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"Who's The Boss?" Series
featuring Sammy Scrapper with Guests

Who's The Boss? 1
Sam Smiler & Sammy Scrapper enter the London Fightroom to face the challenge of Judo Competitor Muscleboy Josh.
Sammy asks the question "Who's The Boss?" and soon gets the answer!







WTBssvmj   "Who's The Boss?" 1 is  available to download and on DVD compilation

"Who's The Boss?" 2
featuring American Wrestling Star
Cameron Mathews v Sammy Scrapper






Who's The Boss 2 is available to download or on DVD

 Who's The Boss? 3
features SteelMuscleGod  v  Sammy Scrapper
in the third of this series  which Sammy has made his own






WTB3-1  DVD or Download 


Special Guest at the Spotland Scrappers Christmas Party 

Seasonal Tag
Cameron Mathews
in an International Tag Handicap Match
v El Diablos Mexican Bandits or Chicken Fighters?
with Referee Nigel Crabtree 


SeasTagED   Introducing El Diablos from Mexico

available on DVD


Rectory Roadsters 1 & 2
Team Spotland take on Stan's Crew in a friendly submission wrestling tournament at London Matroom.


There's a welcome return for Superstar Stan, who appeared in Promission Plus one of our first productions,
and debuts for Crusher Connors & Barking Dragon!


 Full meet on Rectory Roadsters DVD


We Welcome Special Guest
*** SteelMuscleGod ***
for a filmshoot at The London Matroom


Roma Steel
SteelMuscleGod v Young Ady
in a closely-fought submission style contest
which SMG doesn't want to lose!

Steely Scrappers DVD  Compilation
Roma Steel "Who's The Boss?" 3 & Matroom Moves


*** Adam Flash ***
(Professional Wrestling Trainee)
makes his debut for us v Sammy Scrapper in Flash Points
a "best of three" promission style contest 
with  Referee Nigel Crabtree



Following their brilliant display of Brit Pro Wrestling in our first Live at the Factory Show,
we welcome back Cameron Mathews & Young Ady,
this time for a "best of three" promission style contest refereed by Nigel Crabtree
in Born Ready

Born ReadyTitle

Born Ready1 

 Born Ready4 

Born Ready19 

Born Ready17

Special Elimination Challenge Match
"Winner Stays On" Promission Style

Challenge Contest Title

Cameron Mathews / Adam FlashYoung AdySammy ScrapperSam SmilerDavid CupluRay Junior
in Challenge Contest
with Referee Nigel Crabtree

Challenge Contest5

Challenge Contest17

Challenge Contest26  

Challenge Contest13 

Challenge Contest22 

Cameron Factor special compilation DVD  
featuring Cameron Mathews
in Born Ready / Challenge Contest /  Custard Creams
an hour of wrestling action

Cameron FactorDVDtitle  


Stan's Crew
Superstar Stan makes the trip to Spotland with a new crew to take on the Scrappers
in a series of intense but enjoyable contests with headlocks, scissors, armlocks, figure 4's etc
Introducing Izzy Barlad in Barlad Battles

Barlad BattlesTitle1

Izzy Barlad2   Izzy Barlad  


v Sammy Scrapper










Barlad Battles2







 Issy Barlad v Sammy Scrapper / Sam Smiler / David Cuplu in Barlad Battles
on Stan's Crew DVD set! 

Mucha ChicoTitle

introducing the second member of Stan's Crew
El Chico 
in Mucha Chico

ElChico1   El Chico

Mucha Chico-002    v Young Ady 

Mucha Chico-003 

Mucha Chico-004    v Sammy Scrapper

El Chico v Young Ady / Sammy Scrapper / Ray Junior in  Mucha Chico  
on Stan's Crew DVD set!

and finally ...
a Close Shave for Stan as the band plays next door
it's time for Superstar Stan to make his own music in Stan's Sonata

StansSonata1     Superstar Stan

StansSonata3    v Sam Smiler - will Sam revenge his "Rectory Roadsters" loss?

StansSonata9     Stan's Crew v Team Spotland - The Finale

StansSonata7   The Two Captains - Respect!

Superstar Stan v Sam Smiler & Young Ady Stan's Crew v Team Spotland in  Stan's Sonata
on "Stan's Crew" DVD compilation of  Badlad Battles / Mucha Chico / Stan's Sonata - 
9 matches in 99 minutes!


