
while ‘old school’ Billy Morrison will have his hands full with the rule bending tactics of Sammy Scrapper.


Show Opener
Sam Smiler v Tiger McGuigan in Tiger's Smile


will Sam wipe the smile off the face of the Tiger?    TigersSmile2


on our  Live At The Loft 2 Show DVD

Kings of the Ring or Kings of Metal?


Tag Team Action
Team Man 'O' War
Lewy Paradise & Killer Callum
v Team Good Looking
Tiger McGuigan Jnr & Joey Divine
in Lightening Strike
Referee Nigel Crabtree
& MC Ted Prior 

Lightening StrikeTMOW                    Lightening StrikeTGL

Lightening Strike5

Lightening Strike2          Lightening Strike3    

Lightening Strike11          Lightening Strike10    

Lightening Strike9          Lightening Strike8 

Lightening Strike7   "What Happened Next?"

"... an electrifying match"
Lightening Strike is 
on our Show DVD 

Championship Challenge 


Young Ady
Spotland Scrappers Pro Title Belt Holder
v Lewy "Ripper" Paradise
Yorkshire's Rising Star
in Ripper's Tear-Up 

RippersTearUp1     Young Ady & Lewy Paradise with Referee Nigel Crabtree

RippersTearUp4     Lewy with his Cornerman  

RippersTearUp2     a woman in the audience shouts "pull harder" so Lewy does as he's told! 





"Ripper's Tear-Up" is on our Show DVD
or another chance to Download at:

Preview on our YouTube channel at: 

"... as old school as it could possibly be, but as someone who's been watching pro for nearly 70 years, it's old school heaven ..." 

Special Guest
Battling "Old School" Billy Morrison
v mean 'n moody Sammy Scrapper
in Old School
a bruising encounter with a surprising finish!

Old School1     Billy Morrison v Sammy Scrapper
with Referee Nigel Crabtree

Old School2

Old School5 

Old School7

Old School4 

Old School on Show DVD







 Live At The Loft 2 Show DVD
Tiger McGuigan v Sam Smiler
Lewy Paradise v Young Ady
Billy Morrison v Sammy Scrapper
Team Man 'O' War (Lewy Paradise & Killer Callum)
v Team Good Looking (Tiger McGuigan & Joey Divine)


Les Catcheurs

French Pro Wrestler
Megaslam Star 2014
in his first Brit Pro style contest

Ray Junior
a big step up for our Ninja
but he's ready for the challenge!

Nigel Crabtree
The Loft Studio








  Les Catcheurs on French Connection  DVD compilation

Yourek visited us again
at the end of his Summer tour

and this time faced Sammy Scrapper
in Le Silver Shark

Sammy Scrapper v Yourek
with Referee Nigel Crabtree






Live At The Loft 3 Show

LATL3 Poster

an afternoon of traditional Brit Pro style Wrestling
remembering World Of Sport days
with two teams of talented young guys

Young Ady v Joey Divine
Referee Nigel Crabtree
Divine Beauty





Young Ady & Joey Divine
in their first bout together.
"You have to admire Joey’s technical ability,
even though his cocky attitude does not endear him to the audience !"




Lewy Paradise v Sam Smiler
Referee Nigel Crabtree
Tango Tangle






Sam Smiler & Lewy Paradise deserved the great reviews for "Paradise Loft"
and our Brit Pro fans won't be disappointed by
their latest traditional "tech pro" match

Youth versus Experience 

Tiger McGuigan Jnr v Sammy Scrapper

Referee Nigel Crabtree
in Cleaned Out



"a good technical match
with some excellent chain wrestling ..."





Knockdown Contest

Killer Callum v El Diablo
Killer Knockdown
Referee Nigel Crabtree





"Killer is looking good as a
big solid heavyweight wrestler."

Tourno Decider
Team Good Looking v Team Spotland
Tag Team Action
Tiger McGuigan & Joey Divine
Young Ady & Ray Junior
Junior School

Referee Nigel Crabtree


Ray Junior & Young Ady

will experienced pros Tiger & Joey
teach Junior a hard lesson?
or will Young Ady intervene?

