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    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 138lbs

    From: Oldham, England

    Specialities: Promission, Submission, Custom Scenarios

    Danny Boy Mettle is Spotland's smiling asssassin - a popular Scrapper in the locker room but  a devilishly difficult opponent. Starting with his debut in May 2018 in Crushsters 2, he thrives in our Grapplezoners series where his stellar promission and submission technique ensures his popularity with fans. Danny also competes in a range of custom scenarios including the legendary Seaside Surfin,  and in the oilzone. Danny's success has only amplified his self belief and he loves nothing better than to tie-up opponents in an agonising hold, leaving them no choice but to tap out and lick their wounds whilst he showboats for the camera. Behind the smile lies a real tiger!

    Franky Dare v Robyn Hudd
    & Danny Mettle v Bruno Baccy.
    Two rookies make their Spotland debut with a couple of our more experienced Scrappers. Tall, lean Franky is a popular figure whilst pocket dynamo Danny is rapidly gaining his own fan club! Want more? Check out Grapplezoners 3!

    Franky Dare v Fionn Valour, Max Morrison v Bruno Baccy & Danny Mettle v Alex Beatboxer
    in three promission-style matches featuring newcomers up against our more experienced guys
    under The Loft ring spotlights.

    Young Ady, Franky Dare, Danny  Mettle and Max Morrison
    grease-up and go head-to-head in The Loft's oilzone. Will size & power triumph or will a more supple Scrapper win the day?

    Ray Junior v Danny Mettle.
    Spotland veteran Ray Junior doesn't have it all his own way in this promission style match with newcomer Danny who has learnt some moves of his own. In a bonus match, Danny Mettle is in the spotlight as he faces the masked El Maz Morrison. Mettle fans will love this Danny double- bill!