Customer Feedback


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We're into our seventh year of video production,
and the feedback we've received from our growing band of loyal customers has been very encouraging
- here's just a few snippets...
"excellent first DVD...particularly like the rule breaking scenes..."
"I enjoyed was just as advertised"
"it looked like the guys had a great time"
"the action with Brad the trainer was awesome"
"good quality DVD...great bouts...good stable of wrestlers"
"I haven't seen good Brit Pro wrestling for ages"
"the wrestlers certainly seem to enjoy themselves and put a lot of work into their wrestling"
"I look forward to the next DVD"
"All the guys have so much fun..."
"Brad knows how to break the rules"
"Young Ady has a great future"
"...hope they'll be more DVD's"
"love the pics..."
"promptness of posting..."
"...high quality camera"
"all put on a great show and obviously enjoyed very much what they were doing"
"...liked the focus on training as well as matches"
 " of British style pro wrestling - supporting Spotland Scrappers keeping this spirit alive"
"Flash Bang Wallop!...the best DVD you've produced yet, both in quality and content
- particularly like the oil's hoping for more of them in future"
"thank you for your great show last night
and the professionalism of the lads..."
" to see your guys live"
"...a great night" 
"...thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon"
" feeling very pleased and surprised with myself
 for doing my first body slam and forward somersault from a standing position"
"...would like to come to future sessions"
"thank the guys for making me feel so welcome and being patient and encouraging..."
 "The match came out great."
Both guys are skilled and the holds were excellent.
...hopefully get another custom match done soon."
"I enjoyed the Promission Progress matches very much.
The wrestling was skilled and the guys seemed pretty evenly matched."
"...looking forward to your next releases."

"...good wrestling
and some interesting submission holds..."

  "the lads put on a really great show."

"you have a great website..."
"want to see the new guys."

 "...great DVD"
 "looking forward to more from the live shows"
"I hope that you continue to find more and more skilled wrestlers."

"Please produce more matches
- the quality is terrific."

"good to know you are going from strength to strength with the whole promotion"
"the outdoors match is great..."
"Young Ady always great to watch."
"I liked the variety of settings/bouts in the DVD."
"...a good stable of wrestlers..."
"...tell the lads to keep up the good work"
"It brightens my day thinking of the Spotland Scrappers."
"...I enjoyed the DVD
...great wrestling action."  
"Young Ady is definitely the star and my favourite..."
"...keep up the good work."
"I could tell the holds were for real and not just made to look real."
"I just purchased... Promission Plus...the match...between Young Ady and Power Ranger was fantastic..."
"What are the chances of ordering a Custom Match between these two guys..."
"It's good to see your roster of wrestlers growing."
"The tag match was my favourite."
"...always fun on the faces of the guys." 
"great value DVD."
"Young Ady is looking really good..."
"Excellent wrestling."
"Thanks for doing a great job."
"great site and cool wrestlers."
  "Looking forward to working with Phil
 and the lads again."
"Liked the match between Ady and new boy Shammy.
They work well together!
Just the sort of technical wrestling I like.
Liked the surfboard!"
"Thanks for the calendar."
" Shazza and Shammy,
and hope we'll be seeing more of them!"
" wishes for many more excellent DVD's in 2011."
"really impressed with the quality skill and effort...
all the guys seem to be enjoying the whole experience."

"A good choice of gear."

"I like the wrestlers you have brought together."

"Young Ady had me captivated by his prowess, power and cocky attitude."

"I reckon..Grudges & Groans...DVD is your best yet."

"...really enjoyed the Brad/Young Ady grudge match."

"Shammy Leigh is turning into a great recruit."

"...hope battle royal will be a feature of future DVD's."

"...was amazing how Ady racked Brad with ease"

"LJ will be the Sid Cooper heel of Spotland Scrappers..."

"nice to see a good promotion with young people pro wrestling...and being proactive."

"...prompt helpful customer service."

" amazing production..."
"...great selection and clarity."

"...good quality recordings."

"thanks as ever for the super-quick service
and good quality (and value) DVD."

 "The match was wonderful."
"Ady has an attitude that really added a lot to the match." 

"Ady looked great in the pro gear."
"Ady's pro wrestling skills are outstanding
and it was a pleasure to wrestle him." 

"my highlights were...particularly the 2v1 action
and when all the wrestlers were fighting in the ring together."

