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Height: 5'10"

Weight: 148lbs

From: Oldham, England

Specialities: Promission, Submission, Custom scenarios.

Davey Boy Braha has sure made a splash since joining Spotland, racking up over 15 appearances since his debut in 2020.  'Sometimes, to lose is okay because you learn more from losing than you do from winning and I always come back stronger,' says Davey, who despite his humble attitude, has accumulated an impressive number of victories since his debut.  The promission and submission specialist never shys away from a challenge which means you can find him in The Loft's Grapplezone, in the ring or in bespoke customer scenarios.  Skillful and agile, Davey is a tough opponent for even the most established and experience of the Spotland Scrappers. Check-out his action-packed encounters below or enjoy browsing his whole match catalogue.

Davey Boy Braha (Army) v Joey Delgado (Navy)
Two Team Spotland favourites parade their wrestling skills in bullseye gear with a services theme.

'An amazing exchange of holds. Great wrestling!'

Joey Delgado v Davey Boy Braha.
Devilish Davey & Tigerish Joey return in their Tackle Trunks

'I enjoyed joey punching davey down to the canvas right out of the ab stretch . I noticed they also have started adding more trash talk!'
'Great wrestling from both lads.'

Jack Nero v Davey Boy Braha
Up-and-comer Davey Boy sets out to prove that our pro stars don't have what it takes in the world of promission. In this scrappy best of 3, may the best wrestler win.

'Superbly filmed and Davey is a safe bet.' 

'Heck yeah!'