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    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 143lbs

    From: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Specialities: Promission, Submission, Custom scenarios, Brit Pro.

    Accolades: Former Matman Cup winner

    Franky Dare Nadara is lean and hungry for action. Having learned from Spotland veterans (Sam Smiler, Ray Junior & Young Ady), Franky has risen through the ranks swiftly. After making his debut in March 2018, his career spiked after capturing the Matman Cup. Since then, this tall and tenacious wrestler has gone from strength to strength, executing his sublime submission skills across a range of matches from fun scenarios, pro/submission in the grapplezone and Brit Pro bouts in the ring.
    He has over 50 match appearances.

    Franky has been responsible for the recruitment & training of Spotland's 'new breed' including Joey Delgado, Davey Braha, Bert Ruben & Alex Tanner.

     Franky Dare v Max Morrison in a sporting but competitive match. Franky is out to prove a point against Max who makes his long-awaited pro debut. 
    In an enticing bout scheduled for 8x3min rounds, who will have their hand raised at the end?

    'Thoroughly enjoyed. Fast and energetic wrestling with well executed moves and weakeners.'

    Franky Dare (Champion) v Sammy Scrapper (Challenger) on the comeback trail for Spotland's Matman Cup.
    Plus Max "Maximuscle" Morrison takes on a returning Manni Old'em.
    Friendly rivals in two entertaining "promission" match-ups in The Loft Grapplezone.

    Young Ady & Sammy Scrapper v Sam Smiler & Franky Dare.
    Sam Smiler partnering newcomer Franky Dare in a tag match against the Brothers Grimm for the Spotland Easter Egg Championship!

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    • SeasideFD
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    Young Ady v Max Morrison & Franky Dare v Robyn Hudd
    The team have outdoor fun with matches on the beach and in the waves.  Will Franky ride the waves in style or will he find his face in the sand in one of many surfboards?  A summer special filmed on Ainsdale Beach, Merseyside.