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    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 140lbs

    From: Oldham, England

    Specialities: Promission, Submission, Custom Scenarios,  Brit Pro.

    Accolades: Best Newcomer Award 2018 

     Young gun, Max Morrison has lit up The Loft since joining the Spotland stable in May 2018. Max wears his heart on his sleeve, putting everything he has in to every match-up. He also learns from each encounter and his commitent to improving his craft has impressed Spotland stars like Young Ady & Rob Palomino who've chosen Max as their personal training partner on occasion. But to be the best, you have to beat the best which is fortunate for young Max who thrives under pressure. Max has developed into a powerful opponent with talent which he executes finely across all our styles.

     Whilst climbing the Spotland ladder is serious business for Max, he also enjoys contributing to Custom Scenarios sponsored by fans. Whether he's on the receiving end of an excruciating surfboard in Seaside Surfin;  shining in the oilzone or making our new tickling matches his own as his alter-ego, Giggles, Max is making a huge impact at The Loft.

    Max has 38 match appearances.

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    Max Morrison
    v Danny Mettle      
    Both guys have been training hard and take this opportunity to use some new moves (and a few old favourites!) in a lively ring encounter.

    Spotland Scrappers support Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign
    to make sport everyone's game.

    'I think Max Morrison is superb.'

    'Both wrestlers put on a great show, displaying a vast repertoire of holds and moves. Excellent camera work and close-up shots.'

    'Max is very talented and adds more good holds almost every time he does a match.'

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    • Jack Nero Max Morrison Pro Club 13

    Lively Max Morrison aims to make his mark in this Brit Pro bout against Spotland's masked vigilante, Jack Nero.

    'Loved Pro Club 13. An excellent bout between two fast-paced, evenly matched athletes.'

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    • Randys Custom Ady Max

     A booted Max Morrison faces a barefooted Young Ady.
    Will the powerhouse Ady be able to dominate athletic Max?
    Plus, a bonus encounter with a nimble Max  taking on the powerhouse, Flavi Forza who is not out to make friends, using the odd illegal move to slow down his more agile opponent.

    'Just saw the match and loved it! Ady and Max were awesome!'

    Snapreel on YouTube:

    • StairManni
    • StairCrazy3
    • StairCrazy2
    • StairCrazyColl2

    Manni Old'em v Max Morrison with a rule-bending romp in and out of the ring! Will Manni's dirty tatics be too much or will Max's good, honest grappling win the day?

    'I did enjoy Stair Crazy; both wrestlers put on a good performance and Manni looked good in pro gear.'