DVD Preview on our YouTube Channel at:



Live At The Loft Shows 1, 2 & 3
seasonal set
"a perfect gift for any fan of World of Sport"


Live At The Loft 4

LATL4 Poster

Tale Of Woe
an entertaining bout
between the experienced Tiger McGuigan Jnr
and his young opponent Ray Junior

Taleofwoe2            Taleofwoe7

Taleofwoe6            Taleofwoe4

"the lean athletic Ray takes the holds well and counters on Tiger ...
a great show opener."



Ray Junior Sponsored by Gareth Lankshear

War Of The Roses!

experienced Yorkshire heavyweight from Tiger's T4GW stable
making his Loft debut
v Sammy Scrapper
our cheeky Lancashire Lad with the model looks
facing a bigger opponent who's aiming to twist his leg off!

T&S2            T&S5
Lomax v Sammy Scrapper



"as a fan I was not sure how Twist and Shout would flow
but well done Lomax and Sammy, totally different pace to Tale of Woe.
Sammy excels well in bouts where he's using his skills and the focus on pins made the bout even,
with Lomax using Steve Grey knee tactics and illegal use of the ropes in working the leg
kept the home crowd on their toes, and the boys have a female following now!"
T&S8             T&S12
Championship Challenge
It's David Cuplu's turn for a crack at the belt currently held by Young Ady 

Young Ady v David Cuplu
Referee Nigel Crabtree
"The long awaited rematch for a crack at the belt by David Cuplu
full of bravado and confidence as he makes his entrance.
After his tangle in Attic Attack he tries to get the match going at his pace to weaken the champ
but Ady has none of it and a Johnny Kidd knee back breaker early on
sends out the signal that he wont get his own way.
David gets lucky when he can reach the top rope to get out of one of Ady's trademark surfboards.
A nice slow paced Brit Pro style bout with plenty of holds from both wrestlers
that the knowledgeable Loft audience enjoyed."
Preview on our YouTube Channel at:

"The live event was brilliant.
Can't wait to see the recording."


Heavyweight Battle

Killer Callum v David Cuplu
in Killer's E-Clips

David Cuplu v Killer Callum
at The Loft

Custom Match
filmed just before the Solar Eclipse
Paul Shakespeare
Nigel Crabtree


*** Pro Club ***

traditional British Pro Wrestling series
featuring young talented guys
falls, submissions & knockouts
hard-hitting with no gimmicks


Sam Smiler v Joey Eden
Referee Nigel Crabtree
Pro Club 1



Sam Smiler uses his arsenal of moves
against rookie Joey making his pro debut



"Well balanced bout"
"Great start to the series!"

the second match sees another of our trainees
making his pro wrestling debut


Sam Smiler v Gypsy Joe
Referee Nigel Crabtree
Pro Club 2







Sam Smiler & cornerman Ray



Spotland Scrappers trainee Joey Eden returns to face Ray Junior
in the third match of this series


Ray Junior v Joey Eden
Referee Nigel Crabtree
Pro Club 3



Will Joey's superior power & strength
see him to victory over the wily & skilled Ray?





"Well done to both lads. Joey does really well
and Ray looks sharp and brings a lot of charisma to the ring. 

It was good to see some different moves/holds and it flowed well.
I'm looking forward to Pro Club 4 !"
"Great pairing who work well together ... a flawless bout to watch ...
athleticism of Ray and the strength and very innovative skill of Joey..
great selection of holds and counters ..."



Fans of Brit Pro
might also enjoy Seeing Stars 2 pro submission contests


"Seeing Stars 2 was great production ... 
the lads are all becoming expert in their own way
with the leg lever combination and back holds ...

Captain Ady back showing no mercy
and dishing out the 3 in 1 Zoltan Boscik hold on Ray and Smiler ..."