" paced
...great camera work."

"...skilful competent wrestlers, physically impressive
and their athleticism is well above average."

"...the quality of the video is the best I've seen."

"...a lot of"
"...lads seems to have fun."
"...enjoyed the debut bouts."

"...the two camera angles work well."

"Thank you so much for the DVD...
indeed it is awesome
I enjoyed it a lot..."

"You've got a great roster of fighters now."
"I like the introduction of a ref..."

"the picture quality is wonderful."

"the lads are coming on..."
"everything seemed to go up a notch."
"simply the best yet."
"well done to all concerned."
(Ask Him Ref! 5)

  "really excellent production values on the DVD's"

"The wrestlers are clearly being well trained in the...Brit"

"longest held suspended surfboard move
that I can ever remember...well done."
(Let's Wrestle for Sport Relief)

"great video ... great wrestling ..."
"One of the best visual videos
I have bought in 15 years."
(AHR! 3&5)

"Quality is excellent and production standard does you credit."
"The replays are a great idea."

"very quick and professional service."

"loads of energy and enthusiasm between LJS & Edgeley..."
"some very gritty wrestling on this presentation."
"all in a safe fun and respectful environment."

"The tag team bout was a particular highlight
especially when it descended into chaos!"
(Trainee Treasure Trove)

"Regards and best wishes to all your wrestlers
for such great entertainment."
"I really look forward to the bouts
between the two Sam's."

"three great paced fun bouts..."
(Birthday Bash)

"full on stuff...
EH is a bundle of energy..."
(True Grit)

"Great wrestlers, love the brit pro style
with some submission holds."
"They look great in their trunks."
(Let's Wrestle)

"I like the new guys...
great wrestlers with good looks...
looking forward to the next disc."

"The video looked great...
the guys did some incredible moves..
a great job...very happy with it."
(Custom Match 9)

"I wrestled Sammy Scrapper and it was a fantastic experience.
I was also able to watch some of the lads in training
and they certainly know their stuff.
I hope the organisation
continues to flourish.
Thanks to you all.
The pics are great."

"Great set-up, professional, friendly and fun.
Ady a great coach and very patient" ...  
with a "sense of humour and friendliness - natural and unforced."

"Spotland Scrappers ... awesome for helping to keep the art/sport of Brit Pro alive.
The lads are very friendly and behave very professsionally."

"...brilliant production...
good first submission with hanging surfboard..."

"The theatre was played well
with Ady's cocky heel attitude
and flexing his muscles to camera."
(AHR! 6)

"great mat action."

"Good to see your lads
doing some oil wrestling again..."

"David awesome and skilful."
(Live at the Factory)

"Good to see you've started filming oil bouts again
- hopefully there'll be more to come?"

"You have done him proud!
It brought back memories of times
when he was so full of life and enjoying himself."
(Tribute to Shammy Leigh)

"I've just watched the Exercise Video
and it's very good."
(Keeping in Shape 1)

"Thank you for the amazing quick posting of my DVD's in the correct format."
"...amazing going to be spending more of my Christmas money..."
(Seasonal Fun)

"I really enjoyed the oil match between Cameron and Samuel.
The camera work was excellent and both guys (who look great oiled-up)
worked well together and had a good rapport..."
"I also loved the way it then developed into the King of the Oil contest.
Excellent production and well done."
(Slither Factor)

"Wonderful to see authentic pro wrestling in the UK...
love the look of your Ask Him Ref! series."

" of the best clips of Cameron I've ever seen..."
"...loved this video."
"I definitely recommend this match."
(Slithery Scrappers download)

"David seems to have come on really fast
and looks great in the pro gear with Callum
especially where he lifts and slams him - wow!"
(Live at the Factory)

"Ady & Stan are fit, athletic, with a cheeky cockiness, personality and skill.
They also seem to LOVE wrestling."
(Rectory Roadsters 1)

"They did great and looked great in the gear...
Sam looked amazing in the singlet..."
("Snap, Crackle & Pop" Custom Match) 

"The guys are very talented and look good."
(Surfin' Smiler Custom Match)

"Really love it - great work!
Ady teaching Sam worked really well.
Thank the lads for their hard work and skill."
(Double Trouble Custom Match)

"I really enjoyed Double Trouble...
the interaction between Young Ady & Sam Smiler had a very good dynamic
and they came across as a natural tag team.
Ray Junior puts in a good performance...."