Two Tykes in Trouble 
our first match on the Grapplezone at The Loft

Lewy Paradise and his mate Lee come to Denton
for competitive submission wrestling contests with Sammy Scrapper & Sam Smiler 

Dented TykesS  Sammy Scrapper faces Lewy Paradise

Dented Tykes  features  Lewy  Paradise v Sammy Scrapper
plus highlights of  Lewy Paradise v Sam Smiler  & Sam Smiler v Lee Doughnut                                                                                                                                  

 Dented Tykes9  


French Connection
We welcome a special guest from across the Channel
Yourek has five years experience of Judo & Pro Wrestling



La Soumission

Yourek v Young Ady 

 a hard-fought submission style contest between two evenly-matched guys 


LaSoumission2  LaSoumission6  LaSoumission7


on French Connection DVD compilation



La Plaisanterie  features  Yourek  v  David Cuplu  in a promission match

then both guys team-up against  Ray Junior & Sammy Scrapper
for an entertaining tag team romp on the mats at The Loft Studio




LaPlais29 Promission Fun with Yourek  in La Plaisanterie  
on French Connection DVD compilation


Brummie Mafya
Tournament DVD
on sale from our website shop


Introducing Rookies
Claudio Pepperoni & Marius Mozzarella
with our own spicy beef Young Ady
in Pizzazz Sunday

Claudio Pepperoni

PizzazzSunday-006 Claudio Pepperoni v Marius Mozzarella PizzazzSunday-009
the action warms up ...


PizzazzSunday-039 Young Ady v Claudio Pepperoni PizzazzSunday-036

two rookies provide the ingredients
for some hot toppings
in Pizzazz Sunday
available on Rope Lads DVD compilation:


Team Spotland Live in the Capital!

Aaron Sleeper makes his Spotland Scrappers debut
with an intense submission contest v Young Ady
plus an entertaining match v Sammy Scrapper
in Underground at the London Matroom


Aaron Sleeper

Aaron Sleeper v Young Ady


"well contested, fought with skill & determination."

Aaron Sleeper v Sammy Scrapper



"... tough, gutsy & fun."


"Great viewing."

There's a welcome return for Muscleboy Josh in a fast-paced match with Sam Smiler,
and a debut appearance for experienced Viktor Viper as he takes on new trainee Gypsy Joe
in Overground

Muscleboy Josh v Sam Smiler




Gypsy Joe v Viktor Viper


"Gypsy Joe is vibrant & bubbly."



Live in the Capital Event DVD
featuring special guests
Aaron Sleeper, Muscleboy Josh & Viktor Viper
with Team Spotland

"This is a great combination of wrestlers."


Stan's Crew Return
for a submission sesh at London Matroom

Barlad Battles 2
Izzy Barlad
with Team Spotland

Izzy Barlad

Izzy Barlad v Sam Smiler


Izzy Barlad v Young Ady


A shaft of winter sunshine
shines on Superstar Stan
with Team Spotland
in Stan Shafted

Superstar Stan v Sam Smiler


Superstar Stan v Sammy Scrapper


Superstar Stan v Young Ady



Stan's Crew 2 DVD
Izzy Barlad
& Superstar Stan
with Team Spotland
plus bonus match
Izzy Barlad v Gypsy Joe

Izzy Barlad v Gypsy Joe


Crushing Moves

intensive submission style contests on The Loft "Grapplezone"
featuring Sam Smiler & Sammy Scrapper and introducing Baril
in Crushsters


Sam Smiler v Sammy Scrapper



Sam Smiler v Baril


Sammy Scrapper v Baril


Baril is over two stone heavier but will more weight give him greater power?

"... the speed and skill on the mats of Smiler and Scrapper are apparent
as they mixed it with the much heavier and stronger opponent using holds and counters ..." 