"Five Live" Pro Custom Match Series

Lewy Paradise v David Cuplu
in Five Live 2
a Junior Heavyweight clash
scheduled for 8 x 3 minute rounds





Preview on our YouTube Channel at:

"David Cuplu always looks good against a heavier opponent,
strong sturdy skilful and mean ..."


Pro Club 4
Introducing The Banshee


The Banshee
Young Star from the White Rose County
Pro Wrestler with 4th Generation Wrestling & UKW
making his debut for us against our high flying performer
Ray Junior


The Banshee v Ray Junior
with Referee Nigel Crabtree
in Banshee's Lore

Banshee4      Banshee5      Banshee3

Banshee7      Banshee6      Banshee8


Live At The Loft 5 Show

featuring our guests  Tiger McGuigan's  4GW Team with Team Spotland

Wild9            Wild11

Opening Bout
introducing flamboyant Oscar Lee v Spotland's crowd favourite Ray Junior
will Oscar show the importance of being earnest or will Junior turn Oscar wild? 

Oscar Lee
v Ray Junior
with Referee Nigel Crabtree
in Wild Oscar

 Wild2      Wild4      Wild7      


Second Bout
The Banshee makes a spirited return after his Halloween tricks
to take on our popular good-looking guy Sam Smiler


 The Banshee v Sam Smiler with Referee Nigel Crabtree in Wailing Banshee 

Wailing1    Wailing4


Tag Team Time
The 4GW Tag Teams

LATL5Tag2            LATL5Tag1

Tiger McGuigan  Jnr & Oscar Lee v The Banshee & Silent Rob
with Referee Nigel Crabtree

            LATL5Tag4            LATL5Tag3 

plus Six-Man Royal Rumble Finale with 4GW Team, Ray Junior, & Sam Smiler



Christmas Postings

Sammy Scrapper is in a troublesome mood
and pushes his luck with Referee Nigel Crabtree
against 4GW trainee Silent Rob making his debut for us.
PostScript5                                             PostScript6
Silent Rob with coach Tiger McGuigan v Sammy Scrapper with cornerman David Cuplu
in Post Script 
PostScript3        with Referee Nigel Crabtree           PostScript4    
PostScript1            PostScript2
 The McCoy Award for best Brit Pro bout in 2015

Joey Eden v Ray Junior
in Pro Club 3
"nobody gets Brit Pro like you do ..."

Pro Club 5 & Pre-Show Bout

preshowlatl5   Oscar Lee v Silent Rob in Pre-Show Bout
                            with Referee Nigel Crabtree preshowlatl5-005                                                         


Oscar & Rob prepare for our Live At The Loft 5 Show
in a short one-fall "Brit Pro" style warm-up

 "... good moves and technical presentation" 

pc5project-050   Oscar Lee v Joey Eden in Pro Club 5 with Referee Nigel Crabtree
scheduled for 8 x 3 min rounds two falls, two submissions or a knockout will decide the winner

pc5project-005      pc5project-008

"... a great bout well set and filmed ...

Oscar definitely brings his own charisma to the ring
as we knew from his previous outing with Junior.
I thought he was going to be all over Joey after the first round
but Joey picked up the pace as the bout went on.
... good gear selection by Joey"



  Pro Club 6 & 7

PC6001   "Rob smacks of the young Steve Logan ..."

         PC6-006    "Not So Silent" Red Rob v Ray Junior in Pro Club 6                                                                                                                                                    with Referee Nigel Crabtree


  Tiger McGuigan Jnr v David Cuplu in Pro Club 7
       with Referee Nigel Crabtree in 
a hard-hitting one-fall contest   

"I am amazed (but not surprised) how David Cuplu has progressed as a wrestler since Live At The Factory"







"Looking forward to lots of Brit Pro bouts throughout 2016"


*** Les Etoiles ***

we welcome back French pro wrestling star Yourek
for matches with Sam Smiler & David Cuplu
YvSmiler1      International Catchweight Contest Yourek v Sam Smiler 
scheduled for 8 x 3min rounds with Referee Nigel Crabtree

" ...  what a great start to year with this tough technical tussle
 ... could see from the entrance that Smiler was focused for a bout and the outcome was brilliant.
 Sam looked as if he really enjoyed it as well ..."    
YvDC6   Yourek v David Cuplu in a Light-Heavyweight Bout
with one fall to decide the contest

" ...  a fast mobile competitive bout with both wrestlers going in hard to get that winner ..."

