'Watched the first match. Great stuff! The guys set the scene well. The wrestling was awesome. A really good job by the first two.and you managed to get the ambush at the end perfectly. Kudos to the lads. Look forward to working together again. Give my regards to the team there.'
(Memphis Hell Sponsor)

Young Ady & the rest of Team Spotland inMemphis Hell series

'You guys are amazing! The match is awesome ... Smiler just kept on fighting both of them ... kept on trying! You guys do great work and fast too!'
(Beemat Miscela Sponsor)

A customised hybrid of 1v1's & 2v1, plus group fight with musical accompaniment.
Beemat Miscelafeatures Sam Smiler, LJ Silva, Young Ady, Adri, Ray Junior & Joey Eden.

'I'm watching the custom Ninja match again and its excellence continues to reveal itself to me. Bravo again to all involved. So many nice, little touches I keep spotting. Really great job in bringing together so many of the the things I emailed you about ...'
(Shinobi Custom Sponsor)

Ninja Junior v Lofty in Shinobi Custom


'I understand how difficult it is to make the matches fit with
such a specific request and the guys worked hard as usual.
Please thank them for me.'
(Seeing Stars Sponsor)

Ray Junior & Sam Smiler in Seeing Stars 3  third in series


'I want to thank you so much. The guys and the cam team really did a great job. The guys look perfect and are in a great shape. And they really did everything I proposed.
But what I liked most was Lofty’s talking during the match. He is not only an extremely handsome wrestler, but a great actor, too. It really was as if he was the stage director of the whole match. So thanks again to the whole team.'
(Double Slided Sponsor)
Lofty, Ray Junior and LJ Silva inDouble Slideda 2-on-1 oil match.

'The guys did a great job of capturing the spirit of what I was looking to produce.
I really appreciate how they tried to immerse themselves 'in character' to deliver.
Ady was especially good -- both his action and his smack talk. Really well done.
And of course Ray made for a great jobber.
So please extend my thanks and appreciation to the lads.'

Team Spotland in Outsiders


'I really enjoyed this ... the guys did an amazing job.'

Ray Junior & Max Morrison find themselves dressed as comic book fighters in Comic Cuts.  Sponsor & Guest Editor: Baker Daze


'... Ady & Max were awesome!'

A booted Max Morrison faces a barefooted Young Ady.
Will the powerhouse Ady be able to dominate athletic Max?

Max Morrison v Young Ady in Randy's Custom.


'I requested a few specific holds but left most of it open to let the guys get creative...and they sure did! Seeing the strength and athleticism from these brawny brawlers was a highlight of the match. There were also plenty of great reversals and other surprises!
If you love watching beefy guys go at it in a submission contest, this one is for you!'

Flavi Forza v Young Ady in First 2 Three


  • SnapShot(3984)-001
  • Converse1
  • ConverseColl

'The download worked perfectly and the match is awesome, exactly what I was hoping for and the guys were great! Thanks for making it happen and for making this such an easy process!'

(Converse Clash Sponsor)

Young Ady v Danny Mettle in Converse Clash for sneaker fans


'The match is perfect!  I love it.
The choice of music is hysterical and a very nice touch!
It's amazing what you're able to do so quickly,
based on another person's view of what their custom match would be.
Please thank the guys for doing such an awesome job, and let them know that
I appreciate all the effort they put in
... it was fantastic!  They really do work well together.'
(Cloud One Customs - Sponsor of Building Bridges)

Sam Smiler v LJ Silva in Building Bridges - slam & bridge themed match


'Really liked the set up for both bouts, and the contrast between them
(the combo of rip strip in the first with workers' gear in the second - two of my favourite scenarios). 
Good to see Young Ady with both Sammy Scrapper and LJ Silva.
I thought the grittier location for the second bout was particularly good, and has given me some thoughts on future custom bouts.
All in all, I reckon this goes on my list of Spotland favourites!'

Young Ady v LJ Silva in Stripdown rip 'n strip
& Young Ady v Sammy Scrapper in Smashdown as construction workers                 


'Hey I just wanted to tell you that I loved the custom, I'll definitely be ordering another one soon. Keep the mask please.'  (Spladle Splits 1 Match Sponsor)

Young Ady v David Cuplu in Spladle Splits focussing on spladle variants

Mikey Aarons reviewed First 2 Three & It's A Knockout  matches on his Submission Wrestling Blog

'I wanted an evenly fought first to 3 submissions/knockouts match.
I picked my 2 favorite brawny brawlers on their roster, Young Ady and Flavi.
The fellas did not disappoint me at all!
I requested a few specific holds but left most of it open to let the guys get creative...and they sure did! Seeing the strength and athleticism from these beefcakes was another great highlight of the match.
There were also plenty of great reversals and other surprises!'

Read the full review at:

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