Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150lbs

From: Manchester, England

Specialities: Promission, Submission, Custom scenarios.

Whether it is the Grapplezone, the ring, or an oil mat, Bruno is up for a battle. As he continues to climb the Spotland ladder, Bruno impresses and improves with every bout, taking the fight to some of Spotland's veterans and doing his upmost to ensure that he is the shining star amongst his generation of up-and-comers. Whilst he always treats his opponents with respect, his combinaiton of strength, grit and stamina make him a real force to be recekoned with amongth the Spotland Scrappers. Bruno has made his presence felt at The Loft and as he says, 'Lads, the locker-room is on notice!' 

  Joey Delgado v Vaz Pitesti
Vaz makes his ring debut in this fast-moving lightweight contest
that has an "old-school" look.

'This is one of the best lightweight bouts ever. Rematch please!'

Bruno Baccy v Al Rosso
Baccy makes a welcome return to the mats in this lively encounter with the ever-improving Rosso.

'Rosso just keeps getting better and Baccy is a gifted grappler!'

David Hitman v Joey Delgado
will trainee Joey be able to slide out of Hitman's notorious scissor moves?
Bruno Baccy v Bert Ruben
classic technician versus power match-up  in a turkish delight.
Two mat matches under the Oil Zone spotlights!

'Bruno v Bert was a real treat. What a contest!'

Bruno Baccy v David Hitman in a Sagger Fight. Baccy is the more experienced wrestler but the rookie fighter is Hitman by name and nature in this encounter outside & inside the ring.

Max Morrison v Franky Nadara in a Chain Match with an impressive finishing move. A colourful spectacle under the ring spotlights to brighten your day during these difficult times.