Jaunty Jaffa
technical Brit Pro bout


We see Ray munching on his favourite snack
and then our two young guys serve up a classic dish in their usual skilful & energetic style.
Referee Nigel Crabtree sees that they keep to The Mountevans recipe
and just one fall, submission or knockout decides the winner

jauntyjaffa-016    jauntyjaffa-020       

Ray Junior v Joey Eden in Jaunty Jaffa with Referee Nigel Crabtree

jauntyjaffa-029    jauntyjaffa-032    jauntyjaffa-033
 "... These two have an amazing energy and rapport in whatever type of bout they serve up
so well done again lads ..."


Aussie Spin
We give a warm welcome to Pro Wrestler Johnny "Aussie" Hall
who has young Ray Junior in a spin


aussiespin-003      aussiespin-012   

 aussiespin-009      aussiespin-006

Johnny Hall v Ray Junior with Referee Nigel Crabtree in Aussie Spin
"Ray has great camera presence ... very natural."


Ask Him Ref! 8 DVD Compilation
Ray Junior v Joey Eden
in Jaunty Jaffa
Yourek v Sam Smiler International Catchweight Contest
Yourek v David Cuplu
Light-Heavyweight Clash
Johnny Hall v Ray Junior in Aussie Spin

Preview at:


Johnny's Big Breakfast
an entertaining Mid-Atlantic romp
with bodybuilder Valentino making his pro debut
against the experienced wrestler Johnny "Aussie" Hall.
We told Johnny we were giving Lofty his big break, but he misheard us ...

JohnnysBigBreakfast-034   Lofty Valentino v Johnny Hall  with Referee Nigel Crabtree

JohnnysBigBreakfast-026    JohnnysBigBreakfast-030

JohnnysBigBreakfast-031    JohnnysBigBreakfast-025    JohnnysBigBreakfast-021


fresh-faced Rob Palomino makes his debut in the ring
against Yorkshire's no-nonsense campaigner Tiger McGuigan Jnr
in a one-fall contest

Tiger McGuigan Jnr v Rob Palomino with Referee Nigel Crabtree

  Horseplay-004        Horseplay-010   

will Palomino be able to ride out the storm
or will the wily McGuigan be too much of a hurdle to overcome?

Horseplay-008        Horseplay-009

"A very refreshing bout, Rob's a good addition to the Roster.
Rob looks a very athletic wrestler along the lines of Young Ray."
"Rob’s pro wrestler look was perfect."
"I enjoyed the video and was impressed with Rob. He looks like he's been doing it for years."

"I am writing to say how much I have enjoyed the "Horseplay" download.
I am a great fan of old fashioned style British Wrestling 
and it is great to see a good looking young wrestler
being put through his pes by a more experienced Pro.
I was impressed by Rob Palomino,
as he does some good counter-attacks and sells the moves well.

Juvenile Delinquent
4GW star The Delinquent makes his debut for us versus the fast-moving entertainer Ray Junior
with the best of two falls, submissions or a knockout to decide the winner


Ray Junior v The Delinquent with Referee Nigel Crabtree  JuvenileDelinquent-009    


"I loved the bout ... was really slick fast moving and all the moves on the ropes spot on
great seeing Ray giving out lessons to Mr D with his own use of ropes and ariel ability
... new opportunities for the rest of the lads to get pro experience with the guests.
Would give it 9.5/10 and you did another fantastic filming and extra footage of the bout ... "  

Ask Him Ref! 9
DVD Compilation
Johnny Hall v Lofty Valentino
Tiger McGuigan Jnr v Rob Palomino
The Delinquent v Ray Junior
six wrestlers in Brit Pro style bouts

"The camera work is excellent and well edited I have to say!"