... recently downloaded Double Trouble
- think it's one of your best ... some innovative moves!
... hope you do similar format again
... quality of images excellent."

"Ady is...such a good wrestler...
great personality...physique.
It's a really good match and although 
Ady was at a size disadvantage
he more than held his own."
(Roma Steel)
"The Summer Slam compilation was fantastic ... has to be a top seller!"
"Live at Longsight is brilliant ... has all the atmosphere ...
you can see the slickness of the moves now ..."
"...lovely tag bout, traditional lock-ups suplex clothes lines and body slams...
Welsh Dragon seems to have a Les Kellett look about him!"
(Dragon's Tag - Spotland Experience match)
"It's very good technically with some excellent holds and moves ...
Sammy is outstanding ... as well as his high technical ability
also brings a lot of personality and character into the bout
... compelling to watch."
(Pro Title Eliminator 2)

"slick professional presentation ..."
"... well done to the whole team for a fantastic production."
(Ask Him Ref! 7)

"fun new video, the guys are great to watch ...
you've got a really strong team there."
(Splash Factor)

"I liked the scrappy less controlled aspect
plus the aggro and talk between the guys ...
something a bit different which was definitely enjoyable."
(A Clean Fight)
"not seen a straight arm lift for years and it was a perfect one ...
congratulations to the guys with thanks for their hard work and talent."
"...thought the whole scenario worked very well."

"It is hilarious and excellent with an ending that is just perfect."
(Custard Creams)
 A Review of Double Trouble on Wrestling Arsenal blog:

"The guys come across well ..."
"... very impressed with the way the lads worked the multiple fight sequences."
"... amazed that it hadn't been rehearsed or choreographed."
(Paint Job)
"good solid wrestling by a fun, hot bunch of guys."
(YouTube Channel trailer)

"... particularly liked the Indian death lock cum power lock,
haven't seen that for a long time ..."
"... great techical bout ... smacks of a Steve Grey v Greg Valentine tussle."
(Tommy's Skillshare)

"The more I see David Cuplu
the better his heel look is appearing ..."
(Peak Practice)
"Interesting concept and extremely well executed"
(Tag Funraiser)
"Lewy Paradise is a great addition to the team roster!
Couldn't have picked a better opponent than Sam Smiler
for this first match-up!"
"You've got the right guys in the right gear ..."
"Unlike many wrestling vids that don't quite live up to their billing - this one does!
Super old-style WOS UK wrestling meets a modern twist!
Great stuff!"
(Paradise Loft)
"... a great bout with tones of Steve Grey and Kid McCoy"
"Really Top Notch as it says on the tin.
Great homage to ITV's World of Sport - but not fake.
Both Sam & Ady have really upped their game this past year,
with their professional wrestling skills top class now!"
(Top Notch)
"really great video with highlights of two other matches too!"
(Dented Tykes)

"Truly great tag team match from these guys - loved the back/forth nature of this match!

Shows Spotland has plenty of potential to expand with great new UK Pro wrestlers to add to the Spotland Roster for sure!"
(Lightening Strike)
"Honestly, I cant say enough how great a job I think you guys do,
proper legit wrestling and the guys seem so genuine and down to earth...yet tough!"
"Nice touch making use of the whole warehouse."
(Attic Attack)

AWESOME!! Completely my type of match, loved it. 

Real skilled wrestling and fighters with charisma too. You should def do more with Yourek.
Ady, Yourek and Sammy Scrapper. My top three wrestlers anywhere I think.
Awesome work as always.
(La Soumission)
"They both fought a tough respectful competitive bout ..."
(La Soumission)
"cool demo"
"he lifted him so easy!"
(A Short Story)
"Just bought this video and love it!"
(Divine Beauty)
"Once again Sam & Lewy produce a great match with some new moves."
(Tango Tangle)
"... some creative wrestling in all the bouts ..."
"Ady used a classic Johnny Saint move ..."
(Darkness Falls)
"Excellent all round camera skills / crisp clear focus has to be commended
and sure enhanced the pleasure viewing factor of this Young Stud wrestling selection ...
even the short ref knew when to keep out"  
(YouTube Highlights)
"Hey the match came out great, thanks!"
(Dad 'n Lad Custom Match)
"So funny and nice guys."
(Elf Fire)

