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Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 156lbs

From: Gorton, Manchester.

Specialities: Promission, Submission, Custom Scenarios

Accolade: Most Promising Newcomer 2019

Neymar Junior can do it all. Blessed with incredible natural talent and ruthless perseverance, Neymar is a force to be reckoned with at The Loft. Making his debut in December 2019, the fresh-faced newcomer has already made a name for himself amongst the Spotland Scrappers as a fierce, young up-and-comer who just does not quit. The other Scrappers should watch their backs because there's a new kid in town and without a doubt, 2020 is going to be huge for Neymar as he learns some new tricks to his trade.


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2020 summer 'end of the pier' variety featuring
Sammy Scrapper v Neymar Jnr
as trainee Neymar tries some flying moves against old 'scrap metal'
in a pro-style match under the ring spotlights.
Neymar Jnr v Deathslayer
in Sagger Fight 2.
Neymar has already made this sagger series his own.
Plus two other matches.

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Alex McDonald
v Neymar Jnr
with the guys fighting on the mats and in the ring, wearing jeans and trackie bottoms.

'I loved the sagger fights
- jeans, jean shorts and saggers have always been
favourites of mine.
I thought Alex and Neymar put on a really good show - a proper 'pub car park' type of scrap!'

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Jack Nero
v Neymar Junior
The mouthy tyrant returns expecting to put out rookie Neymar's fire with ease but will size,power and experience win the day or will the newcomer cause the first upset of 2020? Steam in to the New Year with with this throw-back to the early years Spotland Scrappers.

'As ever two brilliant bouts.'


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Alex McDonald v newcomer Neymar Junior
plus two other matches.

The latest in this series bringing new talent to The Loft Grapplezone.