Apple of Discord
"a small matter that could lead to a bigger dispute"
sees two lads from the Spotland stable in an entertaining Brit Pro contest.  
Rob Palomino in only his second match takes on the more experienced Joey Eden.

Referee Nigel Crabtree introduces the match:
"Joey Eden takes on Rob Palomino in a fast paced, intense clash between
two young wrestlers both determined to pick up the win. It’s a bout of
great energy and skill with both wrestlers using a good variety of holds
and plenty of aggression. Would Palomino pick up his first win?
or would Joey’s strength and power prevail?" 

Apple1    Apple2 
Rob Palomino v Joey Eden with cornermen Ray & Joe and our Referee Nigel Crabtree

Apple6    Apple5

AppleDiscord8      Apple7

"WOW the long awaiting tussle from the rookie Rob and Joey ... a bout of great energy and skill.
Great variety of holds and a very sharp bout technically."
"I am struck by the intensity and aggression shown by both lads."
"Tough wrestling. I'm impressed by both guys."


Triple Treat
an energetic American-style "Triple Threat" match with the three R's!

TripleTreat6  Ray Junior, Rob Palomino & special guest Red Rob


AJ's Date With Destiny
Brotherton's finest 4GW Star AJ Johnson makes his debut for us
against skilful lightweight Ray Junior from the Spotland stable

Ray Junior v AJ Johnson with Referee Nigel Crabtree

AJDate10    AJDate13

    AJDate16    AJDate23

 "AJ does some good moves and his style and in-ring persona bring something new to Spotland.
The match seemed to have a different feel
about it, which was good."
"... a wonderfully nostalgic contest reminiscent of those much missed old Saturday afternoons."
"AJ has great ring presence."


Halloween Havoc
Our Halloween Special for 2016 is a Royal Rumble in The Loft Studio ring

HalloweenHavoc2    HalloweenHavoc6

HalloweenHavoc4    HalloweenHavoc1   

"Ask Him Ref!" 10
DVD Compilation
Rob Palomino v Joey Eden in Apple of Discord
AJ Johnson v Ray Junior in AJ's Date with Destiny
Ray Junior-Rob Palomino-Red Rob in Triple Treat
Team Spotland in Halloween Havoc

DVD Preview on our YouTube Channel at:

"Congratulations to the Spotland team on another excellent display of wrestling skills.
Enjoyed both hard fought bouts and entertaining scenarios."

SmilersC2-21  Smiler's Challenges
Sam faced two Knockdown Challenges at the end of his latest spell in the UK.
We're already looking forward to his return next year!

SmilersC1-7    SmilersC1-2
Rob Palomino v Sam Smiler with Referee Nigel Crabtree

  SmilersC2-26    SmilersC2-18  
Ray Junior v Sam Smiler

  SmilersC2-20    SmilersC2-27   


"Enjoyed the technical tenacity and creative athleticism of the guys
as Smiler pushed for a winning result against the Roster lightweights."


Flag Down
the winner takes three flags in a rope match
flagdown-019    flagdown-023
Tiger McGuigan Jnr v Ray Junior    
flagdown-014   flagdown-005 

We enter the New Year with a fast-moving Brit Pro style bout
as up and coming Rob Palomino takes on the solid-looking 4GW star AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson v Rob Palomino with Referee Nigel Crabtree

countdown-008      countdown-012
Cornermen Ray & David


"Good bout to kick off the new year
with Rob taking an early risk with a forward roll off AJ's shoulders ...

but AJ showed his attacking skills which kept Rob on his toes and allowed the bout to flow ...
both lads going for pinfall opportunities.
Well done to them for giving us old-school WOS fans a nicely-paced technical bout."