Preview at:


Beemat Trials Series

featuring talented trainees
in matroom style matches

Welcome Return

two of our trainees have a promission playfight
at the end of training on The Loft Grapplezone
as Long John Silva returns to action with Gypsy Joe


Gypsy Joe v Long John Silva
in Beemat Trials 1

Hairy Monster

Sammy Scrapper introduces Bear Ill Will
in a promission training match
on The Loft Grapplezone


Sammy Scrapper v Bear Ill Will
in Beemat Trials 2

Lofty Ambition

one of our up and coming stars Joey Eden
introduces newcomer Lofty Valentin
in a promission training match


Joey Eden v Lofty Valentin
in Beemat Trials 3

"Great bout with Joey leading more now his confidence is growing"   

Newbie Challenge


a competitive contest on the Grapplezone


LJ Silva v Lofty Valentino
in Beemat Trials 4


Scrapbook Challenge

There's a tussle with Ray Junior on the Loft Grapplezone
in Sammy's Scrapbook

            SammyScrapbook3 Sammy v Ray SammyScrapbook4  


Beemat Trials 5 & 6
Introducing two talented trainees who have joined the group recently,  
in promission matches  with our experienced wrestlers on The Loft Grapplezone

Beemat5v   Sam Smiler v Manni in Beemat Trials 5

      Beemat5ii      Beemat5i
"... What a nice way to pass a wet cold windy day - watching action on the Grapplezone.
 Well done Manni and Samuel ... a longer duration bout suited Manni ... 
in the first ten minutes he still had that what am I doing here look ...
I nearly lost track of the score ... well filmed ... good action ...  
Manni has the quiet unassuming presence but augers well for the future ...
needs to use his height to counter when in trouble ..."

Beemat6i   Ray Junior v Adri in Beemat Trials 6

Beemat6vi      Beemat6iv   
      Beemat6iii      Beemat6ii

Ray Scissorlegs 
Ray Junior deputises for Edward and gives rookie Adri a lesson
with an amazing range of scissors, nelsons, bearhugs and pins

snapshot 21 (18-02-2016 14-14)      RayScissorlegs10      RayScissorlegs2
Ray Junior v Adri in Ray Scissorlegs

RayScissorlegs9      RayScissorlegs4      RayScissorlegs7



Beemat Scissors DVD Compilation
Sam Smiler, Ray Junior, Manni & Adri
Beemat Trials 5&6
Ray Scissorlegs


Introducing the Italian Ironman
in a tangle with our own Sam Smiler
on The Loft Studio "Grapplezone"

tagliatellepd-021        tagliatellepd-017
Ironman v Sam Smiler in Tagliatelle


Beemat Trials 7 & 8

beemat7&8-016    beemat7&8-023    beemat7&8-038
Ray Junior
v Carlos Luchador
"best of five pins"

beemat7&8-052      beemat7&8-060
Joey Eden
v Adri
in a promission training match

Grapplin' News on our YouTube Channel at:


the guys put their opponent on his back
in a "winner stays on" training drill
followed by a competiitive contest
LJ Silva - Joey Eden - Adri - Ray Junior

backdown-006      backdown-001      



Sub Group
competitive submission-style challenge between four guys on the "Grapplezone"
Ray Junior - Gypsy Joe - Adri - Manni 

subgroup-018    subgroup-010
Ray Junior v Manni

subgroup-023   subgroup-003
Ray Junior v Adri                                                                  Gypsy Joe v Adri 

 subgroup-027         Ray JuniorGypsy Joe 

subgroup-034    subgroup-032

"Nice energetic and skillful tussle with the newbies in Subgroup, with Ray keeping them all in check,
you can see the confidence building with the guys."


A for Ady
we welcome back our team captain who soon gets back in the groove
as he takes control of trainee Gypsy Joe in a promission match-up

aforady-011    aforady-014

Young Ady v Gypsy Joe  in A for Ady  aforady-030    aforady-024

aforady-027      aforady-019

 "... awesome new Ady match ... perfect"
"Good videography throughout capturing the varied selection of holds"
"... one of his best."
"Really good to see Young Ady back on the Spotland screens."


Break Test
Sammy Scrapper is still recovering from his broken leg,
so when Manni comes for training, Sammy has to go easy (at first!)

breaktest-003    breaktest-008  
Manni v Sammy Scrapper

breaktest-013    breaktest-019


Two Lives
Ray Junior leads the group in a compeitive "Winner Stays On" submission style tournament
where each guy has two lives. Will our Little Marvel survive against some heavier opponents?

Ray Junior with Adri - Lofty Valentino - Joey Eden - Manni - Gypsy Joe

TwoLives-002    TwoLives-004

TwoLives-012    TwoLives-011

TwoLives-021    TwoLives-008

Plus bonus action as Ray Junior celebrates his Birthday with the Group in Birthday Bounces


"Nice to see Ray taking centre stage in Two Lives 
thoroughly entertaining as he worked his way through the varied opponents
and Birthday Bounces captures the fun element of the lads."