"The wrestling content of this is phenomenal  and the teaming of Ady and Ray is amazing.
The whole pace and execution of holds is superb and Ray brings a fresh style of athleticism to the role.
Ray took the punishment well; I know he will know he was in a hard match with Ady; even the gear sets it off with the boots.
I think the lighting effect sets off the guys in gear so I thought it was great."
"I totally loved it :)
It was a pleasure to be a part of your new live show.
My special thanks to Ray and the Spotland team!
Your a great bunch of guys :)"
(Junior's Sponsor in Tale Of Woe)
"The long awaited rematch for a crack at the belt by David Cuplu, full of bravado and confidence as he makes his entrance.
After his tangle in Attic Attack he tries to get the match going at his pace to weaken the champ but Ady soon has none of it
the Johnny Kidd knee back breaker early on sends out the sign that he wont get his own way.
David gets lucky when he can reach the top rope to get out of a trademark Ady surfboard.
A nice slow paced Brit Pro style bout with plenty of holds from both wrestlers that the knowledgeable Loft audience enjoyed."
(Blue Sky)
"Peace Pirates a nice little production.
The smiles and enthusiasm from the mischevious Sammy & Ray in their entrances showed it all.
The lads put on a good skillful bout using the ropes to get into position.
So the Spotland Pirates Team get 10 out of 10 and the audience warmed to it too.
 Well done on Bout 4 of 4 from LATL4!"
(Peace Pirates)

"Like two silverbacks going at each other.
Well contested bout fought with skill & determination."
(Aaron v Ady in Underground)

"Sammy is funny, totally owned lol."
"Tough, gutsy and fun, gets 11 out of 10 from me.
Great viewing."
(Aaron v Sammy in Underground)
"... a great combination of wrestlers."
(Live in the Capital)

"Love it when a Brit Pro match goes the full number of rounds."
(Killer's E-Clips in Custom Tales)

"... the balance of street clothes and pro gear gave an added tough look ..."
(Memphis Hell ii)
"Nice camera work in motion & stills pics ... that kept one's attention to the viewing ..."
(Memphis Hell YouTube Preview)

"The final bout was perfect, some of the holds the lads slipped in were great
especially that hold towards the end which Ray sells well ..."
"Love the creative submission holds"
(Seeing Stars)
"really well produced and paced ...
good switching of control ... flowed well."
(Pro Club 2)

"Great pairing who work well together a flawless bout to watch ...
 athleticism of Ray and the strength and very innovative skill of Joey ...
 great selection of holds and counters ... how long did the prepare for that? ... "
(Pro Club 3)
"Superb matches. The guys worked brilliantly. Please thank them for me. 
Great to see those really complex moves and submissions. 
Exciting to watch skilled wrestlers working and selling holds and locks. 
Thanks again."
(Sponsor, Seeing Stars 2)
"Just bought the boxing themed download which is very good
... always had a bit of a thing for gutpunching !"
(Boxer Shorts 1&2) 
 Review of Take Two
on the Wrestling Arsenal website:
 "As a fanatic of lift and carry, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Day Job!
Which part was my favorite? The baby carry around the ring!"
(Day Job)

"... great vid, lots of wrestling lifts and throwing around!
This is a must buy video 15 mins of lift and carry ...
I suggest everyone to buy it!"
(Day Job)
"clever production ..."
"Ray has the smile of the assassin when required."
"I liked all the verbal banter between them."
"some very funny stuff in there"
(A Rippin' Yarn)
"This is great and glad that you guys are trying something new, please can we have some more of the same."
(Turkish Delight 1&2)
"... what really makes it work and what is really worth highlighting is how the guys attitudes tie it all together.
Right from the start and all throughout the match both Ady and Ray lead you to believe they hold a real grudge
as very move and hold seem to arise from pure hatred.
A couple of off-angle punches let us know this guys know what they are doing, but still at some points I couldn’t help but to worry for their well being.
The match is basically a stand-off between two alphas and the guys help the tale come true with their body language,
their ruthless attitude and menacing silence that reigns throughout the match."
Review of Pony Tale in Lasustancia Blog:
"... an enjoyable paced bout with David and GJ ... he has picked up the pace when in holds now and when countering ...
 Good variation of weakening holds with DC his favourite Indian Death Lock/Fig4/then Boston ...
 David looking good with his selection of gear ..."
(Shooting Stars)

