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    Height: 6' 

    Weight: 164lbs

    From: Hunslet, England 

    Speciality: Brit Pro

     Jack Nero is out to bring justice to those (whom he says)  have been running The Loft for too long and anybody else who stands in his way. With a will to climb to the top of the mountain,  Jack Nero fights for everybody who ever dreamed of making it big; for the small-towners slaving to put their place on the map; and for the many who struggle day-in-day-out against the oppresion from the elite few at the top. Nero's mask hides his idenity, representing his commitment to the fight for everyone and his height and power make him a tough opponent  for anybody. Jack's wrestling so far, shows that he can get himself out of a tight spot and claim victory in seconds. Watch out for Jack Nero! 

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    Jack Nero v Davey Boy Braha

    Up-and-comer, Davey Boy is out on a mission to prove that our pro stars don't have what it takes in the world of promission. In this scrappy best of 3, may the best wrestler win.

    'Davey versus Jack a superb technical and athletic match! Davey is a safe bet and superbly filmed fight! congratulations!

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    • Jack Nero Rob Palomino front face lock ground Dark Hore
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    Jack Nero v Rob Palomino face-off for the Spotland Scrappers Pro Wrestling Championship in a hard-hitting, fast-paced bout with a whopping 10 x3 minute rounds!

    'The public warnings and dirty tactics make it fun to watch'

    Jack Nero aims to teach lively rookie Max Morrison a lesson
    in this Brit Pro-style bout, scheduled for 8 x 3 minute rounds. Will the newcomer be overpowered by a taller and stronger Jack or will Max leave Jack on his back?

    'Loved Pro Club 13. An excellent bout between two fast-paced, evenly matched athletes.'

    'It was a great bout!'

    Franky Dare v Rey Mysterious
    who is the man behind the mask?
    Jack Nero v Neymar Junior
    the mouthy tyrant returns expecting to put out rookie Neymar's fire with ease.
    Two entertaining pro-style matches to celebrate the New Year!

    'A phenomenal double-whammy of close contests, putting each man to the test!"

    'As ever, two brilliant bouts.'