Our stable of wrestlers meet at The Loft to train in Brit-Pro and promission styles.  As a wrestling club, it is great to see trainees rise up the ranks and become featured in their own right. We acknowledge Abel's dedication as group leader mentoring Spotland's new breed of scrappers, and the support of Jack Nero also helping to develop the rising stars.

Many of our supporters enjoy following the progress of our trainees as they make their debuts in video productions.

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Abel Rosso v Sam Jucator
David Rocco v Fendi Bambino

The Beemat Trials series features recent newcomers to the group
stepping up to the challenge of facing
more experienced members
on the grapplezone.

'... newbies are an important part of the Roster going forward, best way to sharpen their skills is on the zone, great facilities to learn and get experience ...'

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Grappler Vaz Pitesti
newcomer Cris Armani
with Referee Joey Delgado overseeing this "First to Ten" mat contest.
Will strong wiry Vaz gain his expected victory or will rookie Cris be stirred into action?

Kicking-off a new series featuring lightweight members of our roster.

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Al Rosso v Ronnie Rascal
first ring outing for our
neighbourhood rascal against the
experienced grappler Rosso
David Rocco v Fendi Bambino
Fendi is excited to be making his ring debut against lively competitor Rocco.
A double helping of ring rookies!

Entertaining matches blending mat grappling with ring wrestling.


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Joey Delgado
v Davey Boy Braha
Joey is developing into a skilled wrestler,
and faces debutant
Davey Boy.
David Hitman
v Alberto Rosso
Hitman sports a bandana
but will he lose it
against trainee Rosso ?

Rookies take their mat skills into the ring for the first time.

'... you have found some great lightweight wrestlers. 
Joey Delgado v Davey Boy Braha was fantastic ...'

New Scrapper On The Block

Introducing Andy Toflea

already has his own fan group as he holds his own with more experienced members of the roster

New Scrapper On The Block

Introducing Vaz Lavisto

made an impressive start to his Spotland career
and now learning ring craft with entertaining performances