"The bout was brilliant ...
 The Inclusion of the Trainees has been a breath of fresh air in LATL5 ...   
 We knew The Banshee could wrestle from the previous encounter with Ray but Samuel sorted  out the showman" 
(Live At The Loft 5 - "Wailing Banshee")

"... an enjoyable scenario well filmed and a good choice of gear ...
 Poor Old Ray, he just has that face people must want to suffer
been a while since he had a 2 on 1 like Junior's Revenge ..."
(You're Choking! - Wallet & Gromit)
"Many thanks for another entertaining DVD ...
I am amazed (but not surprised) how much David Cuplu has progressed as a wrestler since Live At The Factory.
Looking forward to lots of Brit Pro bouts throughout 2016"
(Pro Club 5,6,7)
"Thank you for the DVD's ... well impressed with them.
Your guys have come a long way and The Loft looks brilliant. Congratulations.
I saw Johnny in a Show about three years ago, was impressed and it was good to see him again."
(Ask Him Ref! 8)

"I totally love the Spotland action and would feel awful if it ended ..."
(The Two Brexiteers)

"Many thanks for all the entertaining DVD's.
Lofty Valentino is a brilliant showman and natural talent.
I really admire all the effort the lads put in."
(Ask Him Ref! 9)
"Congratulations to the Spotland team
on another excellent display of wrestling skills.
Enjoyed both hard fought bouts and entertaining scenarios"
(Ask Him Ref! 10)
I especially love the submission/promission style matches. 
They are well wrestled by good looking guys, well shot and presented. 
Thanks a bunch for the entertainment. 
I would love to watch your new French guy Eti  manhandle everyone else at Spotland Scrappers. 
Good luck in the future and thanks for the hard work!
("Who's The Boss?" 4)

"Congratulations to the Spotland team once again.
Always enjoy watching these talented guys keeping the sport alive.
Good to see David back. Enjoyed all of Rob's appearances.
Just keep the matches coming."
(Old Dog)

"Thank you for the prompt delivery of my latest DVD.
Really enjoyed the two energetic Brit Pro bouts featuring outstanding performances by GJ and LJS.
Ray Junior always gives of his best and likeable Joey is always a pleasure to watch.
Congratulations to all the team. Can't wait for more of the action."
(Pro Club 10 & Spotland Slamdown)
 "I particularly appreciate the excellent camera work.  
I also find the sound very well done; it is fun to hear the wrestlers talking to each other
and revealing something of their personalities.
The videos are fairly priced and I like the "sporty" and unsleazy  production values."
(Dirty Habits)

 "A really fantastic Brit Pro match, brilliant wrestling and wow no one executes the surfboard better than Young Ady,
that's why Spotland Scrappers are the best."
"... it’s well edited and Ady did some brill bridge moves too ...Great stuff."
"Great atmosphere and camaraderie."

"Really enjoyed the 'World Of Sport' style Title Belt match between the lads.
Plenty of collar and elbow locks leading into some great technical moves and counters.
Ady reeling off the 3 in 1 Zoltan Boscik hold ...
Ady showed his wealth of experience with holds whilst Yourek was just managing to stay with him.
The final fall came from the Steve Grey v Richie Brooks era with the pin fall nearly coming from the suspended surfboard
... enjoyed that combination attempt but was only a matter of time before the closure ...
well contested and sporting approach from the lads which came across throughout the bout."

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and could feel the atmosphere."
"... now no.1 in my list of all time favourite matches ... excellent camera work and editing."
(Sauvé Par La Cloche)

"... the guys really seem to know what they are doing and are genuinely interested to learn.
Thats what comes across anyway!" 

"Absolutely loved Giggles & Absercise"
"A fantastically great value DVD."
(Randy's Custom/Laughing For Good/Absercise)

"awesome customer service man, thanks!"

"Young Ady is a truly talented and highly skilled wrestler, who always delivers the goods.
He just gets better and better! I love his ring presence, his prowess, his stamina,
his arrogance and his technical skills in the sport of wrestling.
He acts and looks every inch a true champion, especially when wearing his full black wrestling gear (trunks & boots).
Really hoping to see more of him in action again soon and reclaiming the champions belt back around his waist where it belongs.
Thanks for producing some excellent matches. Much respect!"


Review of Mexican Table
in Squash Job Stories


"One of the best organizations for wrestling."