Seasonal Countdown

DVD Compilation
AJ Johnson v Rob Palomino in Countdown
Smiler's Challenges featuring Sam Smiler
Tiger McGuigan Jnr v Ray Junior in Flag Down
plus Seasonal Special with Team Spotland 
on sale from our website Shop


Old Dog
Rob Palomino thinks his superior speed and agility will bring him victory against David Cuplu.
But will the young pup be able to put the old dog down?
A classic Brit Pro encounter scheduled for 8x3min rounds with two falls, submissions or one knockout deciding the winner.
OldDog3  OldDog7  OldDog12
David Cuplu v Rob Palomino with Referee Nigel Crabtree
OldDog8  OldDog10  OldDog4  OldDog2  OldDog5
OldDog9   OldDog12   OldDog6

Sponsored by the Welsh Wizard
"It was really good! The match has to be one of your best!"
 "The bout comes across really well and shows David as a good all round wrestler when he gets the opportunity"
"Congratulations to the Spotland team once again.
Always enjoy watching these talented guys keeping the sport alive.
Just keep the matches coming."
*** Double Header! ***
ProClub81    Gypsy Joe & Ray Junior    ProClub82
in Pro Club 8 our series of Brit Pro bouts showcasing new talent returns
with a second appearance for Gypsy Joe in a one fall contest against experienced Ray Junior
ProClub8i       ProClub8ii
Ray Junior v Gypsy Joe with Referee Nigel Crabtree
ProClub8iv       ProClub8iii
ProClub8v       ProClub8vi
"you can see GJ's confidence and ring presence greatly improved"

SnapShot(552)   SnapShot(549)
Young Ady v Gypsy Joe in Pro Club 9
Young Ady returns to the ring in a bout which will be a joy for our old-school fans!
 SnapShot(515)   SnapShot(551)  
Young Ady v Gypsy Joe with Referee Nigel Crabtree
contest scheduled for 8 x 3 minute rounds
one fall, submission or knockout will decide the winner
SnapShot(522)   SnapShot(521)
Winner of The McCoy Award
for Best Match of 2017
SnapShot(542)   SnapShot(524)-001
"... the guys will take time to get used to the corner stools but a nice touch!" 
"Really enjoyed Pro Club 9 ***** star performance from both Ady and GJ.
 GJ looking more comfortable in the ring and his whole approach is convincing.
 Great arsenal of holds from Ady but Joe hung in there and did his best competing well.
 Really top class performance from both lads and great camera work throughout the bout."

"The whole structure is perfect, the introduction to the matches, the corner men and the ref, and the lighting is excellent.
Seeing it close up clarifies how good these guys really are. I have to say this is the best I have ever watched.
Just simply love it and Young Ady is the icing on the cake. This guy is tops, what a talent and first class grappler."

"This is Brit Pro at its best. Doesn't get any better than this."
Gypsy Horseman
Rob Palomino reckons he makes a living out of beating up gypsies
and expects this match to be a step towards the Spotland Championship belt.
But rookie Gypsy Joe might not be a pushover.    
GypsyH4  Rob Palomino v Gypsy Joe with Referee Nigel Crabtree
GypsyH5   GypsyH1   GypsyH2   GypsyH1  

 "Ask Him Ref!" Spring 2017
Previews of recent Brit Pro releases
featuring Team Spotland & Guests
on our YouTube Channel:
snapshot(821)-001  Pro Club 10
LJ Silva makes his pro debut aiming to use his power against the experienced lightweight technician Ray Junior
snapshot(816)-001  snapshot(827)-001  snapshot(837)-001
Ray Junior v LJ Silva  with Referee Nigel Crabtree
snapshot(813)-001  snapshot(820)-001  snapshot(818)-001

"Good addition to Pro Club series with LJS taking on Ray Junior in an entertaining skilful bout."
"LJS  was in good form with his pin fall technique ..."
Spotland Slamdown
Gypsy uses smashes and slams to wear Joey down in this custom Brit Pro match
slam12  slam9  slam4  slam6
Gypsy Joe v Joey Eden with Referee Nigel Crabtree  
 slam1  slam10  slam11  slam5 
Sponsored by Batley Basher
"Really very good."

