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    Height: 5' 10"

    Weight: 155lbs

    From: Bucharest, Romania

    Specialities: Brit Pro, Promission, Submission, Custom Scenarios, Beatdown Boyz

    Accolades: Former Spotland Scrappers Pro Wrestling Champion


    Young Ady is a founding member of the Spotland Scrappers Wrestling Group and has rightly earned the honour of being Team Captain. He is a born leader and takes responsibility for training newcomers in grappling techniques. Having made well over a century of appearances in match settings ranging from competitive submission to old-school Brit Pro, Ady is renowned for his no-nonsense approach in & out of the ring! A keen gym-goer, Young Ady is rough, tough and does whatever it takes to get the job done, leaving opponents fearful of his spine-shattering strength and a dangerous arsenal of submission moves. New members and visitors alike will vouch for the "warmth" of Ady's welcome! A well-respected veteran and undoubted star of the Spotland Scrappers.

    Young Ady puts his title on the line against a confident Rob Palamino in a modern brit-pro classic.

    'Absolutely loved Lords of The Loft. The pace of the action and the moves from the beginning.'

    'Ady and Rob put on an excellent performance.'

    A booted Max Morrison faces a barefooted Young Ady.
    Will the powerhouse Ady be able to dominate athletic Max?
    Plus, a bonus encounter with a nimble Max  taking on the powerhouse, Flavi Forza who is not out to make friends, using the odd illegal blow to slow down his more agile opponent.

    Young Ady gives a warm Spotland welcome to 8 Abs Aris,
    a fitness model & novice wrestler making his debut in  promission style match. Will experience triumph or will the beginner cause an upset?

    Experienced, French Freestyle grappler, Cyril Lutteur,
    makes his debut with a valiant effort against the heavier Young Ady
    in a first to ten contest. A real treat for fans of submission wrestling.

    'I was captivated. Definitely one for us grappling and submission fans.'