Our stable of wrestlers meet at The Loft to train in Brit-Pro and promission styles.  As a wrestling club, it is great to see trainees rise up the ranks and become featured in their own right. We acknowledge the contribution of our group leaders in mentoring Spotland's new breed of scrappers.

Many of our supporters enjoy following the progress of our trainees as they make their debuts in video productions.

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Ruben Nevez v Son of Zabar
La'al Cuz v Ralph King Jnr
The first of a new series of matches featuring Team Spotland trainees
on the mats
under the watchful eyes of their Mentors David & Franky.

at a special introductory price.

'Loved the trainee matches.
Some good raw talent.
Cannot wait to see some more.'

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Andy Toflea v Kid McNugget
In the year since he made his debut Andy has become one of Spotland's best ring grapplers.
Now he's inducting the rookie Kid who's determined to be no pushover in this entertaining contest.

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Vaz Lavisto v Milly Barber
Vaz gets exasperated trying to win against this human bulldozer.
Andy Toflea
v Sadi Street
Skilful Andy is up against a rookie heavyweight with some surprising moves.

'Well, Sadi Street, what a find!
A big lad who is technically excellent, just great arm locks!'

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Sam Jucator v Sandy Superstorm
Vaz Lavisto
v Blondi Pantilimon

The Beemat Trials series features recent newcomers to the group
stepping up to the challenge of facing
more experienced members
on the grapplezone.

'... newbies are an important part of the Roster going forward, best way to sharpen their skills is on the zone, great facilities to learn and get experience ...'

New Scrapper On The Block

Introducing Ralph King Jnr

shown in a training match
with his mentor David Hitman

New Scrapper On The Block

Introducing La'al Cuz

Having made an impressive start to his Spotland career in the Trainee Tests series, this construction worker is out to destroy his mates through hard graft and energetic performances.