Team Spotland Trainees

Our stable of trainees met weekly to train in Brit-Pro and promission styles prior to the Covid-19 Lockdown.

We look forward to returning to group activities when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

We pay tribute to Franky's dedication
as group leader, training Spotland's new breed of scrappers, including Joey Delgado, awarded the accolade of the team's Most Promising Newcomer in 2020.

Many of our supporters enjoy following the progress of our trainees as they make their debuts in video productions.

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Joey Delgado
v Davey Boy Braha
Joey is developing into a skilled wrestler,
and faces debutant
Davey Boy.
David Hitman
v Alberto Rosso
Hitman sports a bandana
but will he lose it
against trainee Rosso ?

Rookies take their mat skills into the ring for the first time.

'... you have found some great lightweight wrestlers. 
Joey Delgado v Davey Boy Braha was fantastic ...'

'I bought the fight between your 2 young students, and it was a treat! 2 young people full of talents!'

'What a delight.
Please, when you can, more matches with new young wrestlers. It is nice to see new talent
and clean matches.
Well done!'

'I really enjoyed seeing the lads smile and have fun ...'

'Loved the second match, Hitman is so good, nasty arm locks and used the ring well with some good throws from both.
More David in the ring with more throws to weaken an opponent
before his arm locks.'

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Franky Nadara
v Alex Tanner
David Hitman
v Joey Delgado
Max Morrison
v Bert Ruben
three of our trainees
step up to the challenge
of facing experienced group members on the mats.

We pay tribute to
Franky's dedication as
group leader training
Spotland's "new breed"
over the last three months
and look forward to returning to group activities
when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

'Joey Delgado is a good find. He did really well against David Hitman.'

'... newbies are an important part of the Roster going forward, best way to sharpen their skills is on the zone, great facilities to learn and get experience, thoroughly entertaining.'

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  • 10-24-2021
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Alex Tanner
v Joey Delgado
two lively trainees determined to come
out on top.
But who will have the winning smile?
Bert Ruben
v Dennis La Menace
Ruben introduces another new recruit
in a fast-paced competitive contest on the mats.

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Alberto Rosso
v Joey Delgado
two novice lightweights being trained by group leader Franky,
in an entertaining warm-up match.
David Hitman
v Bert Ruben
Spotland favourite Hitman faces up & coming Ruben in this mat battle.

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David Hitman
v Adrian Malloy
trainee Hitman is getting a reputation for his vicious scissor moves.
Franky Nadara v
Alberto Rosso
tough rookie Rosso has to work hard against his experienced trainer.


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  • 08-14-2022
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Franky Nadara leads the training group in a roll on the mats as we welcome back BB and introduce newcomers
David, Vaz & Alex.

Franky Nadara
v Vaz Tanner
one of our
new kids on the block
wearing a colourful singlet.
Franky leads David Hitman, Bruno Baccy
& Alex Tanner
in a
"winner stays on"
Bruno Baccy
v David Hitman
rookies showing us
what they have learnt.

'Bruno Baccy looks like a really great addition to the roster (feisty with a good physique and with a good grounding in wrestling moves already) and I hope he becomes a regular.'

'Just bought this video and all I can say is WOW.
Loved it. Great new talent. Cannot wait for next one.'

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2020 summer 'end of the pier' variety featuring
Sammy Scrapper
v Neymar Jnr
trainee Neymar tries some flying moves against old 'scrap metal'
in a pro-style match under the ring spotlights.
Neymar Jnr v Deathslayer
in Sagger Fight 2.
Franky Dare (Nadara)
v Max Morrison
recorded in 2018 as both guys were learning their trademark moves.
And finally ...
Giggles Gigglesworth flies in again and has
Drummer Tiger in a tailspin.

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Max Morrison
v Deathslayer
Sammy Scrapper
v Neymar Jnr.
Two of our young trainees have speed and agility but are still learning
as they face more powerful and experienced opponents
in training matches.