A Plus
DVD Compilation
A for Ady
Sub Group
Two Lives
Birthday Bounces
a treat for followers of submission wrestling


Body Blow
Newcomer stocky student Mike Striker enjoys wrestling with body punching
but has his work cut out against the experience of Young Ady
who does his studying in the gym

BodyBlow-004  BodyBlow-005
Young Ady v Mike Striker

BodyBlow-002  BodyBlow-011

BodyBlow-009  BodyBlow-010

"Ady's tats look good ... they suit him."
"Loved it ... my ideal match. Ady's opponent is a lucky guy."????????


Conked Out
Starting with the line "My nuts are bigger than yours"
you guess that this conker challenge isn't going to end well ...
Gypsy Joe v Joey Eden

Beemat Miscela Plus DVD Compilation
LJ Silva - Sam Smiler - Young Ady - Adri - Ray Junior - Joey Eden in Beemat Miscela
Young Ady
v Mike Striker in Body Blow
Ray Junior
- Gypsy Joe - Sam Smiler in Punching Bryan 2
Gypsy Joe
v Joey Eden in Conked Out
eight guys in four grapplezone sessions


Break Test 2
another run-out for Sammy on his road to recovery sees him on the grapplezone with trainee Adri Gold

BreakTest7 Sammy Scrapper v Adri Gold BreakTest21

"... good to see Sammy getting more zone practice that will build him up physically
and help his confidence for getting back in the ring ..."

Grapplin' News
action previews from grapplezone, trampoline and beach
in our latest Newsreel at:


BeematTrials9-2ady    BeematTrials9-1ff
Beemat Trials 9
Young Ady introduces his gym training partner Flavi Forza to the grapplezone


Young Ady v Flavi Forza


BeematTrials9-046    BeematTrials9-035   



"... always good to see a well contested bout on the mats.
 Looking like Ady has been working out with the weights ... very apparent in his appearance."
"... they were a good match up ... loved to hear some banter."

Renatus I
the first of a series featuring Sammy Scrapper as he returns to fitness

Renatus150    Renatus135    Renatus136

Sammy Scrapper v Young Ady
in a match with an incredible range of wrestling moves

Renatus141    Renatus134 

  Renatus146    Renatus149

Renatus131    Renatus139    


"... an awesome match."
"Sammy's new hairstyle gives him a tougher edge."
"Great seeing Sammy back in action
and giving big bro a hard time ...
he's looking lean and mean again ..."


Beemat Trials 10 new trainees on the "Grapplezone"

Beni    BeematTrials10-003 Introducing Beni Zotmar with his favourite bearhug!

  BeematTrials10     BeematTrials10-006
Young Ady v Beni Zotmar

  BeematTrials10-011    BeematTrials10-015

BeematTrials10-030  BeematTrials10-031
Flavi Forza v Beni Zotmar
"Archive Dip" Download:

"... good to see Flavi Forza back on the zone again after his debut in Beemat Trials 9 against Ady.
He has the same physical look as Lofty so maybe a star of the future
with the right training and commitment.

And another rookie Beni really has a gym physique and Ady had to use all his submission skills
to tame a very enthusiastic opponent so well done on the production."


BeematTrials11  Beemat Trials 11
Young Ady introduces new trainee Steeli Bodigar to the Grapplezone
BeematTrials11-001    BeematTrials11-002 
Young Ady v Steeli Bodigar
  BeematTrials11-004    BeematTrials11-003 
Flavi Forza v Steeli Bodigar


and there's more from the archive in Spotland Scrapbook
SammyScrapbook1    SammyScrapbook2 
Sammy Scrapper
v Ray Junior
BoyTwisters1   Sammy Scrapper v Felix Cat
Ray Junior v Manuel de Barcelona  Scrapbook5    Scrapbook6

Scrapbook1  David Cuplu v Ray Junior


Fat Chance
Gypsy Joe says Adri is overweight as he's under the spotlight
in a match that scissor fans will enjoy
FatChance1      FatChance5
Gypsy Joe v Adri Gold
FatChance3    FatChance6    

FatChance7    FatChance4    FatChance8


Sleeping Around
Ray is training with the skipping rope which comes in useful when experienced submission wrestler Jon challenges him to a match
sleepinga5  sleepinga6  sleepinga4  sleepinga7  sleepinga1
Ray Junior v Jon Bilbao
  sleepingaii2   sleepingaii6   sleepingaii5 Sammy Scrapper v LJ Silva
sleepingaii6   sleepingaii1   sleepingaii4
sleeper fans will enjoy these grapplezone matches

