Team Spotland Trainees

Prior to the Covid-19 Lockdown
we were running group training sessions
in Brit Pro & Promission styles.

Once the local restrictions are lifted
we plan to resume training
and filming new matches.

Recent productions featuring trainees
are highlighted below.

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Bert Ruben
v Jonny Rizado
Ruben has the gym trained torso but is facing a lively newbie.
Brasov Tiger
v Franky Nadara
singlet-clad Tiger will aim to use his weight against athletic group leader Franky.
Daz Taser v Bert Ruben
Taser returns looking to stun a novice opponent
with his fiercesome attitude on the grapplezone.

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Alex Tanner
v Jonny Rizado
Two Curly Tops as
Alex introduces another new recruit.
Franky Nadara
v Bert Ruben
Group leader Franky has a roll with newcomer Ruben after training.
David Hitman
v Alberto Rosso
Hitman expects to use his powerful moves against inexperienced Rosso.

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David Hitman
v Adrian Malloy
trainee Hitman is getting a reputation for his vicious scissor moves.
Franky Nadara v
Alberto Rosso
tough rookie Rosso has to work hard against his experienced trainer.


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introducing Alberto Rosso
Alex Tanner & Adrian Malloy
our 3 A's are looking for a good result in this
trainee mat battle.
Franky Nadara
v Max Morrison
a return match between these two Spotland stalwarts with their array of promission moves.


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Alex v Vaz Tanner
The shrimps in singlets
Tanner Bro's battle it out.
David Hitman
v Bruno Baccy
showing the benefits of Franky's training in a return promission-style match.

Beemat Trials 18

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Alex Tanner
v Adrian Malloy
Determined Tanner introduces another newcomer to the mats in a fun schoolboy-style fight. This struggle is full of raw passion and energy. Will the tiger cub rookie get any change out of his Tanner ?
Alex Beatboxer
v David Hitman
Popular lad Beatboxer looks to have grown bigger since his last appearance as he returns to take on trainee Hitman
in a lively contest.

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  • 08-14-2022
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Franky Nadara leads the training group in a roll on the mats as we welcome back BB and introduce newcomers
David, Vaz & Alex.

Franky Nadara
v Vaz Tanner
one of our
new kids on the block
wearing a colourful singlet.
Franky leads David Hitman, Bruno Baccy
& Alex Tanner
in a
"winner stays on"
Bruno Baccy
v David Hitman
rookies showing us
what they have learnt.

'Bruno Baccy looks like a really great addition to the roster (feisty with a good physique and with a good grounding in wrestling moves already) and I hope he becomes a regular.'

'Just bought this video and all I can say is WOW.
Loved it. Great new talent. Cannot wait for next one.'

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Max Morrison
v Brasov Tiger
two singlet wrestlers
in a beefy battle.
Danny Mettle
v Danny Green
experienced grappler
"Big Man" Mettle doesn't have it all his own way against a lively trainee.
Alex McDonald
v Joshua Gold
up & coming Alex is well-matched with newcomer Josh who threatens to kick his ass!
Franky Nadara
v Sammy Scrapper
our two experienced grapplers give an enjoyable demonstration of their mat wrestling skills.

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  • RingRevelry4

2020 summer 'end of the pier' variety featuring
Sammy Scrapper
v Neymar Jnr
trainee Neymar tries some flying moves against old 'scrap metal'
in a pro-style match under the ring spotlights.
Neymar Jnr v Deathslayer
in Sagger Fight 2.
Franky Dare (Nadara)
v Max Morrison
recorded in 2018 as both guys were learning their trademark moves.
And finally ...
Giggles Gigglesworth flies in again and has
Drummer Tiger in a tailspin.

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Max Morrison
v Deathslayer
Sammy Scrapper
v Neymar Jnr.
Two of our young trainees have speed and agility but are still learning
as they face more powerful and experienced opponents
in training matches.

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Franky Nadara
v Deathslayer
Danny Mettle
v Neymar Jnr
Max Morrison
v Franky Nadara
Three lively promission matches from The Loft grapplezone
including trainees
Neymar & Deathslayer.

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  • BrexitRumbleColl

Team Spotland
in a Brexit-themed show with three trainees making their debuts!
Max Morrison
& Danny Mettle
v George Espanol
in 2 v 1 fun.
Franky Nadara
& Pepsi Fetesti
v Neymar Jnr
& Deathslayer
for the Spotland tag team championship belt.
Franky Nadara leads a six-man royal rumble finale.