"Great to see Joey back in action with Gypsy Joe in a very active and entertaining bout ..." 
 "Watching the bout brought back memories from my visit when you see the pinfall move that I was taught
and seeing the correct way to do the body slam ... amazing what you can pick up in the Spotland experience."
 "Thank you for the prompt delivery of my latest DVD.
Really enjoyed the two energetic Brit Pro bouts featuring outstanding performances by GJ and LJS.
Ray Junior always gives of his best and likeable Joey is always a pleasure to watch.
Congratulations to all the team. Can't wait for more of the action."

"Spotland Slamdown - loved this match as bodyslams one of my favourites.
Fast and well paced jobber-heel scenario with cheeky confidence from Gypsy Joe.
Love the flexing his bicep as he slams his hapless opponent yet again. Brilliant!"


Sauvé Par La Cloche
French Wrestler Yourek challenges Young Ady
for the Spotland Pro Championship Belt
in this classic sporting contest
scheduled for 8x3min rounds
LaBell2  LaBell1  LaBell8  LaBell9
Young Ady v Yourek (Dimitri) with Referee Nigel Crabtree
LaBell4                        LaBell10                     LaBell7
LaBell6  LaBell11  LaBell14 
LaBell18  LaBell5  LaBell15

Sponsored by Paul Bonaparte

on our Pro Style channel:

"A really fantastic Brit Pro match, brilliant wrestling and wow no one executes the surfboard better than Young Ady,
that's why Spotland Scrappers are the best."

"Really enjoyed the 'World Of Sport' style Title Belt match between the lads.
Plenty of collar and elbow locks leading into some great technical moves and counters.
Ady reeling off the 3 in 1 Zoltan Boscik hold ...

Ady showed his wealth of experience with holds whilst Yourek was just managing to stay with him.
The final fall came from the Steve Grey v Richie Brooks era with the pin fall nearly coming from the suspended surfboard

... enjoyed that combination attempt but was only a matter of time before the closure ...
well contested and sporting approach from the lads which came across throughout the bout."


"Ask Him Ref!" 11
a classic Brit Pro bout.
Debutant Jack Nero has been training hard
for this crack at Young Ady our experienced team captain
Young Ady v Jack Nero
with Referee Nigel Crabtree
AHR11vi  AHR11iv  AHR11vi
Download at:

or on our Pro Style channel:

"Really enjoyed the Ady v Jack match,
a top quality, hard fought contest featuring lots of finely executed Brit Pro moves.
Loved Jack's entrance into the ring, and Ady's submission move in Round Four.
Ady's stamina and skill inevitably overpowered Jack, who courageously took a lot of punishment.
Would like to see more of Jack at The Loft.
Ady's always magical in the ring, bringing back memories of World of Sport."


Pro Club 11

PC11iv PC11i PC11vi  
Jack Nero
v Franky Dare with Referee Nigel Crabtree
A pro debut for experienced promission wrestler Franky
against newbie masked Jack Nero making only his second appearance,
with Referee Nigel Crabtree the third man in The Loft ring.
The latest in our series featuring raw talent
in old-school Brit Pro style bouts filmed at The Loft Studio.

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"Franky coped well and seemed to enjoy the bout."


"Admiral-Lord Mountevans rules are a set of professional wrestling rules mainly used in British wrestling.
They were named after Edward Evans, 1st Baron Mountevans, who chaired a committee in 1947
to write a unified set of rules for professional wrestling in the British Isles, defining what holds were legal and how a fall could be scored.
The style of wrestling under the Mountevans rules was advertised by promoters as Modern Freestyle Wrestling."


All the Best to our Referee Mr Nigel Crabtree on his special Birthday!


Pro Club 12
Max Morrison makes his long-awaited pro debut in this sporting contest
between two trainees, scheduled for 8x3min rounds
Frankie Dare v Max Morrison with Referee Nigel Crabtree

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"... a good match ... the indian death lock submission move ... the guillotine applied and well done too ... I enjoyed it."


Pro Club 13
Masked Jack Nero aims to teach lively rookie Max Morrison a lesson
in this Brit Pro-style bout scheduled for 8 x 3min rounds
Jack Nero v Max Morrison with Referee Nigel Crabtree

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