"When I first saw Jon approach Ray at the beginning he looked as if he was entering the Lions Den
but there was a different type of intensity from Jon - assume he had a mixed martial arts background.
Jon and Ray competed for every opportunity to get holds on so was a fantastic bout to watch 
with Ray using all his strength and tenacity ..."
"Always keen to see how Long John Silva gets on when he takes part in productions
but you can tell Sammy is coming on leaps and bounds ...
... good trading of holds on the mats with the nimbler Sammy using his speed and experience ..." 

Seeing Stars 3
our third sponsored promission tournament in the ring
Ray Junior - Sam Smiler - Gypsy Joe - Adri Gold
three matches SeeingStars3i-002 for leglock lovers everywhere!***

SeeingS31    SeeingS32

SeeingS35   SeeingS34
SeeingS36   SeeingS37
 SeeingS37    SeeingS36

SeeingS39   SeeingS38   SeeingS39
SeeingS310    SeeingS311

"the tournament gives Adri and GJ - coming on leaps and bounds -  a chance
to put their recent learning into practice
against more experienced opponents."
 "... enjoyed the final tussle ... good close fought encounter with great selection of holds from both guys."

Grapplin' Newsreel March 2017
Previews of recent "Promission" Matches from The Loft Studio
featuring Team Spotland & Guests
on our YouTube Channel:
Personal DVD Compilations
choose three titles
from our Collection
available now from website shop:


Hipster Boyz
a sporting competitive submission match.
Guest Jon is 28, 75kgs, lithe & muscular with 4 years Jiu Jitsu experience.
Ady is a stockier guy and key member of our roster for over seven years.
Who will win this "best of five" contest?
Hipster8  Hipster3  Hipster4  Hipster1
Jon Bilbao v Young Ady
Hipster6  Hipster5  Hipster6 


 Steeli Struggles
Trainee Steeli struggles against Ray's greater speed, agility and experience,
whilst Jon may fancy his chances as Sam is struggling with a cold
in two promission-style matches
SnapShot(722)  SnapShot(721)  SnapShot(724)
Ray Junior v Steeli Bodigar
"You can sense the enthusiasm and energy in young Rays bout against Steeli B so was very enjoyable.

La Baguette
Ady threatens to break his French opponent in half!
LaBag3  LaBag2  LaBag1
Young Ady v Eti Eiffel
LaBag4  LaBag5  LaBag6
"I liked the trash talk at the start ... a great match."

Summer Variety Newsreel
Previews of recent "Promission" style matches
featuring Team Spotland & Guests
on our YouTube Channel:



Striker Pose 1 & 2
Bodybuilder Lofty Valentino expects to overpower his opponents easily in a double-header of ring promission contests  
 Striker1i  Striker1iii  Striker1v  
Lofty Valentino v experienced all-round grappler Young Ady

"... type of match I enjoy to do myself and also watch ... Ady being his usual self, good opponent that gave him a challenge,
 I liked the bit of talk at the start ... Ady is looking his fittest yet!"

Striker2i  Striker2v  Striker2ii  Striker2vii
Lofty Valentino v Jon Bilbao blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Striker2iii  Striker2vi  Striker2iv 
"Just downloaded these latest two matches to my collectIon.
Absolutely brilliant wrestling. They don't get any better than Spotland Scrappers.
Best wishes guys and keep up the good work."


Renatus 2
Sammy laughs at "skinny boy" rookie Pete
Renatus2xi  Renatus2x  Renatus2iii Sammy Scrapper v La'al Pete


Frantic Franky
Raw rookie Franky Dare makes his debut against stockier & experienced Sammy Scrapper.
The match turns into something of a schoolyard scrap as Sammy struggles to control Franky who's like a Jack in the Box!
  Franky1  FrankyF2  FrankyF7
Sammy Scrapper v Franky Dare in Frantic Franky
Available on DVD


Abs Fab
Young Ady gives a warm Spotland welcome to 8 Abs Aris
a fitness model & novice wrestler making his debut in this promission match
AbsFab1 AbsFab3 AbsFab2 AbsFab5
Young Ady v 8 Abs Aris in Abs Fab
  AbsFab4  AbsFab6
AbsFab4  "Absolutely Fabulous match"


Travellers Trials
Young Ady introduces newbie Traveller Tom to some moves
and just when Tom thinks he's survived the punishment
Flavi enters the ring to bring him more tribulation directed by Ady
Travellers3  Travellers1  Travellers4  Travellers5
Travellers2  Travellers7  Travellers9  Travellers6  Travellers8
Travellers11  Travellers13  Travellers14  Travellers15  Travellers16
Young Ady & Flavi Forza v Traveller Tom
  Travellers12  Travellers17

"good fast moving bout finishing up with 2 on 1
always good to see some surfing as part of the Ady introduction to Newbie aka Traveller Tom"

Rag Tag
Introducing Joseph Barbera making his debut in a ring promission match with Sammy Scrapper.
Followed by tag team mayhem and a welcome return for Manni 
RagTag1  RagTag4  RagTag5
Sammy Scrapper v Joseph Barbera
Sammy & Manni v Franky Dare & Joseph
  RagTag2i  RagTag7  RagTag12


Egg Tagging

Those of you who have been following us for a few years will be delighted to see the return of Sam Smiler
partnering newcomer Franky Dare in a tag match against the Brothers Grimm
for the Spotland Easter Egg Championship!
  EggTag5  EggTag15  EggTag1
        Young Ady & Sammy Scrapper v Sam Smiler & Franky Dare

"... That must have been a great bout to film and edit ...
plenty of old style Spotland from the Three Amigos and Franky is coming on well.
 Good choice of gear enhanced the colour aspect and good flow of holds in the bout ...
 10 out of 10 for the production ..."


Ring Marvels
promission style matches in the Loft Studio ring
RingM1c  RingM1j  RingM1a
    Joseph Barbera v Manni
RingM2e  RingM2c  RingM2d  RingM2f
Young Ady v Franky Dare
plus Franky has to deal with two unexpected visitors!


Beemat Trials 12

rookies face experience on the grapplezone
Beemat12i1  Beemat12i2  Beemat12i3  Beemat12i5
      LJ Silva v Franky Dare
Beemat12ii6  Beemat12ii7  Beemat12ii5
      Ray Junior v Nova Donuto
Beemat12ii9  Beemat12ii8  Beemat12ii11


Crushsters 2

Young Ady toys with raw recruit Danny Boy
but it's a closer contest between Manni & Franky
on the grapplezone
Waikoa5  Waikoa2  Waikoa1
Young Ady v Dan Mettle
Crushsters2iii  Crushsters2i  Crushsters2v
  Manni v Franky Dare
Franky's trunks sponsored by Bullseye Gear


Pin Points
at the end of a training session led by Sam
the guys practice their pins
in an energetic 3v3 tournament
PinPoints4  PinPoints5  PinPoints6
    Sam Smiler - Franky Dare - Danny Mettle (Red Team)
LJ Silva - Nova Donuto - Alex Fratele (Yellow Team)
 PinPoints7  PinPoints3  PinPoints9   


at the end of a training session led by Ady
the four guys have a tournament on the grapplezone
followed by "winner stays on" fun
Foursome2  Foursome1  Foursome3
Young Ady - Franky Dare - Brasov Tiger - Slim Nuez
Foursome5  Foursome6  Foursome4


Double 8
three rookies in training matches on the grapplezone
Double8v  Double8iii  Double8vii
        Danny Mettle v Sam T Roar
Double8i  Double8vi 
Double8ix  Double81iii  Double81vi  Double81vii
Double81ii  Double81i 
  Nova Donuto v Danny Mettle
Double81v  Double81iv  Double81viii



two rookies make their debuts in matches with a couple of our more experienced mat grapplers.
Tall, lean Franky is a popular figure, whilst pocket dynamo Danny is rapidly gaining his own fan club!
GZ4  GZ5  GZ3
    Franky Dare
v Robyn Hudd
GZ1  GZ2  GZ9
    Danny Mettle
v Bruno Baccy


Ring Moves 1&2
Ray Junior doesn't get it all his own way
against fast-learning Danny Mettle
in this promission style match

RingMoves1vi RingMoves1iv RingMoves1ii
Ray Junior v Danny Mettle
RingMoves1vii RingMoves1viiii RingMoves1viii
Plus Bonus Match
RingMoves2ii RingMoves2vi RingMoves2iv
El Maz Morrison v Danny Mettle
RingMoves2viiii RingMoves2vix RingMoves2vii 
Download at our new wayopay shop: Buy Now


Grapplezoners 2
two intense mat promission contests
    Danny Mettle v Cheeky Chippy

    Robyn Hudd v Brasov Tiger
  Download: Buy Now


Young Ady v Brasov Tiger
Ady has a problem with big-eared creatures in the gym
and takes the opportunity to beat-up one!
Could this be a long-running tale?
Danny Mettle v Robyn Hudd
trainees trying their moves a submission style contest
scored by Ady
Download: Buy Now


Nice One

Experienced French Freestyle Grappler Cyril Lutteur
makes his debut against the heavier Young Ady
in a "first to ten" submission contest
NiceOne1  NiceOne7  NiceOne2
Young Ady v Cyril Lutteur

NiceOne9  Download: Buy Now

"... valiant effort by the older guy in a treat for fans of submission wrestling"
"I want to congratulate you on the excellent vid ‘Nice One’ with Ady v Cyril Lutteur. I was captivated.
It was definitely one for us grappling fans. Like me Cyril must do Jujitsu as he kept going for guard.
Ady did a brilliant job and seems unbeatable ..."


Nice One Two
Team Spotland's up and coming trainee Max Morrison
faces special guest Cyril Lutteur from Marseille
in a promission match
NiceOneTwo1 NiceOneTwo2 NiceOneTwo3
Cyril Lutteur v Max Morrison
Download: Buy Now


Bossman's Bash
Three hard-fought contests on the Grapplezone
with six guys in a bumper hour-long video
Young Ady v Max Morrison
Franky Dare v Bruno Baccy
plus rookies
Daz Taser v Big Boy Timo
Bossman's Bash



Five Go To Ground
We take a leaf out of an Enid Blyton book
to mark Franky's Birthday
with five guys in five matches on the Grapplezone
featuring Franky Dare
 v Manni Old'em & Brasov Tiger
plus highlights of a mini-tournament
with Daz Taser & Danny Mettle



First 2 Three
Two gym buddies in a "first to three submissions" custom match on the grapplezone.
One fighter in compression shorts and the other in MMA style fighting shorts.
With sleeper holds and chokes, torture racks, & nelsons.
Young Ady v Flavi Forza

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Sponsored by Catchinski Customs
"I was really happy with the match and loved the variety of submission holds!
Please give Ady and Flavi my thanks. I hope they enjoyed producing the match as much as I did watching it."


Young Ady oversees a "Winner Stays On" mini-tournament for the Matman Cup.
The winner then stays on for a match with Ady!
Matman3 Matman7 Matman1 Matman2
Young Ady - Franky Dare - Sammy Scrapper - Max Morrison - Alex Beatbox
on The Loft grapplezone
Matman9  Matman5  Matman9

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Clash of the Spotland Titans!
RawPower6 RawPower7 RawPower9
Young Ady introduces Nicos Power v Flavi Forza and challenges the winner to a "power match"
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Beemat Trials 14
the latest in our "New Faces" series featuring fresh talent in mat-based matches
Beemat14ii  Beemat14i  Beemat14iii
Franky Dare v Nipper Cipri wearing singlets on the grapplezone
 Beemat14vi  Beemat14viii  Beemat14ix
Max Morrison
v rookie Alex McDonald trying to keep up with Max's fast-moving technical style
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Matman Cup 2
Ronnie "Muscleboy" Laurenti challenges Matman champion Franky Dare
plus Team Spotland in a sharp Back 2 Back training routine led by Young Ady on The Loft grapplezone
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Grapplezoners 3
 the mats fizz with energy in this double-header
GZ3i GZ3vii GZ3v
Franky Dare v Alex McDonald 
GZ3xii GZ3x GZ3iix
Max Morrison
v Denis Craiova 
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Ring Missions
three promission-style matches featuring newcomers up against our more experienced guys
under The Loft ring spotlights.
Franky Dare v Fionn Valour
Max Morrison v Bruno Baccy
Danny Mettle v Alex Beatboxer
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Danny v Alex previously seen in Mega Mix compilation.


Matman Cup 3
friendly rivals on the grapplezone
Matman3ii Matman33 Matman3v
Franky Dare v Sammy Scrapper
Matman3ii1 Matman3ii3 Matman3ii4 Matman3ii2 
Max Morrison v Manni Old'em
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